Blooming Human

We don’t think about ourselves as having Spiritual Garments. But in fact we do, as we are actually a type of Royalty. Genetic Royalty.

Our type of Royalty enjoys Spiritual Garments flowing around us. It is very important for us to be aware of our Spiritual Garments so we can keep ourselves healthy and functional.

Unfortunately many of us are uneducated to the true nature of our reality. We have been lied to about the nature of our existence. The personal responsibility we have as guardians of the DNA library of Earth has been hidden from us.

In this light it behooves us to search for a deeper understanding concerning who we are, where we are, what we are and what we can accomplish. Let’s start with understanding our subtle body system. As we are much much more than our mere physical form.

Our physical body starts its Journey in the womb of our mother. Following the Royal Rules of Sacred Geometry, our Water Temple or physical body, is created and born. This will be the home to our immortal Fire Spirit for the duration of our mortal Lives.

Our physical body will take 16 years to rightly mature. During this time our root chakra also matures as it is primarily rooted in the physical body. Next, the first of our subtle ‘Spiritual Garment’ bodies now begins to develop.

The Emotional Garment is rooted in the belly or sacral chakra. This subtle body will become mature by age 21. As it matures it is supported by the root chakra of the physical body.

The second Spiritual Garment is the Mental body rooted in the Solar Plexus chakra. It matures by age 35 and is supported by the healthy physical and emotional garment.

Finally the third Spiritual Garment is the Spiritual body rooted in the heart. It matures at age 40 when supported by a healthy physical, emotional and intellectual Foundation. For this reason traditional cultures encourage only those over 40 on to the shamanic path.

These three subtle body layers around the physical body constitute the Royal Robes of the ‘blooming human’. They can also be considered the Armour of God.

Messages from Source come to the Spiritual Garment first as it is our least dense and highest frequency body. If we are not mature enough to inhabit our spiritual form fully the message will move to the Mental garment.

If we do not decode the message in the Mental Garment it moves to the Emotional garment, providing us with an emotional response. If we do not acknowledge the information at this point it is quite possible we are uneasy.

In such a case one is predisposed to create dis-ease in the physical form. Therefore any disease created in the physical body can be sourced to information from our spiritual, mental and emotional garments being ignored.

Understanding you are composed of a physical body wrapped by three subtle spiritual robes is the first step in understanding the impact you have and power you carry with you.

Each of us contributes or contaminates the environment we inhabit. To become conscious of one’s impact is the highest sacred Duty. Once you are conscious of your impact, you wield your power with Valor. Using your power for the greater good in service to others not spiraling down to service to self serving only the ego of the mental body.

Ultimately unless we Center our responses from the heart chakra utilizing compassion in all action, we are not functioning at our Highest Potential.

Personal responsibility rests solely in our willingness to understand who we are and how our contributions are unique and needed. Honouring and valuing how our unique gifts, skills and talents is paramount to healthy self-acceptance.

With this information you are now well on your way to becoming a conscious blooming human. Wear your Royal robes proudly and with great dignity.

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    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment ! So happy you got something good from my words. This information need to be rediscovered and shared !! xoox


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