The Death of Political Correctness

As a Canadian I am very proud of Professor Jordan Peterson. He is the professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, Who challenged the notion of legislated speech. Bill C16

Making people responsible for your feelings is one ridiculous thing, however making them legally responsible for your feelings is the height of insanity.

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Of course the story of Jordan Peterson cannot be told without the story of fake news. His message has been spun by the bias media as one of alt-right hysteria and transphobia. Just recently he caused a ruckus after Cathy Newman of UK Channel 4 News did a fabulous and quite revealing interview with him.

During the interview the bias of Ms. Newman became quite apparent and fortunately Peterson was able to stymie her at one point. Peterson being a proponent of free speech is dismayed at any law compelling humans to use certain words.

Of course this butts against the popular transgender movements desire to embrace at least 72 different pronouns. These are to be used to address people who identify in a non binary form. For those who aren’t understanding me it means those who do not identify exclusively as male or female. Male and female are now referred to as cisgender. If I have this wrong I’m sure someone will let me know.

Dr. Peterson has never said exclusively he would not use someone’s pronoun. Or what is referred to as preferred pronoun. He would modify his language if it was an individual setting and not a classroom. If this person had relationship with him etc etc it would depend on varying circumstances.

His crime was merely hypothetical as he never had an issue with any of his students.

Jordan also reiterates that many people in the transgender community agree with him. That it is only a small section of very politically ardent ideologues within the transgender community who are insisting.

I tend to agree that for the public to be compelled and expected to adopt language, not basic English, through legislation does not seem politically healthy. Dr. Peterson also referred to the fact that these language changes have not taken place organically through popular usage but are being forced into usage by new legislation.

I would hope people in a free country have the ability to work these things out as individuals and not need legislation. However the hyped hysteria of oppression and victimhood have made everybody very afraid these days. No one wants to be seen as intolerant of anything. This comes from the top down failed ideology of Neo Marxism and post-modernism. Also known as political correctness and identity politics.

The failed Marxist ideology of ‘bourgeoisie oppressing the worker’ has been taken up by the progressive left as ‘oppressor and victim’. If you do not identify and support the oppressed victim you are a bad person. If you do not think it is a good idea to let Drag Queens read to children in Public Libraries you are a homophobe.

I personally think the very ‘adult’ Drag Queen culture needs to stay in the ADULT nightclub where it belongs. I love the QUEENS but not reading to my child thank you. Allow them some innocence. This is NOT how we create tolerance.

When we identify and label with these terms and ideologies we do not Empower Humanity to reach for its highest forms of creativity. It only leads to victim consciousness, entitlement, backbiting, whining, lack of personal responsibility and general disharmony. Again making people legally responsible for the feelings of others is not only unfair it is psychologically unhealthy.

To empower the individual is to embrace personal responsibility. To understand that life isn’t always a bed of roses and that we need to learn to manage what comes at us and negotiate our way with respect to ourselves and others. This is how we build character and understand our personal authenticity. This is being responsible and feeling like an empowered human being. Something to strive for and enjoy upon reaching.

This is also something that has been perpetually bred out of us through Identity Politics and Progressive ideology based on the failed Neo-marxism and Postmodernist movements. The age of Political Correctness has now ceased.

With the condemnation of any form of Christianity in the West the loss of a spiritual connection or an idea of ourselves outside the material world has been lost. Along with this loss has been the morality associated with religious ideology.

The loss of this morality has led to the glorification of teen mothers, the glorification of single motherhood, the demotion of the father, and The All Out war against the white cisgender male.

This war has also been waging against the white cisgender woman. In this regard what we called third wave or intersectional feminism has discarded any conservative or traditional Values. Unfortunately women who ascribe to any of these values are not welcome in their circles.

In my opinion the overarching theme seems to be a degradation of American values in general. Also one could say and erosion of Western Civilization itself. In order to do so the agenda has broken down the traditional family. This was reflected in shows like The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family. We could accept these loving families and understand that people could continue which is very true. Unfortunately we didn’t see the flipside. The state raising children.

The glorification of Hollywood and popular culture in general has left most of the last three generations with no morals, oversexed and violent. And these are the people who allowed Harvey Wienstein free reign? Well of course. Sexuality is just business as usual. The hypocrisy of the me-too movement is self-evident.

With the election of Donald Trump it is safe to say that the majority of the American people have woken up to the erosion of their Traditional Values. They woke up and took their government back. It was as simple as that. They were tired of the elite running their country. This was their only chance and they took it.

The European Union and all other such bodies are nothing short of the structures being put in place for fascist world government. The Brexit vote was very important. Unfortunately the people of the UK are having some trouble getting their government to stick to the vote. My opinion is if they have another vote it would go even further in the leave column.

The disrespect for National boundaries and Local Cultural Traditions has now reached a boiling point. The people have awoken to the manipulation of this agenda and ideology being sold to them through rancid immoral popular culture

and the CIA Mockingbird media.

Unfortunately there are no comedians left who are not agents for this agenda. And sadly there are no real comedians who would even try to play a college campus in this day and age.

Jordan Peterson also explains how all of the Humanities have been infested with this ideology to such a point, that we are not educating people, but creating activists. Certain courses such as Women’s Studies and Gender Studies for example.

However I feel the tide is turning and at this time the information is in front of us all. There is no excuse to keep yourself ignorant. If we want to celebrate the successes of Western culture it would be in our best interest to reject Neo-Marxism and Post-Modernism. AKA  Progressive Culture, Political Correctness and Identity Politics.

People need to be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin or their sexual orientation. Dr. Martin Luther King was the one to say this and it is more true today then when he spoke those words so long ago. Dr. King was another victim of this ideology. Since King was for the empowerment of the individual, he ran against the agenda of the elite. His assassination was no surprise.

I have great faith in the upcoming generation. The ones who read Milo. The ones who listen to Alternative media. The ones who create Alternative media.

The Alternative Media has now replaced Fake News.

So when Cathy Newman asked Jordan Peterson why his right to free speech should Trump a transgender person’s right to feel comfortable, he replied:

“In order to think you have to risk being offensive.”

He reminded her that she was not making him feel very comfortable while doing her job but that was expected of her. As a reporter she needs to dig and get to the truth. In doing that she has to go to uncomfortable questions. That was when she was stymied.

Get Dr Peterson’s new book 12 Rules for Life.

Please take the time to research and watch the many lectures online by Jordan Peterson I will leave one of the best here and also you can watch the channel 4 interview with Cathy Newman here.

And now a round of applause for the death of Political Correctness.


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  1. Ann Mar says:

    Hi, Thoughtful article. BTW, it should be BRED, not BREAD. Thanks for your bravery. Ann

    On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 9:47 AM, Tinfoil Hat Lady wrote:

    > Tinfoil Hat Lady posted: “As a Canadian I am very proud of Professor > Jordan Peterson. He is the professor of psychology at the University of > Toronto, Who challenged the notion of legislated speech. Of course the > story of Jordan Peterson cannot be told without the story of fake ” >


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