The Glamorous Enemy

The level of deception in our world is coming into clear focus. Many of us have been experiencing a tearing away of the ‘Veil’. Now we have the opportunity to clearly see how we have been deceived by so-called Authority.

We have been like children, asleep in our own bedrooms, our parents out in the living room, standing guard. We were sleeping easy and the corrupt authorities wanted us left sleeping.

For too long we have equated government with our parents in the living room. Not only government, but any form of corrupt authority.

In three short years we learned that our collective individual Human sovereignty must be protected. Any authority outside our sovereign individual selves is now suspect and untrustworthy.

In fact we would be lacking in our highest self responsibility if we did ever fully trust any ‘Authority’ again.

We have seen huge bodies and groups manipulate Humanity for the last few years. Some people call it a march towards The Great Reset or UN agenda 2030.

Globalist dreams are now crumbling and it is very apparent that we must remain in love with our home Nations. The same premise as shopping locally . We live in a big fractal and everything is connected.

To remain individually sovereign is key. Giving up too much control over our lives to unelected, self aggrandizing, arrogant and corrupted bureaucrats never pans out well.

The biggest grab for power over the human race is happening right now. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear it is blatantly obvious.

Have you noticed the Glamorous Deception? It’s everywhere around you.

How often are you looking at a screen? Where do you get your information ?

However how often are you creating your own programming through pure interaction with yourself or nature or even your home? How about an actual book?

We are powerful creative beings. Because of that power we are feared.

There are enemies who do not possess the powers we do, but have used deception, in fact a glamorous deception, in order to bring us into compliance.

This compliance, obviously in this day and age, is not for our collective human good. It makes us feel virtuously superior and sates our ego, as it lures us down a path of anti-human deception.

This rampant anti-humanism has become a cancer in society.

I say we must preserve human God-given rights. Individual rights and freedoms, the the very thing the West was founded on.

Humanity requires immediate Education in subservience to their Spiritual power and thus moral obligations.

Humanity must take an oath to live morally. To have integrity to care for our fellow human beings. To safe guard our Countries from global dictatorship.

This sentiment is in every country’s national anthem.

But the enemy is always glamorous. Within this glamour of smoke and mirrors, lies are spun and told. Our good intentions and hearts are used against us. Fear is spread.

These lies keep humans in a low frequency and focused on activities or things of lower frequencies to dim healthy human light and personal creativity.

The enemy does not want you engaged in your own creative power but in groupthink derived from the many glamours of the world.

I could say so much more but I am trying to be circumspect with my words. However I do harbor much concern for future generations.

Maybe it’s time to teach some of these values to our children and to our adults instead of focusing on other topics so rampantly.

This is our ultimate responsibility. To extricate Humanity from complete immorality and corrupt Authority. Don’t be dazzled by the Glamorous enemy.

It’s now your time to grow up and shine.

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  1. Brian Neabel says:

    That was very interesting and I havee to share it with my sister, who also suffered thee job insecurity of being unvaxed. She worked from home but always was hinted her job could be gone, but no one to reeplace her that knew anything. My son in Calgary went through the same being unvaxed.

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