Drawing of Hands with Tools

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  1. Yes, they appear to be tools. Even more so, they have the look of a modern schematic diagram depicting cutter heads, control hoses or wiring to a central workstation. The Ponce statue is the representation a robotic stone processing machine. The Ponce statue was produced with a machine similar to itself. The ancients were actually demonstrating their technology in a stylized way. Puma Punku was a factory for production of stone parts, either cut or cast. One panel shows cutting dust being expelled, most likely to be collected and reconstituted as cast (poured) product. The tool carried in the Ponce left chest holster was most likely the mortise, powered ultrasonically, used to do the mysterious perfectly cut inside corners.
    From one who has experience in precast concrete, CAD engineering and current processes, studying this iconography is very exciting. We have this knowledge now, but we have not used it in the way it was used by the ancients. Not to knock those who always grasp the religious and ceremonial explanation, there are other ways to portray these sites, technological ways. Even the great pyramids are being viewed more as installations, not tombs. Roger R


    1. I’m so happy to read your comment. So many people don’t understand what I’m getting at. When I was there I actually said to our guide David Hatcher Childress David do you think these are tools? He had never thought of it that way before and always describe them as ritual cups. Thanks again Roger I think you hit it on the head. I also agree with your description of Giza I found it amazing to visit. Inside the king’s chamber looks so modern you can hardly believe how velvety the walls feel. Also the huge boxes underground at the Serrapeum look amazingly new and modern and they are fantastically ancient. Thanks again for commenting much appreciated.


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