The True Walking Dead

Oh they are out there.

THEY are US.

I am reading a book by David Warner Mathisen entitled

The Undying Stars’.

Broken into three small books, it offers a new look at the allegorical/historical and spiritual connections in all world myth and religion.

I really am enjoying David’s book.
So much so I am writing this blog before finishing it.

His basic idea is the allegorical nature of our celestial myths and historical religious stories being one in the same. Wild right ?

Perhaps it’s worth a look, since they all trace back to the physical movements of our Heavens.

The Where We Are.

The great solar and galactic movements create torsion field and natural energies we are just starting to remember. Evidence is stacking up in support of a very ancient time where a global civilization used this natural energy to live in a different way.

The Holographic Nature of our experience has also been recognized by our science quite recently. The fact our ‘consciousness’ interacts with our reality.

What is this consciousness?
That feeling you get when you observe yourself.

So your conscience ?Where in we can ‘CON Science’ and get around to a reality hidden from us!

Many of us do not take time to bring our awareness to our conscious being.
In so we are the walking dead.

A Holographic film all cut up into bits, still contains in every bit the whole holographic image. Less detail, but the whole image. Holographic film looks like interference waveforms. Like when you drop rocks into water.

However once the laser light hits the holographic film, a 3D image is projected.

Much like our eyes read waveforms of light. They send these electrical messages to our brains and our minds construct this reality.
So is this physical reality really the illusion ?

I suggest we live in an interactive hologram.

We order up what we want at our interactive holographic cafe daily with thoughts words and deeds.


The aspect of the Deity source being the Sun is so interesting.
The 12 disciples become the 12 houses of our heavens.
The Great CIRCLE, or Arc of the Covenant in the Sky. The Zodiac. The Path of the Sun.

The Mazzaroth.

This term means the Zodiac. “Mazzaroth (Mazarot מַזָּרוֹת, LXX μαζουρωθ) is a hapax legomenon (i.e., a word appearing only once in a text) of the Hebrew Bible, found in Job 38:31-32. The similar word mazalot (מַּזָּלוֹת) in 2 Kings 23:3-5 may be related.”

Imagine God’s Sun (who gives us life and is the light of the world) dies each day as it sets. The Sun travels through the underworld only to be reborn in the morning. This is our macro-cosmic template.

Screenshot 2014-07-21 13.47.24

This story is compounded by adding the constellation the morning Sun rises in. This denotes the World Age. Which ‘House’ it rises in. As the Fathers House always has many rooms. God’s sun has 12 helpers.

The slow backward PRECESSIONAL progression through the  Zodiac constellations in the sky, allows the Sun to rise in a new House every 2200 years or so. One 360 degree rotation through all 12 takes about 26,000 years.

Today we live at the end of the Age of Pisces and are moving into Aquarius.

Can you see ‘passover’ as the Sun crossing over the equator, back to the north after winter? The journey to mid summer as it journeys to the tropic of Cancer then it travels back down to the underworld and the tropic of Capricorn.

Can you Imagine the Lamb of God as Aries the Ram rising on the Spring Equinox? Imagine the Summer Solstice, the Sun God is at his peak.

Imagine the Virgin Virgo birthing him, right opposite on the Zodiac wheel, her fall harvested wheat sheaf in hand? She is forever riding the Leo lion.

Fall Equinox brings the God’s death and the Mothers Great Harvest. What can one harvest in the death of Shamanic voyage?

Our days become longer at Winter Solstice when the Sun of God is born again.

Our myths of Heaven and Hell could be interpreted in a new way.
As us being spirit IS-BE incarnate in the physical; Hell or lower realm, underworld.
Then us returning to the Spirit realm after we leave our body at death; Heaven, upper world.

The burning of the library of Alexandria and the loss in the West of sacred shamanic knowing due the suppression by Rome has been devastating. Our lives are dominated by materialism. We generally suffer from a disconnection with our deep selves as well as the natural world.

This Shamanic realm of knowing has been stolen and hidden from the West. The concept of Sacred Shamanic Voyage, ridiculed and forbidden. Just as the Sun sets in the natural world and as we must sleep, the cycles of human consciousness sleep.

Now as the new cycle dawns, we awaken to ourselves, seeing opportunity for better understanding. A chance for balance and harmony to return to our collective human nature.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.
You are an IS-BE.
The Fire and Air of spirit plunged into the Water and Earth of flesh.
The ‘hissss’ of that plunge is our sacred sound, sometimes described as a buzzing of bees.

The Shamanic heritage stolen from us must be revived for future welfare.

We are more than mere flesh bodies.

Most tribal cultures not taken over by Rome retain this knowing. For example the South American Shamans use of Ayahuasca.

The quantum concept of the implicate and explicate order could have something to do with this.

Can we travel to the implicate to bring back knowing or effect the explicate order? One thing is for sure the hydrogen bombs explode with increased force if aligned with a natural torsion field.

In this repressed society we live as ‘Walking Dead’.
Incarnate in a prison of flesh we labour daily, unaware there is a sacred spirit realm we can travel to.

The full realization is you are eternal energy. You are nothing that can be created or destroyed. You are IS-BE.

Fear of death is gone.

Please consider yourself as more than another one of the ‘walking dead’ 🙂

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  1. Jamie Santos says:

    I know, not think, that I enjoyed reading this post on David Mathisen’s book, ‘The Undying Stars’. 😉
    Since I am a student of Astrology ( for 14 years now ) I am aware that we have been lied to, misdirected, corralled, and, bluntly speaking, our consciousness stomped into oblivion, for millennia. Such study is discouraged by the main stream of forced consciousness and ridiculed in order to inspire ignorance and conformity of the current ‘value system’. Without the profound understanding of who or what one is it is almost impossible to break free from this “zombie” state of being. Horrible situation.
    As I continue to study this ancient science/art I am slowly beginning to realize that most Astrologers (for profit) are also misleading/directing the energy of their clients and this I find reprehensible. I am finding it not rather strange that the most prolific and published Astrologers are allowed such ‘freedom’ to roam and prognosticate either as their delineations always seem to “scratch the surface” rather than plunge deep into this fetid sewer. I think such interpretations can be considered ‘floaters’…as they are euphemistically called? A lot of “floating” going on in the 21st century.
    It is possible that they are allowed such influence for just such an intention; Misdirection of applied energy.
    I think that I am going to enjoy reading your blog. So, off I go to read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks goodness you get it. Thank you for your well put comments. Xoxox enjoy my blog and videos.


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