Number Revelation

Consider this:

Math is a science.

Numbers are a technology.

The Universe is machine/matter and spirit is mechanical.

The substance of physical reality when measured, is found only in multiples of quanta of mass and or energy. That means that the content of all elementary particles occur in whole number multiples of quantum units.

Numbers are actually living things. The relationship of the geometry created by numbers is the universal ‘net’ by which all is proportioned and animated. Please research the work of Marko Rodin in this link and the one above.

This ‘net’ is the imposition of ‘thought’ onto ‘space’ to shape ‘form’. Geometry is the way relationship is defined and reflected. The sacred divine proportions of a living Universe, The Creation.

Numbers ARE geometry. Numbers are not modelling something, they are the omnipresent omni-dimensional models themselves.  The glue holding the world together. Angle and ratio. Numbers have geometric functions that are spatial and temporal. They exist in Space and Time.

Screenshot 2015-12-12 17.51.02

These emanations are eternal. They are the light or informational blueprint of eternity. This living light networking geometrical communication between all life is referred to as LOVE, Prana, Chi, Orgone. This same energy GOD uses to create worlds of beings; physical realm.

Spiritual energy can be harnessed, like a work wheel. Human Spiritual energy is as the source of drive for an engine. It is how we can be influenced to feel by the mass media, as it tries to control our perceptions for commercial and governmental agendas. It is also a source of zero point free energy systems.

Gematria is an ancient science based on numbers. The English alphabet doesn’t normally carry numeric values but this practice has been carried into English using numbering systems similar to the ancient languages. This has become known as English Gematria.

My first real introduction into the power of numbers and our English alphabet came from genius Marty Leeds. Marty figured out an English-language cipher related to PI, being the value 3.142….and going on forever. PI is a  mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle‘s circumference to its diameter. Marty has many videos using his system.

The grid below can be used to decode English words. English Gematria PI phone app is quite useful at quick decoding. Available for direct purchase at

A  B   C  D   E   F  G   H   I     J   K  L  M

N  O  P  Q  R   S   T   U   V   W  X  Y  Z

1  2   3   4   5   6       6   5   4   3   2   1

The code Marty uses is revealed in our vary hands. The 28 phalanges on our fingers. All related by the natural form ratio PI, the English language is coded with living information.

My previous blog Number 7 Unity Consciousness  discusses the system of number relationship of Willhem de Swart.

These are taken from my notes of the description Willhem gave for the numbers 1 to 7. I added the additional chakra subtle body associations.


Unity Negate initial difference and separation by one (minus 1) ROOT/Body

Same not a difference – negation of 1- (darkness) BELLY/Emotions


Not samechanging (light- Light informs) SOLAR PLEXUS/Mind


Not changingfixed -creation number- 400 TAV –fixed mark

Bridge to Spiritual – death of Ego – HEART/Spiritual


Not fixedreality -floating –all things are equal – God Universal Mind

-the 5 pointed star

-THROAT- first phase of manifestation as sound creates form,

-sound  transforms

– PHI-1.618 divine indivisible proportion

– 5 Platonic solids have equal angels and sides

– the indivisible ratio PHI 1.618 & indivisible number 5


Illusionnot real -hexagon – THIRD EYE


-Hexagon and Pentagonal shapes found in hallucinogen chemical construction.- physical magnetic fields


Completion of one Harmonic field Archetype

Standing Under a processed concept-UNDERSTANDING

-Simplicity – 1234567 all good children go to heaven

John Michelle  defines it as ‘spirit, revelation, eternal feminine and what lies behind the veil.

For demonstration of the enlightening fun you can have finding and comparing values of words, here are a few values from Marty’s PI app for simple common words related to life. One can see relational values reveal more information than previously thought.

Earth – 24 = 6 Hell – 15 = 6  Human – 15 = 6  Happy – 15 = 6 Scared – 24 = 6

(Earth, Hell, Human, Happy, Scared …6 – illusion ?)

Heaven – 23  = 5  Circle – 23 = 5  Love – 14 = 5  Home – 14 = 5

(Heaven, Circle, Love, Home …5 – Reality?)

Interestingly I also found the words ‘Human Being’ and ‘Fear’ both reduced to 8. Perhaps there is intrinsic fear in being human after all.  I guess that’s why the word Human is an illusion or 6.

Regardless, TFHL says try this APP and check out

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