Mysterious Places near Lake Titicaca

For my 50th birthday I indulged in an ‘add on’ tour with Hidden Inca Tours. This is the tour company you want to travel with in order to learn the secrets of Peru/Bolivia.

I joined a group at the end of a longer tour of Peru. We visited some unique sights around Lake Titicaca before entering into to Copacabana, Bolivia. From Copacabana we visited the Island of the Sun and Moon and continued to the mega city La Paz, then the controversial ancient sites of Puma Punku and Tiahuanaco. (This blog will not go into those mysterious sites as they deserved a blog of their own ๐Ÿ™‚

To do this I flew to Lima Peru and stayed over night.

Then I flew to Juliaca high in the Andes and was taxied to a beautiful hotel in Puno right on Lake Titicaca.

Band welcoming us as we are arriving in Juliaca, Peru. November 2013.

I arrived at Aeropuerto Internacional Inca Manco Cรกpac, an airport situated in the city of Juliaca, thirty minutes from the city of Puno at Lake Titicaca .

Arriving in Juliaca, Peru. November 2013.
Coming into Puno, Peru.

The taxi driver’s translator was asking about my name. She said that is a like a kind of Saint right ? I laughed. Yes, yes.

For years people who were of Latino decent always commented on my name. One day I found out why.

BEATA is a Spanish term actually. In Barbara Walker’s book The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, my name is defined as a Holy Woman or white witch. A woman closely affiliated with the church but not a nun. A hermit known for her potions and cures. If she was popular she was canonized when the church arrived, if not killed.

Screenshot 2015-07-23 08.58.27

It also means ‘blessed’ in Latin. Hence ‘Beatitudes’ in the bible, or The Sermon on the Mound. (‘Blessed are the…for they shall….) If one uses a translator online it defines my name as: ‘God-fearing woman; goody-goody, woman who behaves in an exaggeratedly good manner to please others-blessed; pious; sanctimonious blessedness, happiness, felicity; pious person” Hence our conversation.

Puno Peru. Street vendor is typical of the ladies dress in this area.

I had a day to adjust to altitude, then met the group. Great hotel. I was glad to have time alone to sit and enjoy the peace of this area.

TFHL made it to Lake Titicaca. MAMA COCHA


Grotto shrine next to hotel.

Beautiful Hotel on Lake Titicaca Puno Peru.
Panorama of Lake from Hotel at Puno
Free coca tea helps you with altitude sickness which gives you a nasty headache then a pounding heart at night.

The next day we stopped at some very curious spots near Lake Titicaca.

First stop the Mushroom Fertility temple. INKA UYU is located next to a church. It’s outer walls are quite ancient, showing typical polygonal constructions. Interior walls seem more crude. Two little mushrooms or as I prefer ‘domes on sticks’ greeted us as we entered.

INKA UYU Bolivia 2013

See my blog Nature’s Life Giving Proportions for more on the way these little bio-geometrical domes pump out life force. No wonder this is known fertility spot ๐Ÿ™‚

Inside the remains of INKA UYU. Notice the less sophisticated interior construction as opposed to the more ancient megalithic outer.
INKA UYU ancient megalithic construction evident on older outer walls.
TFHL at INKA UYU. Notice walls precise construction.
Down the hill to bus after visiting the Mushroom fertility temple

Next stop the Devils doorway. Amaru Muru. The Star Gate of Peru or what I felt it was, a vortex.


TFHL gets her Star Gate on at Amaru Muru Peru.
It is a sacred site that is not necessarily linked to any one culture. It is said to be a access point through which divine energies can flow. Local legend say it is a portal. Men of renown it is said, have come and gone through it. Coming back to check on things occasionally. Legend says Aramu Maru, priest of the temple of the seven rays, fled from his temple with a sacred golden disk known as “The key of the gods of the seven rays“, and hid in the mountains of Hayu Marca. He came upon the doorway as it was being watched by shaman priests. He showed them the key of the gods and a ritual was performed. A magical energy initiated by the golden disk opened the portal. The priest Aramu Maru gave the golden disk to the priests then passed through this portal “never to be seen again”. They say the disc ended up being tossed into the lake to keep it from the Spanish. Fun to think it could still be down there. Many people have reported phenomena when standing at various points in the doorway, such as visions, realizations, contact with higher beings, spontaneous healing and anything in between.

Wide shot of our group at the famous Amaru Muru Star Gate rock.

I could most certainly feel a vortex flowing off to left and forward of the doorway as you look at it.

Star Gate in Peru next to Lake Titicaca ???
Dowsers confirm my feeling of a vortex out front of and off centre of the doorway.

I noticed that over to right there were some nice scoop marks. People were using them to sit in. This is soft rock however they reminded me of the scoop marks in the granite I saw at Aswan Egypt earlier that year. Also marks in Longyou Caves in China I wrote about last week .

Scoop marks lower right similar to quarry marks at Aswan ?
Aswan granite quarry mysterious scoop marks similar to those next to the doorway in Peru.
Scoops marks slightly visible lower right.
Landscape is surreal as you stand in the refreshing shade next to the doorway.
Rock formation around Amaru Muru – Devils doorway Peru 2013.
Looking up the channel at Amaru Muru. Thick brown lichen suggests very ancient place.

We continued on to the border into Bolivia. Here Americans pay $150 to enter. Canadians like TFHL get in free ๐Ÿ™‚ Though I was born in USA today my Canadian citizenship worked for me this day.

Boarder into Bolivia from Peru.

The beautiful Hotel Rosario was a welcome stop after this magical day.

TFHL had too much sun first day of tour. Loving Hotel Rosario, Copacabana Bolivia.
View of the lake from my gorgeous room, Copacabana Bolivia.

That evening I had a wonderful meal of fish from the lake It was prepared fresh, gluten free and with love. By the way, Bolivian wine is awesome, Try it. Next day we loaded up the hydrofoil and set out onto the lake.

Ready to board our hydrofoil to the Island s of Sun and Moon Copacabana, Bolivia During the crossing to the island we engaged in a blessing ritual. Since we were crossing into Inca Gods territory we swore to be moral. Not to lie or steal or cheat. Then we were sprinkled with the sacred waters.

I, Manco Kapac, King of the Incas, Master and Lord of Sacred Lake Titicaca, Hereby Certify that Beata VB has crossed my domains, has drank from the sacred waters of the Island of the Sun and has received the blessing of the Inca Gods.

Once we were closer to the island a small boat that ferried us closer to the island.

Arriving at Sun Island. Now for the climb up.
Brien Forester and David Hatcher-Childress seated on the crossing point of Rainbow and Plumed Serpent lines Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca Bolivia Nov. 2013.

The air was thin so one had to adjust by moving slowly. The pace seemed to add a respectful tone to our visit. I was very altered due to the whole experience. I didn’t even notice the pigs who roamed around us. Later upon seeing my photos I was quite astonished to them there with us.

Island of the Sun. Sacred rock. I didn’t even notice the pigs.

Taking the simple L-dowsing rods in hand I experienced the currents crossing strongly at the main point. As walked round the stone I held the rods out in front of myself. As I passed each side they turned inward quite forcefully, then relaxed out again until the next side.

Crossing point of Rainbow and Plumed Serpent Earth energy lines. Island of the Sun Lake Titicaca Bolivia.
Island of the Sun Crossing Point
Hugh Newman, Brien Forester, David Hatcher-Childress, Gustavo Fernando Morales Island of the Sun
TFHL selfie at the crossing point of Earths Rainbow and Plumed Serpent lines. Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca Bolivia November 2013.

After our exploration of the energy lines and sacred ruins on Sun Island we crossed to Island of the Moon to visit another ancient Inca spot. This was the nurturing place of the future Inca Queens. A place women were raised to be sacred partners to Kings. I wonder if it wasn’t the other way around though. That the King needed legitimacy from an the Sacred Female Shamans.

A beautiful day for arriving on the Island of the Moon.

The air was sweet and the colours brilliant. The blue of this clean Bolivian sky so high up in the mountains was startling. Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable body of water on Earth.

David Hatcher-Childress joined us on the tour. Island of the Moon.
Island of the Moon Panorama
Exploring the energies of this sacred area.
Selfie in my old room on Island of the Moon ๐Ÿ™‚
Island of the Moon housed the yet to be chosen Incan Queens ๐Ÿ™‚
TFHL is over the Moon on it’s island namesake. Notice the terracing going up the hill ? No land is with out these in this area.
Island of the Moon. Inca constructions.
Home to the future Inca Queens. Ruins on Island of the Moon.
Lunchtime view. Awesome time on the Island of the Moon.

We ate lunch atop the Moon Island. Great food and spectacular view. Ancient mountain terracing and a traditional reed boat sailing by were great visual feast as well.

Beautiful view with our lunch. Island of the Moon,Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. Notice reed boat and terracing on the hill.

At the end of the day the hydrofoil dropped us at the Eco Village and small museum spot. Here we met Jose Limachi, the man who helped Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl build his famous reed boat vessel Ra 2. Thor also is well known for his voyages with the Kontiki in 1947. He proved ancient people could use ocean currents and simple vessels to sail around the globe. Thor Heyerdahl boat Ra 2 replica.

Replica of the reed boat RA 2 which Thor Heyerdahl sailed across the ocean to prove water was not a barrier but a way to travel for ancient peoples.
Eco village and Jose Limachi maker of Thor Heyerdahl’s boat Ra 2 seated with Brien Forester.

This wonderful day with Lake Titicaca and her treasures ended with our bus ride to The Rtiz Hotel in La Paz. In another blog I will share my next adventure there and then at the ancient sites called Puma Punku and Tiahuanaco. Preview for my next blog from the mysterious ruins of Puma Punku: Ancient Aliens Star and World Explorer Extrordinare David Hatcher-Childress does a quick bumper with me TFHL ๐Ÿ™‚

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