What is Your Purpose ?

What is MY purpose ? Where can I Hear it ?

What is Spirit? What is Soul? What is Time? What am I supposed to Do ?

Have you ever listened to the sound of a cube or a tetrahedron?

Geometry is the PHYSICAL expression of the frequency of SPIRIT.

Eric Rankin has, and he found that perfect harmony resonates from perfect geometry.

Plato once discovered shapes which he considered to be the most harmonious. But what he did not realize, is that those shapes also hold perfect musical harmony. Basic Sumerian Geometry is reflected in the audible range of frequency 20 to 20,000 Hz.


All around us, the natural world is teeming with SACRED GEOMETRY and until now, we have been completely unaware of the SACRED symphony which resounds from the correlation between all of this GEOMETRY and the frequencies of SOUND.

Eric Rankin is interviewed on Gaia’s Buzzsaw with Sean Stone  webcast  January 23, 2017.

Geometry is the PHYSICAL expression of the frequency of SPIRIT.

It’s shadow or its radiation is what we call NUMBER.

360 is a circle why do we count by 12s and 60s ? 12 months 60 secs ?

60 degrees of arc inform a circle.

Leonardo saw sacred geometry in 3 dimensions 500 years ago.

Fibonacci dimensions of body are obvious.

432 as well as other sacred numbers and series of numbers are found in myth and legends around the Hero’s Journey. 432 HZ in centre of the main 3 octaves, representing our lives and lifetimes.

So how this understanding relate to us ? How does it relate to my experience daily ?

What is MY purpose ?

To Be, to Express what it IS, to Experience what it is, to Integrate what it is, to Transcend what it is.

Let us define the basic terms.

Spirit is:

Non Experiencer – Wisdom – Transformer –  SOUND

Soul is:

Experiencer – Knowing – Informer – LIGHT- (Vertical line of body Chakras)

Geometry of the Human Body or FORM carries our Soul.

The Light The Animating Energy which in turn guides us back to

the Flow or Spirit.

Screenshot 2015-08-28 13.07.48

Our Toroidal electromagnetic feed back loop. How we inform the Void or Spirit.

Geometry guides us towards the Soul.

Screenshot 2014-07-06 12.36.12

Like waves Spirit is all around us as Intelligence, Wisdom and Sound.

I watched a great lecture by:
Matías De Stefano – The Spirit`s Purpose on Earth

From this lecture I took a few interesting concepts.

“There is One Spirit expressed in different levels of frequency.”

“So if we say ‘my higher self’ we mean one frequency of Spirit.”

“This shows humans are all one and part of the same Spirit.”

I resonated with this because I always think of Humanity like a tree.

I feel like there is really only ONE of us here.  As if each of us are a leaf on a tree.

Living out our leafy life then dying. Next season new leaves grow as the old fertilize the roots.

So in my analogy the tree is the Spirit the leaves ability is the Soul, the leaf itself is the body.

The Tree gains Experience and Transformation through the action of the leaves.

What is OUR purpose ?

1 = Unity

Our purpose is to Return to Unity.

In Matias theory, the fractal nature of reality moves out ward from a point of Unity.

 to create duality in order see itself.

If you think of a compass opening, two paths from a centre form.

The two paths are a representation of our 3D and dual nature.

the first 1+1=2 the path we choose to arrive to unity

the  second 1+1=2 is the experience we choose to have.

2 + 2 = 4  (1+1+1+1=4)

so we choose the path and the experience

But the more we go up either path, the farther we get from close reflection and the source Unity.

We choose this in ‘order to remember to go back’ to the 4th dimension.

To recall no time and no space.


So when we see 11 11 it reminds us of the plan.

Where am I coming from and where am I going?

Remembering you came from Unity and you have to go back to Unity.

WE see this number 11 11 when we are Reconnecting with Our Purpose.

Once we do this we expand to a wider experience.

So what is YOUR purpose ?

To Be, to Express what it IS, to Experience what it is, to Integrate what it is, to Transcend what it is.

SOUND, LIGHT and FORM create our 3D.

Purpose of Spirit to be One but reflects itself in two. We come from Unity to the duality of 3D.

Once we are here we must anchor the consciousness/wisdom/transformation potential of Spirit on Earth – Creating access to 4D bringing Heaven to Earth.

Between the 4D and 3D there is the engine of 5D.

Truth is We exist in all dimensions at once.

To get out of Time we must get out of Structure.

Pursue Natural Time.  Being not Doing.

Leave the belief in duality behind. Reminds me of what some would call ‘Indian Time’.

This comes from native peoples reputation for not being ruled by modern clocks.

I respect that.

Love is the constant transformation of time.

Love allows us to break patterns. It will accept the transformation.

To get out of Time we must get out of Structure. We know our World needs Re structuring.

Duality connected by time is the downward triangle shape we can imagine if we join the top of the open compass we started with. This connecting line is ‘duration’ or Time.

Time is not a line though, more like the multiple torus with many time lines. Past Present Future.

So, what is Time ?

 Transformation of Spirit through Soul. An artifact of Soul consciousness.

Spirit as Eternal Divine Consciousness is in No Time so cannot Transform on its own.

Spirit is the Transformer as it creates the animation for Soul.

Time is transformation, the physical Universe is in transformation.

The Spirit must come here to experience transformation through Soul incarnation.

Spirit is:

The Eternal Non Experiencer – Wisdom – Transformer –  SOUND Frequency

Soul is:

The Experiencer – Knower – Informer – LIGHT Frequency- (Vertical line of body Chakras)

Geometry is the PHYSICAL expression of the SOUND frequency of SPIRIT.

Cymatics show us SOUND creating FORM.  John 1:1 First was The Word (Primal Sound)

Screenshot 2015-03-16 10.56.38

Geometry of the Human Body or FORM carries our Soul, 

The study of FORM, as in how we build our homes, connects to healthy biological energy.

See Bio Geometry.

  Harmonic Geometry guides us towards the Soul.

The Soul, The  Light, The Animating Energy in turn guides us back to the Flow or Spirit

As waves of Geometry Spirit is all around us. The animating principle from Roden Math I wrote about here also speaks of the path of Spirit in All, or the 3 6 9.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 7.24.59 PM

3 _ 6 _ 9

Divinity of 9 is from the transformation of the experience.

3 experience + 6 transform/integrate = 9  transcendence

If we see 333 we are reminded to transcend the experience.

We only perceive the 3D yet always vibrate in the 4D. This allows us a rope back to Unity of Spirit.

So what is YOUR purpose ?

To Be, to Express what it IS, to Experience what it is, to Integrate what it is, to Transcend what it is.

What do you think ? Please tell me...

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