The Corricancha and Ancient Walls of Cusco Peru

Here there is a church built on top of pre-Incan megalithic walls.  The invaders always build over the sacred or special areas of the locals. I snapped a shot as we first arrived and drove through Cusco.

This shot I stole from the web so you can see the walls it sits on more clearly on the right.

Inside the Corricancha a display is seen depicting the original settlement.  Here next to the beautiful wall shielded with glass, it shows grass roofs. The Builders of the walls, with this skill, may have had even more sophisticated roofing tech than this leads the visitor to believe. Again we are looking at a site transformation, essentially Looking Through Time.

Display of the original walls.

I had wanted to visit this place for many years and had only seen pictures from the visits of my friends Brien Forster and his wife Irene. I was lucky to have Willko Apaza Pachamama Spirit with me to make sure I saw all the interesting sites inside.

He took my picture in front of the three windows. Willko explained these 3 represent the lower world the middle world and the upper world.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 8.47.38 PM

The skill and precision of the construction is stunning. and again there is such a beautiful feeling emanating from these forms. one is hit by the antiquity and the loss of a technology able to form stones in such a manner. Just as in Sasksawaymann the stones beg to be touched caressed and loved. I always get a sense that the stones harmonize with the human form in some strange way. Does the mineral in the stone communicate with the mineral in the human body, accessing memories?

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 8.53.58 PM

More mysterious knobbies that we also see on the third pyramid in Egypt and many other places.

There were many stones with different tool marks on display here. Many I had only seen in photographs so it was so fun to be in the presence of them now.

Metal T clamps used to attach stones. Were these actually used to send electrical energy into the stones?

Tool marks seen inside this famous drill cut
Wilko tries to illuminate the tool marks through a hole on the opposite side.

Beautiful example of an ancient stone created with unknown technology.

Below is me in front of a painting showing Cusco as the centre and the villages founded on the energy lines radiating from here. The Navel is Cusco !

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 8.54.38 PM

Then of course in the middle of the courtyard the very special box of Mystery, the center. I believe that this box is very old and was used for many purposes over the years. my imagination wants to think that In Time Gone by it had a lid and possibly was related to the boxes at the Serrapeum in Egypt. Though it is much smaller was it once a power source of some kind? Willko suggested it was filled with a liquid at one point maybe the container itself since some frequency into this liquid which was used in ceremony. Undoubtedly the artifact has had many uses as again we are looking through time. This is meant to be the center of Cusco, it’s navel. I believe that eventually we will discover in ancient times of Technology was associated that would send a free energy to everyone in the community. A bio energy that helped plants grow bodies stay healthy and weather to be moderate.

It is carved from one piece of stone but again it looks like the stone itself has been bent instead of cut or carved into shape. they have many flower pots around the stone so it’s difficult to come close and get a good look.

one can almost see tool marks left as evidence of an unknown technology that may have created this artifact.

Even around the inside there is The Uncanny suspicion of a tool-mark. The mystery is unsolved as to the use and origin of the Box however it is fun to speculate and again look through time.

Something Willko did not know about were the markings on top of the megalithic walls that you can see from the second level of the building. Because I follow the work of Brien Forester I was aware of him pointing them out in past reports. We climbed up and snapped some shots of these mysterious markings. It was fun to share them with Willko.


After this it was time for me to rest at the hotel and prepare for the next Day’s Journey to the sacred Valley.

I met at Willko again after my Ayahuasca retreat was over and he took me to see the famous walls in downtown Cusco. The oldest parts of the walls are towards the bottom and the Inca and Spanish additions are usually above and around the original Megaliths.

We were able to see an area where the stones had come apart and to observe the tiny Ridge marks that the creators had used to hold the stones in place.

This green is the entrance to a business.

This small cafe constructed inside these original ancient walls. 

Willko beside the almost Bee Hive like corner of a megalithic wall.

Can you count 12 corners on this large stone ?  

We saw the famous 12-sided Stone as well as many rounded lovely corners and beautiful ancient walls.

It was quite a pleasure to observe these walls run my hand along them and imagine who made them and the history the rocks had seen.

The center of the town has a beautiful Fountain where apparently Four Rivers used to meet. Now these streams are underground and the fountain marks their meeting point. There are also two Cathedrals which are built a top of the original sacred sites. You often find many churches built on top of very sacred ancient sites and Cusco is no exception.


We had an opportunity to partake in a beautiful lunch overlooking the main Square. After a short rain shower we noticed a beautiful rainbow connecting the two Cathedrals. I opened the window and took a nice picture.


Cusco is a wonderful place to visit the layers of History are astounding. I was lucky to have such a wonderful guide to make sure I noticed all the mystery around me.

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