Egypts Electric Semen Shack


El Khemit. The home of ancient Alchemy.

Did we find the key to immortality ???

Last April 2013, I joined the first Techno-Spritual Tour of Egypt with KSAM. The Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism.

One of our stops was of course the fascinating and sprawling Karnak Temple in Luxor.

Model showing the entry to Karnak.
Enter through the Avenue of Sphnyx Karnak Luxor Egypt


Karnak is full of ancient, very ancient, and super ancient ruins. A mish mash of history and layers of time. One could spend years here. As at Luxor Temple.

Touring with KSAM one is directed to notice obvious remnants of lost ancient technologies, and stone working techniques exceeding the ability of the dynastic Egyptians.

Not only Karnak’s large one piece obelisk, but many perfect artworks and curious rock cuts abound if one is guided to look.

TFHL excited to explore more…..check out that fabulous alabaster statue next to me….who made that baby ???
One piece granite obelisk Karnak – The ‘big woody’.
Same inscription perfectly engraved on all sides.
Stephen Mehler our speaker snapping a shot.

The sideways laying obelisk tip below made a great demo for vibration transfer. We put out ears on it and Stephen set his ringing tuning fork against it.Β  The vibration traveled well throughout the stone. Even hitting it with a fist was a great demo. Sounds could be heard better at the far end as the vibrations gathered force as they traveled.

Guest Authour Stephen Mehler next to another big phallic looking obelisk.

In the temple holy of holies, one finds a large stone. These huge stones are always chunks of Alabaster or Granite filled with quartz crystals.

Giant alabaster block filled with clear quartz crystal.
We all stood around it and loved it up.
Close up of crystals in rock.

Temple sites also use granite lintels on the floor between temple sections. This helps guide your body through the increasing vibrations, culminating in the Holy of Holies deep in the temple heart.

One of many granite lintle's one passes over as entering deeper into the temple. Frequency changes abound.
Granite en-trance from Dendera temple. Electrical frequency used to ramp up ones vibration in the body to effect consciousness.

Most of the ancient ‘sacred natural science’ used piezoelectric effects of running water and crystals in natural stone. This created a healthy and healing place for people to rejuvenate themselves.



1. (General Physics) physics

a. the production of electricity or electric polarity by applying a mechanical stress to certain crystals
b. the converse effect in which stress is produced in a crystal as a result of an applied potential difference

piezoelectric effect

The generation of an electric charge in certain non conducting materials, such as quartz crystals and ceramics, when they are subjected to mechanical stress (such as pressure or vibration), or the generation of vibrations in such materials when they are subjected to an electric field.
Piezoelectric materials exposed to a constant electric field tend to vibrate at a precise frequency with very little variation, making them useful as time-keeping devices in electronic clocks, as used in wristwatches and computers.
Water channel remnants using stone with differing crystal contents.
Different stone types creates the preferred piezoelectric effects.

Was this a collection tub for charged water ?

KSAM leader Yousef Awyan pointed to the cut atop a doorway. He said his father, traditional wisdom keeper Hakim Awyan, always made certain he noticed this. “What does it look like son?” Hakim would ask.

What do you see?

Plug in ??? Over doorway.

I thought it looked like a modern plugin. Was this whole temple electrified to create the environment for healthy vibrations? Was it a technology in itself ? Let’s revisit the definition:

piezoelectric effect

The generation of an electric charge in certain non conducting materials, such as quartz crystals and ceramics, when they are subjected to mechanical stress (such as pressure or vibration), or the generation of vibrations in such materials when they are subjected to an electric field. Piezoelectric materials exposed to a constant electric field tend to vibrate at a precise frequency with very little variation,


Did they use an electrical power to charge these stones ? Did this whole temple Rock and Roll with magical healing vibrations ? Or was it a repository of information, a living library, a computer. Are these the remnants of a lost technology ?

Curious black granite stone with curious cuts. Did something plug into this stone ?
Close up of curious cut into the stone.

There so many wonderful things to see here. However today I want to focus on a small building we visited that I lovingly refer to as the Semen Shack.

Semen shack at Karnak with water channel ?

We were looking around at the beautiful raised hieroglyphics.

Beautiful relief work Karnak Semen shack

Patricia Awyan pointed out the fine details. Such as the tip of the Pyramid Apron where often times small images are. This apron is related to the one the Masons wear today.

penis skack karnak - 08
Patricia point to the tip of the Pyramid Apron. But where is that guys hand reaching to ??? The low back of a man with an erection…..

We noticed the very heavy and large slabs of stone used in constructing the ceiling.

Granite table in shack. Notice the construction marks on ceiling.


However as I started to take a closer look around at the relief work on all sides of the pillars throughout the place I noticed recurring motif. Erections.

Penis everywhere. Arm with cone bread of life above snake?

Now as a western woman this is not what one is always seeing in sacred places.

So I enjoyed documenting the many scenes with ‘erect penis’.

Scent gets things going…

Giggling and enjoying the day I kept saying it was a Wonderland of Willies.

Willie Wonka Land. The other members of the tour were laughing at my reaction.

The photo below shows a DNA like hieroglyph above a staff that is touching the erect penis of Osiris. There is a hand touching the DNA spiral. Ank next to conical bread of Life too.

penis skack karnak - 01
Penis touching staff means they are related in function. A life giving function forΒ  ? Is the rod a tool?

I noticed the Ank and symbols of Snake and Water. Also a conical shape. From my reading on white powder gold or ORMEs (orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements) I was familiar with these cones as depicting the ‘bread of life’.

penis skack karnak - 06
Whole story depicted as Osiris penis gives life.

I thought of Isis creating a golden penis for Osiris.

penis skack karnak - 02
Penis gives life ?
New penis shot Karnak
Another depiction of penis and scrotum from Edfu, shared by reader Gregor Kresnik. Notice hand and cone bread to right.
Granite Table in Penis Shack Karnak-hate to see what a black light might reveal on this baby.

All these penis depictions were one thing, but when I discovered another whole semen story at Luxor I knew something was up. (no pun intended)

Luxor – Temple of Mans Porportions
Mirror image head LUXOR
Perfectly symmetrical head at Luxor Temple.
Nice ankle at LUXOR
Beautiful stonework.
Enter Luxor.


Luxor is riveting. Proportioned to the ideal human body.

me at LUXOR
TFHL vibrating at Luxor Temple

The proportions evoke healing vibrational frequencies in the visitor.

Closed pillar tops holding the energy in the space.

Close to the Holy of Holies, my tour mate James discovered a side room dedicated to the recipe for semen alchemy. That is about all I can explain it as. I found James staring at the wall. We brought Stephen over and he said he hadn’t seen it before, though he had been here many times.

Sadly we found this novel room right at closing time, so my photos are rushed and incomplete.

First Panel starts on the right as facing the wall.
First panel
First Penis Panel Luxor

The story is a documented ritual. A recipe. Step one. Get an erection. Step two, collect sperm. You will need need 4 cups. No lie, there were 4 cups. They milked this guy.

Screenshot 2016-02-20 13.32.57

You get the idea.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.29.43 PM
Four cups to fill. Semen is shown mixing with ASGAT or water. There are eyes it seems observing this πŸ™‚

Semen and Water ASGAT. Does the Eye watch this ? Is that the rising sun disc ?

Then the sperm is used to create a life enhancing concoction to be ingested. See cone shape under penis? See water?

Luxor Temple. Part of a panel depicting sperm harvesting. SIN wave form not pearl drops or zig zag.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.30.58 PM

Maybe semen bread was being baked here ??? I think the water of life glyph being mingled with the ejaculate is a hint.


Gary Lachance and more blurry last panel

penis skack karnak - 15

The pearl like drops of semen remind me of the crypt at Dendera and the beads flowing into the sistrum/Hathor heads πŸ™‚ If the sperm is the milk from the man and Hathor is the womb…..

Just saying…I could be wrong.

penis skack karnak - 13
Are these streams of harvested semen? Hathor is the cow.

Why do Stephens words, “I am the Bull of my Mother” come to mind ?


The two waters is a recurring motif.

Stephen told me the word for water and semen is the same, “Asgat”

– Water of Life-

I know women in ancient China used sperm directly on the face to keep skin young. But there had to be more….

It took me some time to put it all together, but I have a suggestion. I want your opinions on this. Please leave your feeling in the comment box at the end.

How can one confer ‘immortality’? Is it possible? Is life extension real?

Cellular aging is like a wind up clock. If the clock stays wound, the cell becomes immortal and constantly produces new cells. If the clock winds down, the cell stops producing new cells and dies. Our cells are constantly aging. Being able to make the body’s cells live forever certainly creates some exciting possibilities.

Recent discoveries in science show us a result of cell division is the shrinking of the protective telomeres on the end of chromosomes. Once these telomere caps are too small, the cell cannot replicate, cell death and aging occurs.

Interestingly there is an enzyme called telomerase found in specific human cells. If this telomerase is present during cell division, it will add onto the telomere cap instead of reducing it. Thereby conferring immortality to the cell. Winding the clock forever.

The human cells we find this enzyme in are tumour cells, fetal cells and sex cells.


Using this new information, medicine has been using immunoflourescent antibodies specific for telomerase to mark tumour cells in the body for diagnosis.

I looked up our modern technique for extracting telomerase from sperm and it requires detergent and salts. I’m a Medical Laboratory Technologist. I run tests in analytical medicine. I understand the test principles. So, I got it.

I bet the ancients did too.

In fact I wonder if the depictions in the Dendera crypt and on the walls at Luxor are not of this ancient alchemical process.

penis skack karnak - 09
Crypt of Dendera
penis skack karnak - 11
Is that a giant ceramic cup of sperm ???
penis skack karnak - 13
Was the necklace endowed with immortality that transferred through skin to the wearer ? Or is it all symbolic?
Is this the energy needed to power the process of harvesting the telomerase?
Is vibration of a musical sistrum rattle, a component in harvesting the telomerase?

This is going a bit out on a limb but hey…that’s what I do best.


Interestingly a study that focused on Ashkenazi Jews found those that live the longest inherit a hyperactive version of telomerase that rebuilds telomeres.[30]Atzmon G, Cho M, Cawthon RM, Budagov T, Katz M, Yang X, Siegel G, Bergman A, Huffman DM, Schechter CB, Wright WE, Shay JW, Barzilai N, Govindaraju DR, Suh Y (January 2010). “Genetic variation in human telomerase is associated with telomere length in Ashkenazi centenarians”. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 107 Suppl 1 (suppl_1): 1710–7. doi:10.1073/pnas.0906191106. PMCΒ 2868292. PMIDΒ 19915151. Lay summary – LiveScience.

The conical Bread of life Cake in hand above the serpent life energy then the penis and under it water The flowering lily the two feathers of truth ?????

Abydos Temple had its own share of erections πŸ™‚ Third eye and penis?

No doubt the sperm donor’s state of consciousness is key in the process as well.

penis skack karnak - 12
Conscious Penis rubbing at Abydos.

I wonder if this lost ancient technique can be used to restore health to modern world.

All this makes me think…maybe it’s good to swallow πŸ™‚

Couldn’t resist.

El Khemet. The home of ancient Alchemy.

Consider travel with KSAM. You never know what you will find in Khemit/Egypt.

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