Waiting to Save the Earth

What would you do if you found out a cabal of people had intentionally withheld technology that could save the Earth ? Technology that could allow the human family to live in comfort, in equality, freely, in love with their lives ?

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Comic Disclosure is a series on Gaia TV.

I suggest this is so.

Oil, Coal and gasoline are the main sources of power for the economic engine of our world today. The media warns of dwindling resources but reports no new science to save us from killing the environment. Those who profit from weapons and wars depend on them. People who loan money to those who procure and sell weapons also profit. Who wants change ?

The facts are clear.

A vast majority of humans on Earth live in poverty. We in North America who never travel and interpret the world through the fear filled lens of tell-a-vision never think of this. Creep creep. People in North America are starting to feel the pinch. We too live in debt and fear for our material futures.

More than 60 years ago we had the answers. Tesla, Keely, Rife and others found it, wanted to share it, but why did they fail ? Simple. The technologies nature offers us are ‘freely’ harnessed. No one can ‘put a meter’ on it and sell it.

Once this technology is widely available is the day powers shifts hard on this planet. That day we all will access free energy and more. No more need for the ‘money magic’ system, no more poverty.

Imagine if we could ‘print’ what ever we need right out of the inherent natural patterns  ? Food clothes whatever needed for life; except weapons. This advanced technology works from the concept that all matter is only faster or slower moving light frequencies. In fact our own conventional physics tells us matter is mostly empty space.

The conversation David Wilcock is having with Corey Goode on GaiaTV’s Cosmic Disclosure is shedding light on this big secret. The good news is that there is hope.

Corey says a breakaway faction has formed. Those who were once on the inside of the Secret Space Program are defecting. They can see the outcome for humanity is dire. They do not want the Earth’s environment to become destroyed from outmoded technologies well past their time. They are working towards disclosure of these technologies and more.

What we can do at this point is share the information. Educating our friends and co-workers (as much as we can) to reveal the truth about our reality. The exciting facts are waiting if only we open our eyes and ears to the information being shared all over the internet. Disclosure will come from the people and the ETs. Not main stream governments who will be catching up ‘post event’ I’m certain 🙂

The other more metaphysical thing we can do is hold light. Light is information. By consciously holding love/light in our hearts while foreseeing the best possible outcome for humanity and Earth, we can help bring it about.

Darkness is negation of light. By literally bringing ‘information to light’ by sharing it, we ‘dis-spell’ the darkness infiltrating our human potential. WE can enlighten humanity and create a new dream for our world.

Once  people become educated they will demand the truth. Technology, rightly ours, will be available. On that special day, not too far away now,  life as we know it will never be the same.

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