The Splitting of Worlds

There are many prophesies pertaining to a New Earth or a ‘splitting of the world’. That the ‘wheat shall be separated from the chaff‘, Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left. Matthew 24:41 or even the new age prediction of a pole shift.

Some even predict an actual physical frequency shift, preceded by a flash of great powerful light from the sun. The effect would be a type of dimensional/ density shift, consequently separating portions of humanity as the World/Earth/Gaia is on an ascension path.

Those ‘compatible’ with the available ‘upgrade’ will access the new system.

I say the events of Brexit in the UK and the election of Trump, revealing ongoing rifts between  Corporate Media perceptions vs International and Alternative media perceptions, is another splitting of worlds.

These events set family member against family member, friends and co-workers against friends and co-workers, and drove neighbors and mild mannered Democrats to violence.

The American flag has even been desecrated in the process. When I see young people desecrating the flag while chanting f# the flag and f# the cops I am appalled at what the understanding of The Republic has been eroded to.

When lies are perpetrated by irresponsible media to paint one candidate as the ‘Devil incarnate’ we have a problem.  One finds personal political freedom vilified. In fact with this election it’s become socially acceptable to vilify the other, a new disturbing social norm to silence opposing thought. Why the fear ?  Media perception bias. However we don’t want to admit to our common ‘group think’.


If the only information you get is co-opted then you are programmed, not informed. Are you then not dis-informed ? In the past we relied on the media and those in leadership to looks out for us. We are naive about that. Now we can confirm, they lie to us everyday.

Now is the chance for fresh new meaningful integral media to jump into the void.

For example please re search Fractional Reserve Banking/Central Banking.

‘The Fed’eral Reserve Criminal money Cabal. Contracts, Semantics and words keep us in Commercial or Admiralty ‘Water’ Law when we can choose Land or Common Law.

See The Ocult World of Commerce. by Jason Whitney introduction by Jordan Maxwell.

A new non fiat money system needs to be implemented. Before Full implementation of the ultimate goal of UBUNTU,  envision a Jubilee where debt is forgiven and we change to a new financial system. I hear a bit about this idea from Cosmic Disclosure guest secret space program (SSP) whistle blower Corey Goode at

Gaia is a New Media source you can get great information for an informed positive life.

Let’s face it. Journalistic integrity is extinct. We are asked to be more responsible for how we form our perceptions of reality. The world is nothing like the old media tells us. It can be helpful to invert what media say to get the truth 🙂

Inversion is a symptom of a demonic agenda. Everything is upside down. When truth is relentlessly twisted with blatant bias in the ‘news’, people on both sides hurt. Forget sides. Now is a time to unite in our human family.

Not only America first, but Humanity first.There is one race here and it’s human.and Human Lives Matter.


Those ‘compatible’ with the available ‘upgrade’ will access the new system.

What do you think ? Please tell me...

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