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Do you want a Personal Phone or Skype Consultation with Tinfoil Hat Lady ?

I will hear your story with compassion

Let’s find new thoughts and a path for you to follow.

email   tinfoilhatlady@gmail.com

30 min $65.00

60 min $130.00



You are a perfect holographic projection from the light of Creation.

You respond to Vibrational Medicine.

Your internal energy sources must be maintained to keep up the communication from the light, which offers a perfect blueprint of health for you.

Chakras, which respond to sound and intent, are the mechanics of the energy flow of life.  Vital inner esscence is expressed through thus system. When balanced and aligned they communicate the blueprints needed for perfect health.

Your own vocal resonance, healing sound, body inversion, nutrition and electrical tools support continuing co-created wellness.

Balance and align with Tinfoil Therapies.

Contact TFHL by text  306 291-4706 or email tinfoilhatlady@gmail.com

Ask her to help you ‘Turn Yourself Around’

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Photo from film’ Evanescent’ Gaia.com 2016

Tinfoil Hat Lady can:

Show you how to eradicate Inflammation with Protandim from Life Vantage.

TURN YOU AROUND on an Inversion Table, Tinfoil Hat Lady has an article on Inversion Therapy in 2016 Jan/Feb Wholife Journal of Health and Wellness.

Let her introduce you to Sunrider Whole Food Nutrition.

Tinfoil Hat Lady offers a safe space for Chakra Singing Bowl treatments,  Healing Holy Harmony Frequency Experience, Allow time to get to know your Healing Voice or Explore Original Self Created Rhythms .

She shares the power of natural micro-currents and frequencies for Heath Relaxation and  Wellness with proven Electrical Therapies.

All to help you think things differently about boosting your Health and Wellness with Natural Science. She would love to meet with you to create a personal plan in order to

Turn Yourself Around.  (scroll down for full description of therapies)

Contact TFHL by text 306 291-4706 or email tinfoilhatlady@gmail.com

It’s all about Inflammation stopping the root of degeneration.

The Tinfoil Therapies combine to fight degeneration and disease.

Types of Inflammation
Inflammation is as acute or chronic. Acute inflammation is a normal and comparatively short-lived physiologic response (lasting minutes to days) to injury, irritation, or infection.

The body processes response for acute inflammation (increased blood flow, greater blood vessel permeability, and accumulation of white blood cells) lead to redness, swelling, heat, and pain at the affected site. Physical symptoms are accompanied by the generation of new cells and synthesis of the collagen matrix, processes that promote healing of the damaged tissue.

Chronic inflammation is a long-term body response ( weeks, months, or years) to one or more factors, including exposure to environmental toxins, a microbial or viral infection, poor nutrition, stress, and aging.

Chronic inflammation is activated when the mechanisms of acute inflammation fail to stop infection or heal an injury. When unchecked, prolonged chronic inflammation generates a series of destructive reactions that damage cells and eventually lead to the clinical symptoms of disease.

Ultimately, chronic inflammation is a failure of the body’s immune system to maintain a healthy homeostatic state. However the good news is we can Turn Our Selves Around.

The Tinfoil Therapies combine to fight degeneration and disease.

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Inversion Therapy

Gravity pulls us down.

Walking presses and strains our knees and hip joints. Our spines become compressed from driving, sitting, standing and years of living. Our organs become compressed over time, slowing bowel processes. How can we avoid this as the years go by ? Omega 3, probiotics, anti-inflammatory herbs, exercise, sure.

However, by simply inverting your body at a 15-60 degree angle, you can decompress the spine, relax your organ systems and neutral out knees and hips. Even give yourself a natural face lift while toning your abs. For some people ‘Inversion’ is a great, simple natural body therapy.

Inversion allows back joints to stretch and expand. Inversion Tables as opposed to 90 degree ‘gravity boots’, allow for more control since one can choose a smaller angle, such as 15-60 degrees from horizontal, to stretch the back, which puts less strain on feet, ankles, knees, and other joints.

Increased oxygenation due to enhanced circulation, brings a deep meditative feeling post inversion. It is a great time to sit and re-centre.

The over all strengthening and flexibility one can achieve with Inversion Therapy is no doubt going to be a welcome addition to any healthy lifestyle.

People who have heart disease, high blood pressure, eye diseases (such as glaucoma), or are pregnant are at higher risk for the dangers related to inversion therapy and should consult their doctors about it first. Also, if you suffer from ‘acid reflux’, or are over 280 pounds inversion on my table will not be for you.

First Personal Session  – Introduction,  Set Up,  Use Education.  1hr


Subsequent Personal Session – Supervised usage and recovery  30 min


6 Personal Sessions – Supervised usage and recovery  30 min


Contact TFHL by text 306 291-4706 or email tinfoilhatlady@gmail.com 

Nutritional Therapy

TFHL can hook you up with products or business opportunities from two excellent companies. Sunrider and Life Vantage.

Protandim from Life Vantage is a Scientific Break though. An excellent product affecting your Genes!

It combats oxidative stress, Inflamation in a powerful yet natural way.

What is Protandim?

Oxidative stress, generated through the process of living life (eating, sleeping, breathing, exercising), is inevitable for everyone, but LifeVantage has the solution: Protandim, the Nrf2 Synergizer, the most important dietary supplement of our time.

Screenshot 2016-01-30 18.05.18

Comprised of natural plant ingredients, Protandim is a patented, science-based, research-backed formula that has been tested and validated by renowned universities and institutions. It is the only supplement clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress in humans by an average of 40 percent in 30 days.

Protandim activates Nrf2, which communicates with cells, instructing them to do what they’re already designed to do: up-regulate “survival genes,” genes that enable cells to survive in the face of stress from free radicals and other oxidants, and down-regulates other genes to help the body function at an optimal level.

True Science Skin Care form Life Vantage is amazing. Check out this https://player.vimeo.com/video/143221855” target=”_blank”>video on the https://player.vimeo.com/video/143221855” target=”_blank”>Micro Lift serum!

– See more at: en-ca.mylifevantage.com/tinfoilhatlady

It is hard to heal depleted tissues. Nutrition needs to be sound. Since many Electrical Magnetic Field effects are mediated through ions, especially calcium, sodium, and potassium, these ions and electrolytes need to be at normal levels in the body.

 Sunrider Canada. Harmony Balance Homeostasis From the ancient wisdom of China think of YIN and YANG. YIN is the nourishment YANG is the Cleansing.

We eat YIN and excrete YANG.

Based on Chinese medicine Philosophy of Re-GENE-eration a step up from simple health maintenance, Sunrider products are unique. The negation of De-GENE-eration is the foundation for a healthy mind/body/spirit complex. Living better, regenerating health daily, not simply living.

Sunriders products are all whole food grade herbs, not isolated chemicals, so your body can use them easily and completely for regenerative nourishment. One never has to worry about interference or over dosing 🙂

All regenerative concentrated nutrition. Ideal food sources have low calories and maximum nutrition.

Sunrider founder Doctor Chen is a master Herbalist and Biochemist using over 10,000 varieties of whole Plant Botanical based products.

There are 5 servings of veggies in one Fortune Delight package 🙂

For all wellness, health, beauty, Sunrider has it all.

Screenshot 2016-01-30 18.03.43

Fortune Delight®

Millions of people, from dignitaries to movie stars to children, love this refreshing, fragrant drink. Try this demonstration to experience Fortune Delight’s amazing cleansing effects.

Demonstration Instructions:

  1. Dissolve one 3g packet of Fortune Delight® into a 240 cc pitcher of water.
  2. Put some vegetable oil onto your hands.
  3. Observe how oily your hands are. Regular water can’t clean your hands.
  4. Slowly pour the pitcher of Fortune Delight® over your hands, using the bowl to catch the excess liquid. You’ll only need to use a small amount of Fortune Delight®.
  5. Dry your hands with the towel.
  6. Notice how quickly, easily, and thoroughly Fortune Delight® cleanses the oil from your hands. Fortune Delight® is made with concentrated herbs and antioxidants to assist your body’s natural cleansing processes.

Clean Your Veggies with SunSmile® Fruit & Vegetable Rinse

SunSmile® Fruit & Vegetable Rinse

Everyone who eats fruits and vegetables needs our SunSmile® Fruit & Vegetable Rinse! This effective product not only rinses away dirt, wax, and unwanted residues, it helps your produce taste better! When you try this demonstration, you’ll see why we use it in our own manufacturing facilities.

Demonstration Instructions:

  1. Fill two bowls with water and add a few drops of SunSmile® Fruit & Vegetable Rinse to one of the bowls.
  2. Put half of a broccoli head in each bowl.
  3. The water with the broccoli and SunSmile® Fruit & Vegetable Rinse will turn cloudy because the product is cleaning the produce. The water in the other bowl will remain clear.
  4. After 2-3 minutes, lift both broccoli from the bowls. Notice how the water with the SunSmile® Fruit & Vegetable Rinse quickly drains off from the broccoli, taking away the residues, while the water from the other broccoli hardly drips off.
  5. Compare the color and taste between the two broccoli. The broccoli cleaned with the SunSmile® Fruit & Vegetable Rinse will look more vibrant and taste fresher.


Sound Therapy

All Sound Therapy includes education on Cymatics, the generative, creative and transformative power of sound.  Sound is the prime creative force in the physical Universe.

All sessions allow optional experiential vocal toning and vocal support form TFHL.

Screenshot 2016-01-28 10.35.36

Holy Harmony Sound Bath

Screenshot 2016-01-28 10.37.14

These tuning forks are Solfeggio tones created by Dr Len Horowitz. Tuning forks allow a cleansing and relaxing experience. Structured and Intuitive use creates an orb of sound.

A healing sound wave builds, washing over your body/mind/spirit . This special meditative session, induces energetic ‘refreshment’ and a type of subtle body resetting.

Harmonious Geometric Cymatic forms surround the body during the session. Beautiful forms help our bodies remain health and vital. Exposure to Holy Harmony Tuning Fork frequencies may allow reception of thought packets from the Universal Mind and/or clarity regarding your personal perceptions.  After a session, Peaceful and Compassionate Choices may become more attractive. 1hr


Drum and Chant

2016-01-28 11.53.05

Ever wanted to get loose and let it all hang out?

Curious about drumming dancing and chanting but too timid to join a drum circle?

Tinfoil Hat Lady has built 3 amazing hoop drums and collected more. She loves to drum. TFHL  created and lead some original drum groups here in Saskatoon at thanks to Spirit Works Books, Trent Deerhorn, Kelly Welk and Beauty Faulkner.  Also DRUM DANCE CHANT held at the Refinery.

Turn yourself around and try drumming it in a safe supportive space. Individual sessions focused on creating rhythm and vocal freedom for personal expression and healing.

Movement encouraged 🙂 Drums and Rattles available. 1hr


Chakra Toning


2016-01-28 12.00.10

The patterns above were created by CYMATICS camera capturing patterns of human voice stimulation of Chakras.

First was the word. Sound is the prime creative force. God said, let there be light.

Learn how your personal voice is medicine for you. An exploration of personal resonance. Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Physical. Through the use of Vocal Toning. Introduction to using the C scale and Sacred Vowel sounds to Align and Balance the chakra system


Chakras can also be balanced and aligned with Charkra Singing Bowl treatments.

Session costs are based on the therapies used.

1hr 40.00 – 60.00

Electrical Therapies

TFHL’s Electrical Therapies are so super secret, they cannot be described in detail online.

Screenshot 2016-02-04 11.40.16

“Customers regularly share their experiences with our units. We would love to share these testimonials with you, however we are unable to because of the current political climate around health.”

“At this time in history, there are a growing number of regulations controlling health and consumer products – regulations that limit the information we can share. We are grateful, that as consumer products, we are allowed to let you know that our products are for general health, well-being and relaxation. We do not have the freedom to share more specifically how others may have been helped with (our) products”.

But here’s a hint.

Mother Nature is electric. So are you you. They say for health stay hydrated and mineral rich. Why ? This allows optimum communication conditions for body cells. Saline to conduct through. It is hard to heal depleted tissues. Nutrition needs to be sound and supplements may be very helpful. Since many Magnetic Frequency effects are mediated through ions, especially calcium, sodium, and potassium. It is best that these ions and electrolytes are at normal levels in the body.

Electrical Therapies are excellent products to support human health and wellness in a very natural and simple way. Based on micro-currents, pulsed magnetic fields, ozone, LED lights and healthy frequencies to stimulate the body electric for health and well-being, relaxation and energy.

Boost your ‘body electric’ sympathetically coaxing it back into the same one as Mother Nature. The Schumman Resonance. 7.83 HZ

Ready to Turn Your Self Around…???

Contact TFHL by text 306 291-4706 or email tinfoilhatlady@gmail.com


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