Message to All Humans

Interview with ME on HPANWO Radio

Been on Ben’s show a few times now. This time we talk about the 2020 American election Sasquatch, advanced technology and more ! I am on in second hour 56 min in. Listen to “HPANWO Show 385- Beata Van Berkom” on Spreaker.

Holy or Happy

The problem is that we don’t believe God, not that we don’t believe in God

The Death of Political Correctness

The failed Marxist ideology of bourgeoisie oppressing the worker has been taken up by the progressive left as oppressor victim. When we identify and label with these terms and ideologies we do not Empower Humanity to reach for its creativity. It only leads to backbiting whining and disharmony. To empower the individual is to embrace personal responsibility. This is something that has been perpetually bread out of us through identity politics and Progressive ideology based on the failed neo-marxism and postmodernist movements. The age of political correctness has now ceased.

Humanity First

Just as unhealthy thoughts, words and actions can create disease in our body, the agenda of the elite has made humanity sick. The programs they run, being the thoughts we think, are creating dis-ease in our perceptions.

Freedom vs Truth

For those of us who have done research into the ‘World Behind the World’ this election was like pure sugar. For those of us who never bothered to think outside the box this could be seen as the end of the world as we know it.