Interview with ME on HPANWO Radio

Been on Ben’s show a few times now. This time we talk about the 2020 American election Sasquatch, advanced technology and more ! I am on in second hour 56 min in. Listen to “HPANWO Show 385- Beata Van Berkom” on Spreaker.


When we finally have access to technology allowing us to replicate food, access free energy, cure illness, create shelter and things for us to live comfortably, what will we need oil/gas, money and banks for ?

The Miraculous Chapel of Hathor at Dendera and The 5 Sun Cycle

My trip to Egypt in April 2013 was awesome and quite the education. The information was based on the Khemitian Oral Tradition. Ancient Khemit or KMT, not only refers to The Black Land (flooding with ‘Black soil’, even the ‘Black’ people) but perhaps also refers to The Band of Peace, a very ancient civilization of…