What’s Your Nature ?

Cycles of time create new eras of consciousness.

As our planet spirals around the moving sun, we ‘corkscrew’ through space.

The models we are shown in school always seem to depict a stationary sun with planets revolving around it.

Like the sun is standing still.

Screenshot 2014-04-17 08.22.47

In actuality the sun is also moving in it’s own orbit. It looks at bit like an infinity symbol.

Screenshot 2014-04-17 10.13.31

See this great video from the Resonance Project.


As Earth follows our sun through space, she moves with us through regions we have not visited for eons. Each area of space contains it’s own unique energies. Each ark of the great circle is sacred.

I suggest our current ‘spiraled up’ consciousness, is the generator of our experiences with increasing awareness.

As Earth and Sun line up with the galactic centre, new light frequencies birthed from the dark creative centre of our galaxy reach us. New Electric Universe, as well as concepts by Danny Wilten, suggest our Sun is fed via plasma/electircity from the Orion Nebula. Specifically the Triangulum cluster. This light brings information for our physical DNA and for our subtle, etheric or ‘light bodies’ first.

I suggest this light brings an evolutionary boost.

All matter is basically composed of photons moving slower or faster. This new light radiating into our energy bodies will interact with us. It’s all in a natural rhythm of time. The generating cause for growth in wisdom.

In my past blogs mention the Khemetian 5 Sun cycle as a description of the eternal cycles of consciousness evolution. See http://wp.me/p5xTO-4h

If one imagines the sky as a woman, NUT, over stretched, we can imagine her giving birth to the sun. As the beetle KHEPHER pushing the Sun up over the horizon.

The sun grows, traveling across her body, from RA the morning, OON at midday, to ATEN at evening. Once Mother NUT swallows the sun at night then we are in darkness, the 5th Sun or AMEN. The Moon is now out.

We still say AMEN at the end of certain prayers as this is presently the cycle we are leaving. The 5 Sun cycle also reflects a human life from child, adolescent, adult, elder to death. It can also represent evolving human history and consciousness.

Chapple of Hathor ceiling art. Dendera 2013.

In this cycle it is no surprise we are are now coming out of this dark time of AMEN. The sky Mother is birthing a new sun (son).

We are back to an area in our ‘space corkscrew’ where we encounter the light the First Sun again. Represented by the scarab beetle Khepher pushing the Sun up over the horizon.

First Sun.

Even as winter is reborn to summer. The eternal promise of ‘Messiah’s Return’ can be seen as the infinite returning to This First Only begotten Sun. The new dawning, where we can awaken to a higher perspective, a rebirth human of consciousness.

We all share now a dawning awareness that we are MORE than we thought previously. We arise from our ashes.

Khepher Dawns

In science this is reflected in our eyes seeing old in a fresh way. At this time we are willing to turn a new light on old ideas.

As an exciting example the new dating for the Sphynx  by Dr Schoch http://www.robertschoch.com/

One can see below in this shot I took in the enclosure around the Sphynx. The wind erosion is seen horizontally in bands as it carves out softer layer of the sandstone from the harder. However water erosion in seen in vertical cut channels. These channels were made by water running down into the enclosure.

This is a hint at the actual antiquity as torrential rains were only seen in this desert some 10,000 years ago or more.


The discovery of places like 12,000 year old Gobekli Tepe http://www.gobeklitepe.info/ in Turkey, now considered the oldest temple on Earth.

Screenshot 2014-04-24 21.49.46

Not to mention DWARKA the ancient city in ruins off the Indian coast. It suggests we have more of a history than ‘his’story tells. http://www.facebook.com/AncientExplorers    http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread657629/pg1

Consider the new light a new awakening to reconsider old beliefs. To shake off the shackles of old ideas and soar up on the ever ascending spiral of our collective consciousness evolution. Our long journey of remembering and forgetting.

So what are we to be doing with all this time?

Knowing our selves.

Plato’s wisdom derived from ancient Egypt (KMT) included a phrase KNOW THYSELF.

A great place to do this is at the wonderful Luxor Temple, also known as the ‘Temple of Man’ as it reflects the human body in lay out and frequency. It was added onto over the years. However each addition seemlessly kept the human body proportion in it’s construction.

Look at this photo and see the causeway as legs, then pelvis, spine, ribs, neck and head.

Screenshot 2014-04-17 08.44.10

The energy upon entering the main ‘RIB CAGE” temple is fabulous and exhilarating. Look at my eyes! I could barely take photos that worked.


The two parts of the ancient Luxor Temple are the outer temple (PELVIS), where initiates were allowed to come, and the inner temples one could only enter (going up the SPINE) once proven ready to acquire the higher knowledge and insights.
Notice the SPINES pillars are open collecting energy and the tops of the RIB area pillars are closed (see above photo) so holding the energy in. I learned so much because I had the best guides from http://khemitology.com/ and Egyptologist Mohamed Ibrahim.

One of the proverbs in the outer temple is “The body is the house of God.” That is why it is said, “Man know thyself.” (1) In the inner temple, one of the many proverbs is “Man, know thyself … and thou shalt know the gods.” (2)

Convention teaches us that not only our modern God, but also the ancient Egyptian gods/goddesses are ‘beings’ located outside of ourselves. They are translated from the terms NTR, NETERU.

Khemitology maintains the translation as NATURES, Light Frequencies as information perhaps, or as human ‘aspects of consciousness’. This definition relates to us directly as the divinity available in our internal temples.

The exploration and revelry as we find and honour all aspects of our inner selves.

The concept of divinity being outside of our selves is a deeply rooted concept.

We are all ‘sons of god’. Imagine how we forgot this simple truth over time. By remembering this concept now we help awaken nurturing energies required for the transformation we are all experiencing.

Please see Stephen Mehler’s books ‘The Land of Osiris‘ and ‘From Light Into Darkness‘ for the real bulk of this type of information. He studied for many years with Hakim.  http://www.gizapyramid.com/BIO-Mehler.htm

How ever I suggest due to downfall of the preflood times our ability to function was completely impeded. Our life spans severely decreased. The natural free energy devices and technologies helped food grow, biological bodies to age much slower, allowing a society with the technology and time to build and use wondrous temple spaces.

Inside these fabulous spaces one could know ones self.

Each ancient site dictates what is built there. The specific aspects of each site stimulate specific aspect of consciousness upon one’s entering. This allowed one to know the 360 natures of self on a daily basis. In fact this perhaps would be our life goal if the modern money/education /control system were not so entrenched. I wonder what marvels we are capable of in full awareness.

I pursued the idea of a human being with 360 degrees of consciousness.

Hakim Awyan, the great Khemitian oral tradition keeper, taught there were 360 aspects or natures in human consciousness, 180 male and 180 female. To my delight when I was researching Vortex Math genius Marko Rodin he mentioned the Baha’i tradition of 360 divine names of god.

Bahá’u’lláh often referred to Bahá’ís in his writings as “the people of Bahá’”, and in addition, the Báb sent a tablet to Bahá’u’lláh with 360 derivatives of the word Bahá’.[2]


This concept I suspect is related to Hakims Khemitian descriptions as these divine aspects being our human selves.

I tried to conceive how these aspects of self would manifest. All I knew from my traditional education was that I had one physical body and five senses. Since I teach we have four bodies, the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. I created a diagram revealing where I see we can imagine our divine natures.

Screenshot 2014-04-17 10.23.05

By breaking up these aspects and where they can be found inside our selves, we can see what the term full circle consciousness may mean. This is just a working template I thought up in the bathtub. Please feel free to explore and create your own idea of this concept.

Imagine the areas of unexplored inner landscape we have to look forward to.

The task is timely as we teeter upon the brink of tumultuous changes.

Our old attitude of ‘fear of the darkness’ is being faced. When we open a door into a dark room the light pours into the room, the darkness can never come out and swallow the light. Sometimes the media and our society at large would like you to think it is otherwise so.

Our eternal human aspects are for us to remember. No institution, no dogma, no outer philosophy, no set of rules and regulations or laws and statutes can tell you about YOU.

We must each do the age-old work and KNOW OURSELVES.

A video on my YouTube channel:


1 Isha Schwaller De Lubicz, Lucie Lamy, Her-Bak: The Living Face of Ancient Egypt., (Hodder and Staughton (1954)

2 Isha Schwaller De Lubicz, Lucie Lamy, Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate., (Inner Traditions International, 1978)

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