You Are the Event Horizon

Is there an animating life energy entering all matter at set geometric points? Is this the mechanism creating the field or reality of the third dimensional material world ? It’s starting to look like gravity and electricity are related.

I gained more understanding watching the latest Wisdom Teachings Episode at

I know that when a tetrahedron is placed inside a sphere it will naturally intersect the sphere at 19.5 degrees. Much has been revealed regarding this law and I even took a picture of it being displayed on a wall in the Temple of Isis at Philae Egypt.


The personal energy tools are depicted sitting on circle at the 19.5 degree mark. The ANK central and the 2 Rods on the sphere. This naturally occurring life force field is ‘drawn’ into and sent out of the human body as a breath, the same way as it is with all manifest things in the material world. Same as the planets and stars. I imagine these ancient tools help the human body receive it and perhaps direct it.

The personal tools of the ancient were tuned to their individual body frequency. I suggest this was a natural health and wellness secret known by the ancient people. The work of John Keely delved into this subject as his tools were tuned for his body. Sadly others could not make his tools work thus could not understand his discovery. He was called a fraud, his work repressed and much forgotten.

The importance of this 19.5 mark on a sphere is also revealed in other symbols patters and the like.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.49.12 AM
Masonic Compass and Square Point to 19.5
Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 7.24.59 PM
Marco Rodins Vortex Math diagram 6 and 3 sit at 19.5 and this is the input of spirit in to matter point in his theory.
Screenshot 2015-11-28 14.12.48
Bottom of the triangle hits the circle at 19.5 degrees in this Alchemical Symbol.
Screenshot 2015-08-28 13.07.48
Torus Fields of Natural Energy flow Clockwise on one end clounte rclockwise on the other

Inertia is an energy that is all around us.  Is it similar to or even the same as gravity but it doesn’t just go down. It has a substance.

This substance is what pushes against your body when a car quickly pulls forward and your body gets pressed back in the seat. You body must suddenly move through more of this substance. It is this substance which causes the pressure which is inertia. We say the pull of gravity but is it the push of gravity ?

However this concept of an Ether in the universe goes against mainstream understanding as far as our current Physics goes.

I believe Space time is fluid like. Based on the work of the brilliant Nassim Haramein we are invited to behold the beauty and symmetry of the Vector Matrix Marco Rodin describes. To me it is also referenced in the ancient story of Indras Net. See my blog Nature’s Life Giving Proportions.

Nassiem moves us away from the concept of space time being a fabric sheet the Earth sits in, as gravity slides down the sheet holding us all on Earth. Nassim shows us space time is fluid and takes the physics around a black hole down to the nucleus of an atom.

Nassim goes so far as to say not only are atomic nuclei like black holes they are black holes. Also that stars are black holes and the event horizon is merely the boundary where energy is being given off and taken in. So we see the light but it is not solid.

That sure sounds similar to what Corey Goode described our sun being like in Cosmic Disclosure. I wrote about it in Life Electric. It also supports the Electric Universe Theory and the work of Nicolai Kozyrev.

As above so below. The fractal scaling laws of nature are revealed. Belgium awarded Nassim and his partner a prize for a paper on this subject and I commend them. His work focus now includes how understanding the mechanism by which gravity, mass, and charge are produced by the structure and dynamics of quantum vacuum fluctuations, which should, in principle, allow the ability to influence the dynamics of the discrete structure of spacetime, such that gravitational control and novel propulsion can be achieved.

We can now revision how atoms are formed. In our traditional idea we have many explanations for things.  Example: the hypothetical mathematical construct, Strong Force is how we explain why protons are held together in the nucleus of an atom.

There conventionally are 4 energy fields in the universe:


Electro Magnetic

Weak Nuclear – holds electrons around nucleus

Strong Nuclear – 10 x more powerful than weak. A 10 fold ratio suggests some geometry and perhaps an energetic boundary. As in the ideas of Sacred Geometry and Dr Robert Moon:

Moon model

In the 1984 – 1986 period, Moon came up with his proposal for a geometric ordering of protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus based on nested platonic solids. This “Moon Model”,[2] was inspired by Johannes Kepler’s conception of the solar system, as described in Kepler’s work Mysterium Cosmographicum. The model is also inspired by the discovery by von Klitzing of the quantum Hall effect, leading Moon to believe that space itself is quantized, and that the nucleons are positioned at discrete locations, i.e. at the vertices of a set of nested platonic solids.

Perhaps we need to remove our idea of particles and replace it with geometric nodes where things are held in the essential pattern of the energy flowing into and out of it.

A black hole and an atom must both be gravity vortexes.

So what powers gravity ? Gravity is flowing into some other reality (the void of potential) through the event horizon at the atomic nucleus, and then flowing back out again. (Torus) and that is what creates the atom. This is how the energy of our thoughts informs the void allowing us to create our very reality.

Particle or wave ?

Gravity is the source of matter. Atoms are being powered by gravity, it feeds them. Gravity feeding all atoms explains inertia. This energy is flowing into the earth at 10 meters per second squared, making the earth manifest.

What about charge?

We have negative electrons and positive protons. If we create a strong enough electrical charge, flow produces gravitational thrust. Discovered by Townsend Brown revealing the Bfield Brown effect. Electrogravity is a well known way to create this gravitational thrust.

Also there is Dr Oliver Crane’s idea of a Central Oscillator and the Spacetime Quantum Medium. His work supports the idea of the atom being fed by gravity and the electrical charge creating gravitational thrust.

In Crane‘s new model and certain others, these opposing charges, or charge polarities of negative and positive are actually nothing more than differences in aetheric pressure.

The negative electron clouds have a higher pressure, and the positive nucleus has a lower pressure. Put simply, the negative charges in the electron clouds are flowing into the positively charged area at the center of the atom.

This suggests that a much easier unification between electromagnetism and gravity is possible, as both gravity and charge polarity represent the pressing-in of aetheric energy towards the center of the spherical field or object.

So are electricity and gravity two versions of the same field doing the same thing ?

Moving a vector through water creates a torus. Dolphins make and play with them. The water curls around this impulse.

Screenshot 2016-03-30 12.27.53
Dolphin plays with self created Torus water moves around.

Pyramids pull this fluid energy into the Earth but there is also energy coming out of the earth as well. The tug of war between gravity and levity keeps us where we are standing on the earth. Any imbalance and we would be crushed or float away. Pyramids let more of the upward force though and thus create unique energetic properties.

Indigenous lifestyles of teepees yurts and igloos also belie this knowledge. The life force is concentrated near the floor in circular dwellings, where as in modern box shapes, life force is concentrated away from the living space at the ceiling.

Toroid Red Human Blood Cells reveal this shape law as well as the

Screenshot 2016-03-31 14.12.17.png
Toroid Human Red Blood Cells

African Vortex stones Micheal Tellinger crashed TSA security check with. Obviously this natural toroid shape concentrates and focuses this natural energy inherent in our world.

There is much to re imagine. Do you have any suggestions for how we can now integrate this knowledge for the betterment of human biological health and consciousness ?


What do you think ? Please tell me...

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