My Top Hat Man Encounter

A disturbing thing happened as I was trying to fall asleep in March 2017. I was in my bedroom listening to a podcast, eyes closed, when suddenly I became aware that someone, or some thing, had walked into my bedroom.

At first I noticed how tall he was. I have no idea how I knew it was male except that he was wearing a top hat. My first thought was:

‘Top Hat? Really buddy?’

I saw him look back and forth. I knew he was looking for me. He was taller than the door frame. I remember that he opened the door and walked in without bumping his head or bending down to enter.

He had very broad pointed shoulders and was wearing a sort of trench coat. I remember this coat tapered to his narrow waist and the tail of the trench coat flipping up behind him and coming to a point. It could have been a tux and tails. He had no face to speak of and was two-dimensional, a matte black color. It was like he was only flat space.

Once his gaze fixed on me I certainly felt I had been seen. I didn’t feel fear, I just watched him. I observed him right from the doorway, stretch out a very long thin leg. His knee came onto my bed as he reached out his long arms to grab my wrists.

He had no fingers to speak of, just points. With these points he somehow managed to grab my wrists well enough to pull them together and upward. So now essentially this thing lifted my arms up and was holding me by the wrists.

I remember remaining calm. I remember thinking ‘this will not do’. I remember becoming annoyed and deciding to pull my wrists back. Yes that would be a good idea. However it seemed I had to use quite a bit of willpower in order to do so.

Once I managed to gain control over my arms, I pulled back hard as my mouth broke its paralysis and I spoke the word ‘NO!’ as forcefully as I could. Indeed I felt that I had broken a type of paralysis, as the word started deep in my chest and moved slowly up my windpipe, before my sheer will managed to force it towards the being.

As I yanked my arms from his grip, it felt like pulling Taffy or stretching Silly Putty until it breaks. There was a definite snap after a bit of a pull. My first thought was…

‘That all you got buddy?’

Next he was gone and the podcast was still rambling on.

I had absolutely no idea what had happened. I just shook it off, turned off the podcast and went to sleep. For some strange reason I felt unafraid, exhausted and confident.

A few days later I recounted this experience to a friend during a Skype call. His eyes widened and he said ‘…well you had a visit from the Top Hat Man.”

Incredible. I actually felt relief. I wasn’t imagining this.

I had had no idea that this is a common occurrence among people around the world.

Needless to say I began Googling.

I found out that there are types of beings called shadow people. They tend to stand in the corner of a room. They look more like regular people than Top Hat Man does and they are sometimes associated with him.

The one thing I read was that Top Hat Man sometimes wears a large brimmed hat or a fedora. To be fair when I think back his head just looked like a longer rectangle shape and my consciousness understood this as a top hat. Because I really did have the thought that he was wearing a ‘top hat’.

So who really knows how people perceive him. Regardless he always has a hat.

Which is kind of strange don’t you think?

Hats in my understanding come from Human fashion. To be fair also used mainly as a functional necessity to protect one from the elements or the hazards of work. Now top hats are more of a fashion statement and a mark of status.

Some people think that Top Hat man is the boss of the shadow people. Perhaps his hat shows his rank. But who are these people really? Are they entities from a different density or Dimension? Why do they want to scare us? The movie Monsters Inc comes to mind. Where Monsters emerge from children’s bedroom closets in order to collect their fear for an energy source.

I had shown no fear during my encounter. Though I still think about the experience it has no real hold over me. This event happened in March 2017. Right before I took a trip to Jordan.

I have been on a few Adventures since 2013 visiting most of the country of Egypt, a lot of areas in Peru and the coast of Peru. And now I was going to see the country of Jordan via Egypt.

In my Early 30’s a Rieki master told me that I was a magnetic spinner. That I would be taken to different places on the planet in the future to spin magnetics. She said there were 6 of me. I assume she meant 6 people with the same task. At the time I thought there was no chance I would ever be traveling. I was a young mother in a new marriage. On second thought I did travel to Hollywood when I was 19 years old. I decided to come home because God told me I would definitely become a prostitute if I stayed. Right Harvey Wienstein?

I guess that was my first spinning job !

Suddenly in 1995 due to a strangely orchestrated audition, I was going to India’s Bollywood to shoot a feature film. I spent 24 hours in Singapore and time in Seoul Korea. This film (Seetha and Carole) is found as a special feature on another film I did called Ryans Babe.

Then in 2013 the universe started taking me to different places. I had wanted to go to Peru many times over the years and always felt blocked. Once I committed to a full Egyptian tour the flood gates opened. I then visited Peru 4 times, the U.K. and Jordan. I started to remember the prophecy of the Reiki master on one of my trips to Peru.

By the time March 2017 rolled around I was quite conscious of what I was doing on these trips. So I knew that I had a heavy job to do in Jordan.

You might not understand as a reader, but as an experiencer I knew that my physical presence was going to help change Energies in that area of the Middle East. Like a butterfly’s Wings can make a change on the other side of the planet. Our tour was booked to visit a spa at the Dead Sea. Along with Petra and the sites of Amman, the Dead Sea Spa was one of the main reasons I wanted to go.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we were not going to be able to have our reservation at the Dead Sea Spa. Also the Amman Summit was there taking up a lot of space. So we were provided with a tour of the Wadi Rum desert and an evening with the local Bedouin, sleeping in a tent Under the Stars and eating food cooked in the ground. Not exactly a fair trade, but who can say they’ve slept in the ancient desert? Or tried to sleep.

As you know the desert gets quite cold at night and I was not dressed to sleep in the desert. There was no way I was falling asleep. I was unsettled and cranky as all get-out. Once my tent mate was snoring I ended up wandering the camp and laying in a palm hut looking up at the stars for a good portion of the night. I must confess the stars look beautiful in the desert.

Palm Hut in the Wadi Rum Desert

The stars infused me with the Stellar Charge I would need the next day. But I didn’t realize it at the time.

The pink colored Wadi Rum desert is best known for the area where Moses led people around for 40 years. Geologically it is beautiful with flat sand and water eroded mountains, it’s a sight to behold. In fact it’s so striking they used Wadi Rum as the backdrop to the Hollywood movie The Martian with Matt Damon.

The next day as an extra bonus we drove to the city of Aqaba. On this drive is where I spun the magnetics. Now I understood the need for the schedule change. We were driving on the one road into the city, the famous ‘Road to Aqaba’. I was beholding the grey mountains cut with black lines of Basalt and thinking of all the ancient people who had taken this route and marveled at these mountains.

Then I started to feel the tingling that was a hot magnetic flood coming down my spine. My hands were drawn together in prayer position, I closed my eyes, allowing this energy to spread itself down through me, through the bus, and into the Earth. We left a beautiful stream of energy on the road to Aqaba.

On retrospect I think Top Hat Man was kind of testing me. Testing me to see if I was a clear enough Channel. If I had conquered my fear enough to do a final task for the Creator. In this regard I’m not sure who Top Hat Man really is.

Could an entity whose desire it is to make you fearful, work for the good? Perhaps there’s more to understanding what’s good and what’s bad. The light and the dark seem to Define each other and work together in some senses.

The yin-yang symbol comes to mind. A bounded infinity of cycling light and dark.

However I still hold that the light is stronger in a great way. When one opens a door into a dark room, the light moves in, dispellig the darkness. The darkness does not come out and swallow the light.

Always remeber the media, and CULT-ure in general, want you believe it will.

Don’t be afraid.

There is nothing to fear when you are a child of the light of God.

And You Are.

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  1. Ann says:

    Hello, This is sooooo interesting and makes sense to me. Thank you for putting in the
    Ann V.


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