Surfing The Matrix a Tinfoil Talk

There is a link available to a video of this talk. I am asking a $15.00 donation or pay what you can to or email transfer to Email me once you have made a donation and I will send you the link. Recorded Saturday Sept 9th 7pm  at Oshun House Studio in Saskatoon,…

Why I Quit Feminism

I was born in 1963. I have a birth announcement from the White House congratulating my parents on the birth of their baby from the President and Mrs. Kennedy. It was post dated November 18th of that year. I was born into a wonderfully large extended family in the northern part of North Dakota. My…

Deeper into the Laycock Abbey Event

This is a part 2 to the my previous post “I Left My Blood at Laycock Abbey”. There are certain parts of this story I must keep private. However I will attempt to described my experience and the meaningful nature of the people associated. My good friend UFO Researcher Robert Hulse, who was my host […]

I Left my Blood at Lacock Abbey

I traveled with good personal friend and UFO researcher Robert Hulse to various interesting UK sites in May of 2016. One of the most profoundly personal experiences happened to me when we visited Lacock Abbey. So intensely personal in fact that it has taken me over a year to even think about writing about it. The…


By being aware of our current ‘Vibrational Level of Consciousness’ and personal Chakra ‘information flow’ we can stay healthy and become of most service to others.