The Human Consciousness Revolution

“The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that its center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”

― Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

Quote from Black Elk Speaks, by John G. Neihardt, 1932


Our Intelligent Hearts Awaken

You are living through a Human Consciousness Revolution. A literal awakening.

We feel excitement as tides turn on our conception and perception of everything.

What is taught in ‘schools of human history’ today, is moving further and further away from evidence being uncovered in the physical field of historical record. The internet and the explosion of information sharing has moved the revelations forward at an ever accelerating speed.

For example, since we invented advanced machines we can now recognize evidence of these specific tool marks on stones from the past. Before we invented these tools, we could not quite identify the marks in context.

Our alarm clock is ringing.

We seem to be remembering things we lost. This information had to be secreted away for safe keeping from the agenda to control our understanding of ourselves. Now it is time to pull it out and reconsider it with the Intelligence of our Hearts, not our minds.

Our current paradigm has been expanding to include rights for all people. Educational facilities based on creating factory workers for the industrial revolution are being exposed. Private and home schools are evolving toward better education. Our religious realm is fractured. Spirituality and Consciousness are being explored.

Our models are stretching. Myths are being revisited as human truth in symbolic form. Even main steam TV shows have Paracus style elongated skulls centre stage in their imagery! See this screen capture below from a series called Dark Secrets on Netfliks.

Screenshot 2014-07-01 19.38.16
Paracus style elongated skull on shelf -TV show Dark Secrets.

Great indigenous oral tradition keepers like Yousef Awyan of Khemit School along with historical researchers like Lloyde Pye, Brien Foerster, Chris Dunn, Stephen Mehler, Hugh Newman, amoung many others, provide enough evidence to bring a whirlwind down upon our historic timeline.

Tour Schools such as KSAM and Hidden Inca Tours help us learn more freely and network with other researchers.

Sadly and ridiculously our modern story calls us accidental blobs of flesh, floating in a dead space sea of meaningless vast emptiness. It says we evolved via ‘oopsie’ chemical soup chaos and we are lucky to even be here. Meaningless lives lived for material satisfaction only, because that’s all there is, right ?

If you consider the agenda this thinking ‘we are meaningless’ serves, what/who do you come up with ?

I suggest it’s complex.

Not one person/group but a whole thought/mind complex allows this collective lie to continue. What ever is keeping us from knowing our true connection to the living Universe is outdated and we are awakening to it.

Our collective lie is now exposed to an unstoppable cyclical awakening. An ancient light of truth breaks on the horizon. It happens whether we want it to or not.

The suppression of proportion and resonance between our very body and the Universe itself, is over. Holographic film if cut into bits reveals each bit contains a duplicate of the whole. We humans are a small bit of a Holographic Universe and so contain a microcosm of the whole. In Natural Science the key is the human being.

However we are emerging from a fearful past. We responded to what ever disaster befell us after the last ice age. We were knocked back to the Survival Root Chakra lowest frequency. Rightly so we had to rebuild our security.

We did it the best we could.

Do we need to fall in order to climb? In Stephen Mehler’s book FROM LIGHT INTO DARKNESS on page 15, I learned about the 5 Sun Cycle of ancient Khemit.

“These five stages represent both stages of consciousness and epochs of human prehistory and history.”  The 5 Sun Cycle says we regularly fall asleep and awake to new dawns.

See my blog Miraculous Chaple of HAT-HOR & The 5 Sun Cycle.

Just as the Human body must sleep to function in balance, the collective Human Consciousness regularly falls asleep and forgets it’s greater connection, it’s Divine Nature. Perhaps this is the true way we evolve. To forget, then remember.

Right now we are awakening to the KHEPHER Beetle pushing the new Sun up as the Sky Mother Nut births it.

Ceiling of Hathor’s Chaple Dendera Egypt.

Even our Crop Formations reflect this truth.

Khepher Dawns
English crop formation of Khepher raising the New Dawn.

The Hindu God Brahman is sometimes seen with his eyes half open, or half shut as you will. Ancient Vedic time cycles say Brahma opens and closes his eyes as whole turns of vast time cycles complete. A Day of Brahma is 1 Kalpa meaning 4.4 billion years. One is ending now!

Screenshot 2014-07-05 10.59.14

As this larger Day of Brahma ends, we live now at the end of the ‘Kali Yuga’. I suggest this is akin to the 5th Sun cycle called AMEN. Here is where the Mother Nut swallows the Sun. We say AMEN at prayer end for a reason. “So let it be hidden, so let it be in Darkness”

Moving into the AMEN Sun and Kali Yuga cycle our consciousness felt it was easier to control and keep community ‘safe’ if people were ‘ashamed born sinners’ needing to repent all their lives, rather than creative Divine Children of the Living Plasma God. A response to the cycle of the Sun.

Now, like a baby being born, Khepher awakes us. We ‘cry’ a bit as we adjust our eyes and make a quantum leap out of darkness into light, but it’s happening regardless.

At this special time we are evolving from the literal interpretations of religion, of simple Darwinian evolution. Moving out from the material world of intellectual rule and a mechanistic Newtonian science cult, toward a broader understanding of ourselves. Remembering ourselves as ‘consciousness’ not only physical body.

Science has reached the point where a new form of matter has been identified. PLASMA. Earth Air Fire Water and Ether (Plasma)

What is consciousness made of ? Electricity? Magnetism?

Are we Plasma beings incarnate in flesh bodies ? What would that mean ?

Does this plasma doughnut make me look fat ?

Researchers like Nassim Haramein at the Resonance Project demonstrate how the toroid (doughnut) shape of your energy system reflects the toroid of a galaxy’s energy system.

Screenshot 2014-07-06 12.33.52

Effectively an ‘As above so Below’ thing.

Nassim’s works with Isotropic Vector Matrix and Vector Equilibrium reflects the pattern of creation in a geometrical form, as well as our ability to interact with it. The basic shape being a triangle.

Screenshot 2014-07-06 12.36.12

Remind you of anything?

The symbol of the Single Eye in a triangle is common. Even on the US one dollar bill. Keep reading because I think this is actually a representation of the Orion Nebula !

Screenshot 2014-07-06 11.17.56
St Johns Hospital.

To me Nassim’s work suggests we live in a giant holographic cafe. We can basically order what we want with our thoughts and intentions.

The toroid is the feed back loop. If we function as a microcosmic toroid we are never out of the loop with GOD. We are always asking for what we want with thoughts, words, and deeds. The Universe is trying to fill our orders all the time. Remember that. The angels wait for your commands. That is conscious living.

In this sense, We are All Equal Children of the Living God.

Screenshot 2014-07-05 11.18.25
The Human Energy System being YOU is as a vortex system informing itself at all times.

According to studies reported by Greg Braden, Fear is a wide wave, stimulating much less DNA than LOVE, a tighter higher frequency wave which hits more areas on the DNA. So keeping humans in fear is keeping us all ‘safe’ yet dormant and helpless. No wonder governments, schools, media, corporate interests etc. want to keep us vibrating in the lowest frequency.

Old society tolerates just enough consciousness to work, procreate, pay taxes, consume material goods and die. People as fodder for profit and control. Even today those of us who push these boundaries encounter resistance being called crazy subversive or worse.

Who cares. Let’s move on. It’s all a natural cycle.

A love vibration stimulates more DNA allowing a higher frequency of conscious experience. Once we enter areas of space where the first sun light reaches us again our consciousness feeds on it. No stopping it.

Let’s focus on the real goods. The potential for free energy, cooperation and abundance for all. We are free to expand our understanding of our consciousness and environmental potential.

Braden’s work showed the action of DNA as it ‘entrains’ photons; light. Photons will take the spiral shape of DNA. The light will keep that spiral shape even after the DNA specimen is removed. What does that tell us about our potential ?

Breakthroughs in plasma physics now show that our Universe runs on electricity and magnetic currents created from electricity collect matter into form.

Consider the older nuclear model of the Sun as only a reflection of our understanding at the time. When we know better, we do better. Thank the Sun Cycle, no shame in that.

The Birkland Currents we see in space are always twin braids. Our DNA is similar as are the ancient descriptions of the life force or what the ancients (and Yoga Instructors) call Kundalini.

Even the small electric ball with electric filaments that follow your finger at the science fair are a twin braided rope if you look closely. See my blog Twin Serpents are You  🙂
Birkland Currents are Twins

Reminded me of the twin pronged Earth Tool I saw everywhere in Egypt. Not just for killing snakes I can imagine.  I saw this motif many times.

Is electricity being used (from the Earth?) to charge water in a bowl ?

Imbuing health/life ? SIDETRACK…..

ANK is holding two of the Earth tools with forked toes on the edge of a disc cut  I suspect at 19.5 degrees. LOL

I use a method based on the Beck Protocol for creating ozonated water. See SOTA for more information. By adding an extra oxygen molecule water becomes unstable for a short time and one can fight pathogens by drinking it. The extra oxygen will want to jump and virus and bacteria are it’s first choice to jump on to 🙂 It kills them. SOTA offers many devices to use electricity for health!

Ok back to plasmas….

Research by Danny Wilten has shown interesting correlations to the Orion Nebula’s Triangular central star factory and our sun.

Screenshot 2014-07-01 21.15.18
Triangular cluster in centre of Orion Nebula. Is this The Eye in the Triangle?

Esoteric Hermetic documents show an eye in a triangular form, in a cloud, sourcing our sun. The angelic elements bestow the light to us for life purposes.

Screenshot 2014-07-05 12.22.04
Orion Nebula triangular centre feeds our sun which in turn feeds our living Earth Hearts.

I suggest our ‘Electric’ Sun fed by Orion’s Triangulum Sun, speaks directly to our HEARTS. Keeping them healthy and informed.

Earth and Heart are essentially the same word. Just move the H. Interestingly the ‘H’ shape has been shown by cutting edge anthropologists be a representation of Orion Constellation.

Headdress of the African Dogon Tribe may reflect this.

Screenshot 2014-07-06 13.39.34
“H” Shaped Dogon Head Dress. Orion? Note two beings with elongated heads sit on top 🙂

René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz  described how esoteric symbols speak very clearly to the Intelligent Heart, but seem obscure or impossible to the lower mental intellect.

This is for a reason. Esoteric symbols speak straight to the heart. In our day the Intellect is put above the heart in importance. Could this be why we fail to see what is right before us?

Remember from my past blog Chakras 101, the heart chakra or spiritual body lies naturally above the mental body or solar plexus chakra. The Heart guides one to the higher realms of consciousness.

The excitement one can feel upon realizing natural energy is freely available to us all is overwhelming. Cures using sound frequency and light are here. Resonance is the key. Is Tesla‘s suppressed natural science proof of an electric Earth connected to our Hearts?

WE all must research and create the technology to share.

See my blog Natures Life Giving Proportions. Also consider researching Vortex Math and Marko Rodin and his Rodin Coil.

Royal Rife was a Lab Tech like me. He discovered natural cures. Even a innovative microscopic way to stain pathogens without toxic chemical stains but with light.

Rife proved some cancers were associated with micro organisms and found the specific sound frequencies to kill them. Also normal cell frequencies which guide unhealthy tissue back to being healthy.

Rife healing theory is revolutionary and suppressed.  Rife Machines are still available to cure disease with mere sound. This man cured all cancer clients in his study and was shut down by a profitable symptom treatment business called modern medicine.

Our information is now allowing us to create true and lasting healing responses to our problems. We are on the cusp of a watershed in understanding about who we are and what we can accomplish.

We stand at the doorway of realizing the Universe is Consciousness. We were never alone in this great living library, and we are not outcasts.

We are invited to the party.

Our only ‘sin’ is not plugging into the GOD source with an intelligent heart.

Once we are conscious we awaken to our selves. We are the deserving divine guardians and ambassadors of our planet Earth.

Now the miracles start.

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  1. Jamie Santos says:

    EXCELLENT and BRILLIANT articulation of reality!! This is why we have a mouth at all! When we are awake and magnetically in tune with truth and beauty our ‘H’earts resonate in kind. We literally create on eart’H’ what is in our ‘H’earts.

    ( This is what is astoundingly bewildering to me; Minds and hearts such as yours emit streams of brilliance, illuminating the very dark and oppressive corners of eart’H’, yet receive little to no recognition. Most souls are caught up in the negative streams of materialism=entropy. Such a waste of precious time and energy! )

    I remember watching a video interview with Dr. Rollin McCraty on the heart and magnetism back in 2006 and immediately I knew this to be a truth. Emotionally I am attracted to or repelled by certain behaviors, images and creations. This speaks to the level of one’s evolutionary stage as well and can be seen in the Birth Map. I truly wish everyone knew how to read their Birth Map.

    I will continue to read your blog posts with enthusiasm.

    Liked by 1 person

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