Our Universal Identity

Wow. Grace and Courage.

Yet another acknowledgement of our ongoing human consciousness evolution. Now we are retooling Human Universal Identity.

I am watching a lecture called:

Lisette Larkin (01-20-15) The Truth Behind ET Contact

This woman has a wonderful way of speaking about the greater reality we all share. The words she uses along with her phrasing, are a disarmingly simple description of the complexities of our existence.

Screenshot 2016-01-05 08.51.37
Lisette Larkin – still from video lecture

Most of this information, I am certain, you the reader are aware of. How we are each spiritual beings having a human experience. How we come in with amnesia. How there are other beings, other dimensions and how Earth incarnation is the hardest spiritual training ground.

Her description of the family we are all part of gave me solace. For some reason her descriptions ring true to me. This recognition allows me an opportunity to relax and enjoy. To remember a real spiritual love in a stronger way. To sense, understand and count on the spiritual support always available to me. To count on the fact that Wise Counsels of Beings supervise our progress.

In fact Earth incarnation is like a great big virtual reality game. It is quite interesting how our advancing technology seems to mirror us. It reflects the reality of our spiritual nature. We agree to come here not remembering where we came from. ‘Earth Life’ is a game.  We are playing characters.

We get to consult the counsel then choose all aspects of our life here. Right down to the details. All timed and orchestrated to help us each grow spiritually. In fact the worst part is that there are no separate class rooms. PhDs are sent right in next to kindergarten types 🙂

The new souls find it a very hard transition. At least now I can understand why all this bad stuff can happen.

Once we feel we ‘get’ certain lessons, we apparently come back for increasing doses of it. Once we feel we have mastered something we are given just a bit more, to test what we know. That’s why we plan it all then come in with no memory, or it would be like cheating on an exam.

This aspect of life as spiritual training and Earth as a game board or training ground for that, can really change ones perceptions. Allowing one to ‘lighten up’ and not be ‘so serious’. We can let the pressure off. In fact it makes life more fun. En-lighten-ment.

Lisette said, “So called Aliens bring us to the edge of our universal indentity”. The next substantial adjustment or perhaps new upgrade to this big game?  Coming into this world… as it learns it’s not alone.

Exciting times. No wonder we stood in line for the chance to be here now.

Lisette speaks of Harmonizer Souls. These souls incarnate in many places not only Earth. Part of their soul groups are other beings. Not human beings. Are these souls here now to create and foster interest in this kind of expansive thinking ? I suggest so.

I suggest most of you reading this now are this soul type. Drawn to this information and willing to share it. Helping create an upgrade in the hottest spiritual training school ever.

At this time we not only enjoy personal spiritual evolution we experience collective evolution as well. Many beings and souls work together over and over in love, to grow and expand. Incarnating again and again in various roles in each others lives.

The soul mind merges with the human brain/mind at birth. The Human mind is analytical and judgmental. It’s generally afraid and can make everything defective in some way. Represented by the 3rd chakra and the mental body in my blog Chakras 101.

In contrast the spiritual mind opens to one’s subtle inspirations. These influences allow us choices that fall in line with the plan 🙂 So just do the work in front of you. The true meaning of ‘Have Faith’.

Lisette uses the words ‘Grace and Courage’ to describe the only tools anyone here playing Earth Life requires. Just like in the new Cinderella movie!  When her sick mother reminds her to “Always Be kind and have Courage”. Right before she dies and returns home to the spirit world.

Home. Where we all come from.

Thanks for being here, to help forge for us all, a new Universal Human Indentity.





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