Allowing Others to Choose

Many of the people I communicate with are dismayed at some of the choices their family members co-workers and friends are making.

I know it can be alarming when people make choices that we feel may not be in their best interest. However, because each of us fits perfectly into life, the life that we chose, we must be free to make choices out of our own free will.

The problem of course arises when there is manipulation or pressure upon the Free Will of an individual. This pressure can come in many forms and guises in our current cultural construct. The major Force, the corporation mainstream media, is the most pervasive and Insidious as the majority of people will receive their narrative.

Most recently the distrust of the corporate media narrative has grown and so their power to rule consensus reality seems to be on the decline as citizen journalism is on the rise. Who to trust? So our mind and emotions swirl.

I personally suggest we are in a tenuous time that calls upon the use of the human spiritual body to discern reality. We have a physical emotional mental and spiritual body . We have been living in our mental and emotional bodies and from here have been manipulated. And living in the spiritual body now is key. This is the challenge we will all rise to at this time.

The spiritual body tells us the truth as it cannot be manipulated. We must ‘get real to heal’. This is ‘Fake versus Real’ time so if we Examine the sources of the narratives we follow closely and honestly we can see the cyclic nature of a creeping tyranny. The tip toe of totalitarianism. The anti- humanism and division.

We must be vigilant in our lives to defend the freedoms given to us inherently from Creator not government. This is a right we have forgotten was hard-fought for as we now take it for granted. In our Western slumber we have forgotten this Spiriual human right, the gift of Freedom and personal sovereignty.

So we then must respect the sovereignty of our fellow humans to make their own decisions. Trusting collectively we will Choose Wisely.

Project Looking Glass predicts human consciousness evolution. If you have not heard of project Looking Glass I highly recommend you do some research into it. However the long and short of it is that it’s an off-world technology that has been used by the corporate controllers of our world to manipulate future events. Since December 21st 2012 they have been unable to do so. It only shows one outcome now. No actions or manipulations will alter our collective destiny. That all time lines converge into ascension; human consciousness Evolution. Not their luciferian desired timeline of apocalyptic destruction so they can more tightly control and exploit.

No. We choose Ascension.

So allow others to choose. Be at Peace. We all evolve. Walking on our labyrinth. Going to the same centre. Reflect on the information from Project Looking Glass. Two master chess players both knowing the outcome of the game. Only 7 moves left. It’s just a matter of playing it out now.

We win.

I find it quite comforting to know we do choose enlightenment. We do Choose Love.

Let yourself off the hook of doing.

Be at peace with it all.

A human being.

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