Genocide on Mars

Sometimes you hear information that sickens you. Reminding you of the worst of your humanity. This story is one of these kind, keeping me awake at night.

What if the Nazis had contact with non human entities that endowed them with advanced technology ? What if an elite break away German group escaped to Antarctica where ancient ruins housed them?

What if Admiral Bird was sent to ‘take them out’ during Operation High Jump ? What if they failed ?

What if the Corporations and breakaway Germans teamed up with Draco technology and agenda then took to the moon and Mars ??

Well Cosmic Disclosure on the newly renamed  has me all disgusted with the revelation that humans have committed genocide for profit on Mars.

In the latest episode of Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock, Corey Goode explaines the historical development of the first large Martian colonies that had been created by German secret societies in the 1940s.

It’s out there. However it is appearing like German Secret Societies Nuked Martians and Built Slave Colonies with U.S. Corporations.

According to secret space program whistle blower, Corey Goode, leading U.S. and international aerospace corporations helped German secret societies build large underground bases on Mars after the Germans had destroyed hundreds of thousands of indigenous Martians using advanced nuclear weapons.

They lured educated people to go there creating what was called the ‘Brain Drain in the late 60s and early 70s. Not unlike European settlers being lured with promises of a ‘land of milk and honey ‘only to be left’ on a bald prairie of ‘perpetual toil’.

Goode says that after the German secret societies had reached an agreement with the Truman and Eisenhower administrations, (after their 1952 flying saucer flyover of Washington D.C.) the Germans enlisted the support of leading U.S. aerospace companies to conduct off-world mining operations and to expand their Martian foothold.

So not only are we humans out there, we are committing atrocities. Kinda reminds me of the murder of millions of aboriginals here in North America and elsewhere.

I don’t think our first advances into space should have been with murder.

Please listen to the whole series for more context.


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