The Fearful Elite

The elite are afraid.

They are afraid because they know the truth.

The stark reality of their own demise is on the horizon.

They know the truth of the new technologies, soon to be released to humanity. These technologies will render their products of oil and gas and their concept of money, irrelevant.


Don’t think their fearful thoughts for them. Be a rebel. Choose love.

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We are not alone in this vast living universe. Our lineage is long. I would suggest to you, from my research, humans have been around for approximately the last 5 million years .

During this time we have been tinkered with genetically. It has been said there are 22 current genetic programs, or experiments, running on Earth right now.

Over millions of years of time, we experienced golden ages, cosmic cataclysm, war, famine, pestilence. We are survivors.

Now we have evolved to a point where the truth of our reality can be revealed to us. We can now take our rightful ‘place at the table’  with the big lifeforms.

Those who have held power on this planet are reluctant to allow the truth to be widespread. They are accustomed to controlling your perceptions of the world.

However there are natural cycles governing truth and justice in the universe. There is no escaping consciousness evolution. The return of the light. The return of the bird tribes, the return of balance.

The 5 Sun Cycle of ancient Khemit shows us that we are starting a new cycle now. See my past blog The Miraculous Chapel of HAT HOR and the 5 Sun Cycle.

Right now our media is full of propaganda propelling us to toward the same old agenda of divide and conquer. An ancient ideology,  not of human origin, created a structure that makes millions of dollars from death and destruction. It has been ruling us, and distracting us, from the beautiful truth of our connection to other living beings on Earth and in the universe. Not to mention natural science.

Our responsibility as human beings is to use our beautiful minds and the power of our loving thoughts to reach out and to support the revelation of the truth of Humanities history. To see the revelation  of our place in Galactic Society.

Please take time to meditate on what I am saying in order to understand your part in this process which is in divine order.

As it is now time for all of humanity to step up and choose loving thoughts to support a new concept of humanity. A humanity who has a loving responsibility to Earth beings and universal ones. A humanity who has a responsibility to care for their home world, Earth.

Earth, the giant library of DNA. The beautiful living matrix of DMT, dimethyltryptamine, connecting us all. South American healing rituals use plant teachers with DMT. The experience of being connected to all other living beings heals us. It allows context and truth in a world of agenda and propaganda. See my blog Shamanic Human Rights.

In this spirit, pull the new light into your being. Activate your natural DMT and connect in. Take time now to invite the new light in to inform your DNA of its natural unfolding.

Your breath can heal the wind.  Your song can heal hearts. Your words can add fuel to the funeral pyre of the past, fertilizing the ground for the germination of enlightenment for all. Activate.

True freedom comes with natural technology. Envisioning this evolution happening helps it happen. Watch the GaiaTV series Cosmic Disclosure for more information.

Turn off the mainstream media or choose carefully The Programs you subject yourself to. See it for what it is. Leave it’s fear porn alone.

Don’t think their fearful thoughts for them. Be a rebel. Choose love.

The fearful elite are programming their fear into the world’s media.

We don’t have to buy it.

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  1. i like your blog 🙂 good thoughts!! we need more people like u

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jan appreciate your support xoxo


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