You Are the Event Horizon

Is there an animating life energy entering all matter at set geometric points? Is this the mechanism creating the field or reality of the third dimensional material world ?

Worst Fears

I remember having three worst fears: 1-I would have a son-did that 2-I would have a C-section-did that, almost bled out 3-My husband ‘would die’ leaving me alone to raise a boy-well he left, so he’s ‘dead to me’ now. After facing these 3 worst fears, another more nebulous fear kept popping up. An odd almost…

Anti Humanism

The philosophers who break away from structured and historically based religions do so for a reason. However to disregard one’s inherent spiritual nature in lieu of a simple materialistic one seems to have bred an ideology of hatred toward humanity.   In the late 18th and 19th centuries, the philosophy of humanism was a cornerstone…

The 5 Hindrances

By the time I hit my island, I was physically spent. Long scented with camp fire smoke, human salt sweat, sun and bush; insects didn’t bother with me anymore. Confident I could manage this solo, I happily waved the team leaders canoe off, dropped my dry food, plastic sheet and rope for a ‘hoochie tent’. I sat solidly near the islands edge. Alone at last, I breathed deeply then listened to this place.