Seeing the Best Now

We tend to forget we are the creators of this world.

We tend to get caught up in everything swirling about. Those outside forces that want to define us are all around. The material world dominates our everyday experience.

In reality Spirit is in dominion over Matter.

What does that mean ?

Our value system is literally upside down.

Some will say:  “YES and it’s all been foisted on us by the secret controllers of this Earth.” We don’t need to argue specifics.

Fact is: This information has been kept away and the little that we kept, eroded away.

Due to our value flip from ‘Spirit over Matter’ to ‘Matter over Spirit’, Humans have totally become Doings not Beings. They only connect with the values of the material world. When in reality the only way to change the outer is through what creates it; our Inner Spirit.

Not recognizing this is what David Icke calls Combing the Mirror and expecting your hair to look better.

Many indigenous teachings call this world an illusion. A mere 3D reflection of what is really going on. We inhabit this place as a gift from Creator. We are a part of Creator. A part that is sent to experience this place. We learn for Creator. We are akin to the Shekhinah in Kabbala. The divine creation of The Creator who now goes forth and manifests in the material realm.

These are a few bits from Wikipedia about the concept of Shekhinah.

Shekhinah refers to a dwelling or settling in a special sense, a dwelling or settling of divine presence,[6][need quotation to verify] to the effect that, while in proximity to the Shekhinah, the connection to God is more readily perceivable.[need quotation to verify]

The concept is similar to that in the Gospel of Matthew 18:20, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in their midst.”[1]:149 Some Christian theologians have connected the concept of Shekhinah to the Greek term Parousia,[need quotation to verify] “presence” or “arrival,” which is used in the New Testament in a similar way for “divine presence”.[7]

The Talmud also says that “the Shekhinah rests on man neither through gloom, nor through sloth, nor through frivolity, nor through levity, nor through talk, nor through idle chatter, but only through a matter of joy in connection with a precept, as it is said, But now bring me a minstrel. And it came to pass, when the minstrel played, that the hand of the Lord came upon him”. [2Kings 3:15] [Shabbat 30b][citation needed]

The concept of Shekhinah is also associated with the Jewish conception of the Holy Spirit (Judaism) (ruach ha-kodesh) in Jewish tradition, as can be seen in the Yiddish song: Vel ich, sh’chine tsu dir kummen “Will I, Shekinah, to you come”.[12]

The Kabbalah refers to the Shekhinah as feminine, according to Gershom Scholem. “The introduction of this idea was one of the most important and lasting innovations of Kabbalism. …no other element of Kabbalism won such a degree of popular approval.”[13] The “feminine Jewish divine presence, the Shekhinah, distinguishes Kabbalistic literature from earlier Jewish literature.”[14]

 I recently watched Laura Eisenhower’s 2015 speak at The Free Your Mind Event.

Laura is into many things I am also into. Her understanding of the human predicament is wonderful. Very hard to get people to understand. Since we do not usually acknowledge  we are actually Spiritual beings interacting in a multidimensional reality. That our very DNA is naturally programmed for us to connect into natural technology here on the planet Earth.

With our ability to generate the feelings of gratitude joy and unconditional love, we can bend this holographic ascension planet anyway we want to. The planet responds to us. We are wired into it through our subtle and physical body systems.

See my post Chakras 101 for an explanation of the subtle body system.

I enjoyed Laura’s reminder that no matter the dark tech or chemtrails or whatever ‘they’ want to employ against us, it is a low frequency thing. If we raise out frequency to love, unconditional love grace and joy, ‘they’ can’t touch us.

That gave me a wake up call. Hold your frequency in the highest form you can at all times. Now it’s so important and it really counts.


To wake each day with gratitude for our being is all we need bring. The generation of the emotion from a grateful heart is the gold. Seeing the best in everything. Seeing everything and everyone at their optimum. Seeing the world as loved. Sending that positive affirming support out there. That IS the real creative force.

Emotional capacity is our gift. It is a special and unique Human quality we must value.

Getting real with how we feel about things is the start.

This takes time sobriety and more time.

Seeing the best now is all we are called to do.

 Below read from The Q’uo group, channeled in an L/L Research transcipt dated July 17 2003.

Why did the Creator choose to make creations?

Our comment has often tended to be that the Creator is attempting to gain in knowledge and appreciation of Itself.

The Creator wishes to know itself. Thus, it sends forth parts of Itself.

The Creator wishes to know Itself.

Thus it sends parts of Itself into the illusion to see what will happen and to learn from the colours created in the palette of emotions that you have created through many experiences and incarnations. This palette contains your beauty and is unique to you, so that you can teach the Creator that which no one else in all of Creation is able to teach. For you are the only one of you in all of the infinite universe.

Thus, it is your gift to the Creator that comes from you, that is greatly desired.

You cannot please the Creator by being someone else but only by being most truly and deeply yourself.

Screenshot 2014-02-27 23.55.00_3

When I visited The Temple of SEKMET in Karnak Temple I had an extraordinary experience. I walked up to stand before her but found myself becoming very shy and suddenly slipped behind her like a scared kid.

I first felt her laughing at me for being so silly. Then I heard her speak to me. She said: ‘You are my daughter in who I am well pleased. You have no reason feel shame.” I cried like a baby.

It’s true for us all.

Contribute love. Don’t contaminate with fear.

Forgive yourself for everything.

Remember this world is an illusion. You are an eternal spiritual being.

You always were and you will always be. AS you are an IS-BE.


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  1. cherylasmith says:

    This is a fantastic post. The Shekhina is a subject I will need to study further.


    1. Thank you for your comment I’m so happy you found it interesting. Good luck with your research it’s lots of fun.


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