Humanity First

Be a Human Being not a Human Doing.


We have been programmed to be against ourselves and love enslavement.

Just as unhealthy thoughts, words and actions can create disease in our body, the agenda of the elite has made humanity sick. The programs they run, being the thoughts we think, are creating dis-ease in our perceptions.

The syndicates running the ‘human body’ today need extraction as a toxic cell group run amok. I suggest that’s what WE are all going to give them

I made a new youtube video to address the program we have been under since World War 2. The erosion of Nationalism is designed by a Brave New World type of Global Agenda.

Is the election of Donald John Trump a God send?

A Trump card played on the global elite agenda?

A Trump card played on the scandal ridden global cabal?

Played also on those gouging humanity through ‘big-pharm’ prices?

Trumping military industrial wars and all the over billing?

Finally, (and I hope for this one), a Trump Card played against the Federal Reserve and Fractional Reserve Banking?

For too long we have been coddled into compliance. Those who find it hard to understand that loving self first is the only way to true health will follow once the example is set.

Now to the prophecy. Is Trump King Cyrus ? Many bible scholars are saying so. Cyrus also wanted to build a wall! Interesting.

Something to take into consideration I think. Just sayin’.

Why not check out Trey Smith on Isaiah 45.

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  1. Thx I don’t think he knows enough about the Deep state of Mossad

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