Stealing Humanity

Your tears can drown you

in your own sorrow

if you don’t let them out.

Money has stolen our humanity.

 If you pull back the thread on  any negative action, money made it possible.

 For example murdered 911 Truther and authour Philip Marshall. He and his children were found executed by bullet to head after his book The Big Bamboozle came out.

The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror

How does anyone take a job to snuff out a family ? Money. Money is the root of all our evils. Money is the common denominator in why we repress our common sense, our best qualities, our humanity.

To be a better businessman we must outwit and stab in the back the other businessmen who competes with us. We are told constantly competition is the natural way. Competition over cooperation.

I suggest this is completely backwards. It makes absolutely no sense that human beings living on one planet would compete with each other when cooperation would be a benefit for all.

At this time when the lust for power crescendo is here, a point where we can all be destroyed with the push of a button, is it not time to reconsider what we truly value?

Is it not time to reconsider the value and unity of the human species?

Perhaps re-evaluation of Who We Are and what we value, based on authentic human rights. Not based on the fact of money. Not based on the ‘bottom line’ of economics, but on the human bottoms out in the ‘money culture cold’.

What is required for a soul to survive?

We never think this way because we do not consider ourselves Spiritual Beings in physical bodies. We only consider material wealth. Media helps tiptoe us toward materialism. Loss of Spiritual connection reigns as commercial culture tells us we require more to be OK. Bamboozled into forgetting Who We Are at the most basic level we are a being not a doing.

Money is connected to doing not being.

Money is connected to productivity and commerce and marketing and war and difference and competition. It seems that when money is involved with ‘cooperation’ it can often lead to corruption. The temptation of the human ego to be ‘better than’  is too much for   souls working only from the intellect.

Now is a new time when people can take information into the heart.  The solar plexus chakra represents the mind or intellect. The heart chakra accesses spiritual aspects of our being. Now is the time when we can gain the higher wisdom of the heart and save ourselves from the insanity of over intellectualizing.

Ubuntu philosophy is something to explore as we transition into a new way of being on the planet. Michael Tellinger has a wonderful books please do more research. The philosophy of Ubuntu is:

If it’s not good for one it’s not good for any.

This type of human driven philosophy allows us to be responsible for self and others. It allows us to care and love and reawaken the best of our human potential. These are the attributes of humanity unethically repressed as money has gained dominance in the capitalism culture of today.

As meaning is lost depression and over association with the outer world set in.

The only way out is in.

Find the true essence of your humanity, honour it, then create a world where all humanity is honoured. After all there really is only one of us here .

Your tears can drown you

in your own sorrow

if you don’t let them out.

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  1. You’re fucking brilliant baby. Proud to share a town and a quest with you.

    1. Love your comments and you.

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