Holy or Happy

The problem is that we don’t believe God, not that we don’t believe in God. Even the devil believes in God. Believing God is what made America, not believing in God. The foundation of the country used to be on faith. Now it’s based on feelings.” Chuck Crismier

I watched this interview with Chuck and was inspired to share some of his observations.

How has the rebellion against authority been working out for humans ? It started in the 60’s with the sexual revolution and now we see the effect of the progressive abandonment of all authority. “Nobody can tell anyone what to do, right ?” “You are invalidating my feelings, man !!!”

But how has tolerating EVERYTHING served us ?

The erosion in culture is evident from increases in depression and anxiety to the gender dysphoria craze. For a culture that prides itself on freedom and diversity and love, not much happiness is found. Could it be for a lack of Holiness? Or Whole-ness ?

I teach that the chakra system and the 4 human bodies they connect, are a symbolic representation of the way to spiritual awareness. Root Chakra, Physical body, Belly Chakra, Emotional Body, Solar Plexus Chakra, Mental Body and fourth Heart Chakra, Spiritual body or Body of Christ. The lower Chakras are the feminine and the upper the masculine. They meet in the heart.

Please watch my Tinfoil Talk called The Wholey Human. I know deeply that the solution for America and the world is not political or economic… it’s spiritual.

Truth is we each must be responsible to know our own heart. Enter our own spiritual kingdom. We cannot get utopia from the mental realm. Due to Psychology being injected into every aspect of our culture, we were pushed into our mental body and away from our spiritual body. Even in our churches.

Ronald Reagan gave us no fault divorce in 1968. So pastors decided to teach that God’s ultimate good for us was happiness not holiness. The church has been marketing to our flesh not our soul. The divorce revolution of the 70s changed the church. Never mind being holy we must now be happy.

Modern Christians are like ‘What’s in it for me? What can God do for me?’

The corrupted fruit of a corrupted root.

I am not saying being happy doesn’t count for anything. Happiness is a feeling. It is fleeting. Feeling are meant to move quickly through the bodies informing us. If we try to hang onto them they rot. Like eating too many sweets, or getting no exercise. Focus only what makes us feel happy is indulgent and ultimately unhealthy. In spiritual maturity we understand this.

Our entire culture has become affected and infected by systemic spiritual disease of the self. The exaltation of the self. It comes from the 60s and 70s and the exaltation of psychology as the final Arbiter of Truth. Feelings became truth. The Mental body’s ego defends this truth.

Our mental body is located below our spiritual body. The Solar plexus Chakra, Mental Body, is the ego and the clever intellect whereas our wise heart is above it and is the gate to our Spiritual body. Christ consciousness.

Ultimately we have cut ourselves off from the anchor of Truth.

We are adrift on the sea of relativity. Comparing ourselves to each other instead of becoming whole in a relationship with our hearts. With Christ.

The Global Adversary have us trapped inside our mental body. Keeping us oblivious to our compassionate spiritual body by coaxing us over and over again back to the sypathetic feeling belly. Then back to the empathetic intellect, then back to the valley of the dark feeling feminine. Then back to the intellect, the ego, the clever mind, more feminine manipulation. Dive back to the belly. Do we ever have a chance to reach up to our compassionate heart, our spiritual body, our body of Christ and find Prince Charming? No they have polluted our internal love affair with selfish thoughts.

Empathy and sympathy but never compassion.

We are living in a landslide of spiritual loss, weakening the fellowship of human beings.

Aldous Huxley, famous Darwinian philosopher, said, “I’m not going to have some God tell me how to live my sex life”. And now we have a culture completely split in half. Most concerned only with the physical gratifications.

Feelings have become our Lord and Jesus our mascot.

Society is hateful because more than half of the people in our society most likely and for all intents and purposes hate God.

New rules apply now. You are ‘hateful’ if you abridge anyone’s feelings in this inverted world. A difference of opinion is now ‘hate’. Having standards can be perceived ‘hate’. This is how they force an agenda down your throat. If you even speak about anything regarding Christ, God or Christianity they put you down as an Evangelical and dismiss you as mentally deficient.

You are deficient to that way of thinking. You will not put your mental body over your spiritual one. You cannot serve two masters. The heart must win. Ultimately the body of Christ is victorious.

The Revolutionary Jesus and his message have been lost. He admonished the envious religious leaders of his time. He told the Jews they did not need the construct of the synagouge or the rituals there in. He did not want another temple. He wanted salvation for each one of us. Power, perks and position is what Jesus came against and that’s why they fought him.

The battle continues.

The 60’s group ‘encounter movement’ based on people’s feelings, changed the way even teachers functioned. Now feelings are paramount.

Well the road to hell is paved with good intentions isn’t it?

The concepts of
‘tolerance and hate’
have been inverted and redefined by the satanic global adversary.
The media and global adversary’s goal is to present a GODLESS version of life.

There is no life without spirit. They want to take your humanity, your life and your soul. Anything else is deemed to be ‘hateful’ by the inverted.

The problem is that we don’t believe God, not that we don’t believe in God.

Even the devil believes in God.

What do you think ? Please tell me...

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