Sacred Inner Alchemy: The Spiritual Human Heart

The kingdom of God entered not into this world with a fight. The kingdom of God entered this world through a move of the Holy Ghost which came through Christ.

Why must we align with Christ Consciousness? To know who we are.

A world run by the Demonic Global Adversary will not support humans knowing they are much more than their physical body. That indeed humans have 4 bodies

(physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) or 3 etheric body garments.

The Spiritual Garment and Heart are the most important. They are our protection from the constant and pure deception of the enemy, the Global Adversary.

The corrupt religious institutions have stolen this truth and formulated it into rituals, rites and actions. Mere outer allegory for the powerful internal spiritual potential of a human being.

We are kept in a lower frequency than is healthy for us. This is intentional. Corrupt institutions have usurped our true mystical human spiritual story. This corruption has been ongoing for eons but now we can see it, we can reconsider who we are as humans of Earth. Time to reconsider where we are, what we can do, and who we will serve.

In the book From Light Into Darkness by Stephen Mehler, we learn of a time before dynastic Egypt. Here life was supported by the global Pyramid complexes, PER NTRs or the Houses of Nature which kept humans healthy for much longer and crops abundant.

In this time most people had time to explore themselves as spiritual beings. Spending time in each temple frequency stimulating the 360 senses each human has. Now we are down to knowing of 5 senses only in the physical body.

I suspect if we count all 4 human bodies we would have 90 in each. There is indeed much to discover about ourselves. At that ancient time life was more wise, harmonious, peaceful, meaningful and technologically advanced.

After what some feel was a great global catastrophy their beautiful spiritual yet technological culture was wiped out. People started to die more quickly as the PER NTRs went down and there was no food.

The Hanuti priest class arose from the chaos and the advent of religion was born. The people were asked by the priests to work the fields and they would take care of the massive dead (mummification) and keep the temples active.

The people agreed in this time of great crisis. The priest also created mystery magic and drama with sound, smoke and light, tricking the people into thinking they had mystical divine powers from the gods.

Eventually the people forgot that in reality, the aspects of divinity lived within each of their hearts and believed the divine was in the temple itself, communicated to by the human priests on their behalf. They also were the astronomers who watched the heavens for portents of future disasters.

The fear of another catastrophic event allowed the people to give their personal power away to those who seemed to know more. People perceived authority in those who were ‘in’ with the gods and had great powers. And so it has continued.

We are so disconnected from our spiritual selves today our culture only has a focus on Sexuality, Emotions and Intellect. The three lower bodies.

These Yin bodies can be programmed and manipulated; enslaved. Taught narrative, told stories. Held captive and frozen. Then consistently stolen from. Tapped, harvested from. Played like a violin. Kept within certain frequency bands of perception and understanding.

Not unlike a Princess being help captive in a dungeon. Gaslit and make crazy. Enslaved to generate emotional frequencies to feed demonic forces.

The enemy is a deceiver, a handsome confuser, diabolical in intent but beautiful and tempting. A pedophile priest would understand. This is why being in the spiritual body is important. To allow us a chance to be protected and not to be deceived or manipulated by dark outside sources.

So the Global Adversary will say good is bad, bad is good. They enjoy the blurring of reality and rise of drugs, fantasy, fetish, addiction, shame and trauma cycles.

Global Adversary encourages the Ridicule of the sacred concepts: Religion Jesus Spirituality Masculinity Femininity Sexuality

EVIL backward =LIVED LIVED backward = DEVIL BE LIE VE There is a ‘lie’ in believe.


There is Demonic Inversion at Play in our world. It is constructing mental and emotional and physical Barriers between men and women. Roles and definitions confused.

Demonic forces consume and in fact LIVE off of the unconscious feminine lower emotional energy that we all create.

Good news is that once we accept it we can starve them out.

Until then we must get real to heal.

The Inner Romance of Scrupulous Honesty

Spiritual Imperative. Get Real. Be Genuine. Be Authentic.
Recognizing Sacred Spiritual Responsibility to fully process all concepts.

Be Here Now. Be honest Process your concepts.

By doing this we play out our only obligation to our fellow humans. Our sacred obligation to humanity. We harvest the truth of our understandings and share the intimacy and wisdom of our true beings.

The Art of Authenticity allows true communication, connection and being.

All Environmental Data from our outer world must be fully processed for ultimate health. Reality and truth must be faced and processed to the best of our abilities. This is our sacred duty and gift to offer others.

God created each of us to process concepts in order to gather wisdom for all. We all matter greatly. Each of our experiences in processing our concepts is treasure to add to the human story of glory.

Do not believe the anti-human agenda marketing at you to hate humans. You are a human. Inversion tricks you into self loathing and low self worth. Accepting we are worthy to care for and be truthful is primary. As a worthy Child of God you matter. Own that. Feel that. Feels good.

If we are not ready to be honest we can stop a concept being fully processed. It will stay stored in the body and may eventually cause a state of uneasiness which in turn causes dis-ease.

Stopping the flow of this process is optional and so we can stop and start consciously or unconsciously. Stopping has consequences in the long term. Like a pipe backing up we can extrapolate the outcome.

The key is to become awake and conscious of our information flow which comes to Spiritual body first.

When we listen to and come from our heart and inhabit our spiritual body, we become conscious and honest about what is happening for ourselves. We self reference. Not relying on outside sources.

Defining it for ourselves. being natural, healthy and real. Respecting and nurturing ourselves. Not expecting others to do it for us. Encountering personal responsibility.

However self worth issues, time limits, programming, etc. keep us from reflection about who are as spiritual beings. Environmental data of unease comes first to our Spiritual Body. If not heeded it moves to inform the mental, then emotional, finally if unheeded and denied, dis-ease is created in the physical body.

If we can be conscious of inhabiting our spiritual body we can perceive and receive information from source much more quickly as well as avoid possible dis-ease states.

Now let us accept our worthy souls and care to dive deep into a radical new understanding of the whole divine being called a human.

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