Anti Humanism

The philosophers who break away from structured and historically based religions do so for a reason. However to disregard one’s inherent spiritual nature in lieu of a simple materialistic one seems to have bred an ideology of hatred toward humanity.


In the late 18th and 19th centuries, the philosophy of humanism was a cornerstone of the Enlightenment. From the belief in a universal moral core of humanity it followed that all persons are inherently free and equal. For liberal humanists such as Kant, the universal law of reason was a guide towards total emancipation from any kind of tyranny.

What is happening in the 20th and 21st centuries ?

Where did all the Enlightenment go?

We got loads of Tyranny. Why ?

It must work for someone. Who hates humans so much?

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The rise of anti humanistic culture has been progressing faster and faster. The concept of ‘no money for social programs’ while any old war is worth funding is getting a bit old.

We can surely invest in humanity as we are the only ones here. No one is going to save us. The best forms of health care would be disease prevention. Healthy living, wellness focus, life affirming programs and ideologies. Making certain people are housed and fed and contributing or employed could be our highest priority. Caring for humans as if we are all family (which we are) seems the best choice.

These are the promises every politician makes. They show they care with emotional words expounding the importance of human values, then they get into office and it all goes out the window and another war is prioritized.


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So do we have misanthropic leaders leading asocial societies?

Asociality refers to the lack of motivation to engage in social interaction, or a preference for solitary activities. Developmental psychologists use the synonyms nonsocial, unsocial, and social disinterest.

Iphones Ipads not WEphones or WEpads seem to belie this divide and conquer human agenda. Each of us now has a nose in a cell phone in total disregard for other humans. We would rather film someone in peril than actively help them out of it.

I found another so called ‘philosophy’ that astounded me.

Antinatalism is a philosophical position that assigns a negative value to birth, standing in opposition to natalism. It has been advanced by figures such as Arthur Schopenhauer, Emil Cioran, Peter Wessel Zapffe and David Benatar.

A NEGATIVE VALUE TO BIRTH ? Are these guys serious? Did any women weigh in or did they just give up in disgust as they are the birth mothers ? I wonder.

Similar ideas can be seen in a fragment of Aristotle‘s Eudemus as “the wisdom of Silenus” and were discussed by Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche. Groups that encourage antinatalism, or pursue antinatalist policies, include the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

WHAT ? Voluntary Human Extinction ! Who ARE these people?

More recently, David Benatar has argued from the premise that the infliction of harm is morally wrong and to be avoided. He argues that the birth of a new person always entails nontrivial harm to that person, and therefore there is a moral imperative not to procreate.

This David Benatar (no relation to Pat I hope) is seriously sick.

His argument is based on the following premises:

(1) The presence of pain is bad.
(2) The presence of pleasure is good.
(3) The absence of pain is good, even if that good is not enjoyed by anyone.
(4) The absence of pleasure is not bad unless there is somebody for whom this absence is a deprivation.

If someone exists, there is the presence of pain and the presence of pleasure. If no one exists, nothing bad happens and pain is avoided. They miss out on pleasure, but it seems ‘ignorance is bliss‘ with the nonexistent.

Good grief. I think I smell….

Nihilist – total and absolute destructiveness, especially toward the world at large and including oneself. Is this not the exact definition of what it would mean to be Antihuman?

For Benatar, “any suffering at all would be sufficient to make coming into existence a harm”. The harm that coming into existence creates is avoidable and pointless. According to Benatar, it is always good to avoid harm whenever possible and therefore it is always good not to come into existence.

This man’s ideas seem to be an immature response to the beauty of living. The desire to be from pain is always there however we discover through maturation it is a part of spiritual growth. In fact the term ‘no pain no gain’ seems to sum it up. Any challenge we overcome imbues in us the confidence, courage and self appreciation we desire.

These ideologies are laughable but the logical outcome of a mind unaware of it’s spiritual nature. If we think we are only blobs of flesh which evolved by accident from some chemical soup, so we are meat only, without any spiritual connection. In fact we should obviously deny any such thing as a human spirit. YIKES.

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This rather dull concept that all life is inherently meaningless and to be avoided at all costs is decisively Aniti-human.

The philosophers who break away from structured and historically based religions do so for a reason. However to disregard one’s inherent spiritual nature in lieu of a simply materialistic one seems to have bred an ideology of hatred toward humanity.

In my opinion if we cannot learn to love humanity for it’s own sake we are lost down a rabbit hole of false ideas, over simplification and misery. The concept of either religion or not leads us to these ridiculous self hating notions.

That these men’s ideas were given any merit and shared is proof once again of the insidious thread of antihuman sentiment flowing just below the surface of our established leadership and those who push only intellectualism.

Please know you are much more than your physical body. Please take time to explore your vast consciousness. Take time to close your eyes and feel deeply. The pain and pleasure of life is like the morning and evening of each day. Natural and functional. To try to avoid pain is a human trait. However we cannot avoid it at all costs. Birth is painful, rejection is painful, exercise can be painful, truth can be painful. Lies can also be painful.

The way we deal with our joy and our pain is how we become human. The actions we take to care for each other and the feeling of ownership of this planet. You are the best thing that has ever happened to you. Please remember that, no matter what religion or non religion you adhere to.

Let’s be aware of all the little anti-human concepts we run daily. Pull your support from anything keeping humanity down. Thoughts create reality and our reality needs saving from this anti human agenda. No matter where it comes from.


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