Subversive Tinfoil Show

10 Years Old and Still True. My original Tinfoil Hat Lady Character comes from this show I wrote and performed once before uploading it to YouTube in 2007. The Rammstein music in the prequel is muted for music law reasons 🙂 Keep watching….
911 Satire from Hilarious Schorkelfarkin the Tinfoil Hat Lady.


911 satire. My original Subversive Lecture from 2007.

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  1. You were brilliant, TFHL!! What a great show — watched every second, laughed my fucking ass off….sorry about the foul mouth, I have no filter. 😂 Subversive minds think alike, from a long term subversive enthusiast! You know, I’m one of those people who don’t give a crap what others think about me or my opinions….if I think I’m right, I don’t hesitate to admit it. If I think I’m wrong, I will admit it and sincerely apologize for my wrong-headed thoughts. I’m comfortable with challenging the powers that be when common sense tells one that they are trying to bullshit people. The government is usually wrong, well, the people that constitute the government is more accurate. I don’t trust the mainstream media any longer, they have lied repeatedly, they are too willing to serve as the voice of propaganda that is the GOP these days, and far too critical of the Democratic Party when they try to challenge the GOP status quo. It is so refreshing to find someone who at least I agree with, enthusiastically! Great job on the show….I shall share it with the few people I can call friends, who agree with my mindset. I learned the hard way that not all who try to be my friends have my best interest at heart, some even wished me I’ll will. So I limit those people that I know I can trust, and remain cordial to all others. Glad to have met you, dear gentle lady of the tinfoil hat variety. You rock, bigtime!!

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