Alchemical Geometry

Geometry defines space.

It is the imposition of ‘thought’ onto ‘space’ to shape ‘form’. Geometry is the way relationship is defined and reflected. The sacred divine proportions of a living Universe, The Creation.

This geometric symbol below is the seal of alchemy. The word ‘EL KHEMY’ comes to us from ancient Khemet, the very ancient predynastic Egyptian civilization.

True Alchemists help humanity rise to their highest understanding of themselves. They empower humans to take charge of the thoughts they use, as thoughts create forms in our world.



Relax. Be love. Focus IN. Create what you want.

The symbol below, is encoded to hold a secret. The secret is that our mINd actually creates manifestation.

To become aware and responsible for the truth of it’s own power is HUMAN-I-TIES greatest challenge. To allow our natural love of Being to flow through us.

Screenshot 2015-11-28 14.12.48

It is actually a FORM-U-LA. A formula reminding us that our ‘thoughts’ create our reality.

In your n-AT-YOU-RA-l state you are aligned with the LOVE of the CreATor GO-d. The focus of the material worlds media, corporations, religions and societies today is OUT-WARd. It is the promoter and  activator of  FEAR-FULL replication of thoughts.

To move towards balance, humans can choose to use LOVE-IN-g thoughts.

Let’s breakdown the symbol into it’s parts.

The CIRCLE in the middle stands for the void, the n-ONE, NUN. the NO– thINg which holds EVE-ry-thINg, the ALL-a. A state of pure POTENTIALL. It is 360 degrees and all encompassing, The Inner Heaven, spirit/soul. The perfect connection to the Universal divine spark within.

The Earth and our body is the SQUARE. The f-OUR corners. Set around the INner circle, it represents human thought. The SQUARE or incarnate human being,ACT-I-v-AT-es POTENT-I-ALL energy.

The TRIANGLE represents IN-TENSION. As opposed to AT-TENSION. Focus is placed on the IN-TURN-ALL.  It is fueled by the SQUARE of UNI-VERSE-ALL word, or sOURce mINd. Our DI-VINE IN-TENSION harnesses the energy and guides it INto a SPEC-IF-I-c de-SIRED form.

The outer CIRCLE stands for the MANIFEST-AT-I-ON. The Ultimate expression. GO-ds creation flowing through the human BE-I-ng, ALL-owing clEAR function, hARMony, and emPOWERment here in 3D Earth.

It is a formula reminding us our very thoughts create our reality. To become aware and responsible for this truth is our basic goal during incarnation.

The  inner and outer circle are the same, as all creation is from a DI-VINE source. Our perceived DI-VISION from source is only ILL-U-SORY, as a small portion of holographic film still contains the bl-U-e pr-IN-t of the whole. ALL branches are DI-VINE. We are all connected. We are all equal. We all have freedom of choice.

We cannot make a judgment on the creations of others. The eye of HorUS is single. His Mother is ISIS. HorUS makes no judgments, he only sees with the sINgle eye, BE-HOLD-I-ng and ob-SERVING whAT IS.

All human stress is due to resisting or not accepting what IS.

‘As above so below’. This saying reminds us of the fractal nature of our 3D reality and the holographic quality we can use to create what we desire here.


Relax. Be love. Focus IN. Create what you want.




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