Deeper into the Laycock Abbey Event

This is a part 2 to the my previous post “I Left My Blood at Laycock Abbey”.

There are certain parts of this story I must keep private. However I will attempt to described my experience and the meaningful nature of the people associated.

My good friend UFO Researcher Robert Hulse, who was my host touring the UK in May 2016, was with me during this entire event. After we left the Abbey, we drove to a nearby caravan site to visit with a very special couple who were friends of Roberts.

This couple became quite infamous in 1990 as they were involved with a massive UFO event along with their children. Afterward they seemed to be changed somehow having acquired a new sensitivity if you will. The husband, who I will call Santa, had amazing blue eyes and a heck of a Welsh accent.

As soon as I looked into the eyes of this man I felt my inner child cry out:

“SANTA ! Look I hurt my thumb!” Weird right ?

‘La Santa’ in Spanish is translated as ‘The Holy See’.

(The Holy See something alright)

My own given name ‘Beata’ is also a Spanish term. The woman who met me at the airport in Juilacca Peru asked if it actually was my real name on this sign she was holding. She said it meant something like a Saint. Over the years Spanish speakers have remarked on my name. For example one lady from Brazil I met a blues bar said,

“If you’re a Beata then what are doing at a bar ?”

She was correct. I am never quite comfortable in bars. However once I found my name defined in Barbara G Walker’s tomb

‘The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets’.

It all fell into place.

BEATA Spanish term ‘White Witch’ Woman closely affiliated with the church but not a nun. A hermit well known for her spells and cures. Once the Church came in Beatas, if popular were canonized. If not, put to death.’


In online Spanish to English translation my name comes back as ‘Blessed or Pious A Devout Woman’. In Latin ‘Beata‘ can translated to Vision, or Blessed. The modern meaning is usually blessed. In the bible the Jesus and his Sermon on the Mound Beatitudes are also reminiscent of my name. The ‘Blessed are the Peacemakers’ etc speech. I have even seen definitions of the origin of my name to mean traveler.

Upon arrival at this couples caravan I still felt a bit beside myself from the event at Lacock Abbey. As I mentioned in the previous post I felt like I was a bit left of centre as I was sitting in my body. This feeling had started as soon as I saw the blood on my hands at the Abbey and had not left me.

We were treated royally in the beautiful caravan at this very posh site. A bit upper scale from where Rob and I were camping. I loved it. The washrooms were very swanky.

Santa told me right away that he may not look directly into my eyes when speaking to me as there was a lot of information he could get and he preferred to stay focused. I smiled understanding. I myself often look at people right at bridge of their nose between their eyes for a similar reason. That way no energy is being exchanged.

For sensitive people this protecting of the self is important. One can get distracted and over wrought with information, feelings and such from too intimate an energy exchange.

Suddenly Santa explained that there was something wrong with my blood. He said there was something wrong with the way it was clotting.

(That was out of the blue I thought)

So now it was time for me to tell them why I had a big bandage on my thumb. I recounted the tale of the blood letting we had experienced back at the Abbey. Again read part one for the story.

At this point the blood had soaked all the way through the thick cotton wrappings the first aid lady had applied so skillfully. I asked them to each send some healing to my thumb so they both took a turn. Santa told me to leave the wrapping on tonight and in the morning soak it off in warm water.

Suddenly as it does in the UK, it started to rain. Santa stood up and closed the vent on the caravan ceiling. We all had a good time after that, hearing stories and laughing about past adventures. I still felt pushed to left of myself, beside myself. I suddenly began to feel a bit constrained too.

All I really remember is an uncomfortable feeling, then something like a time distortion. I think I looked over at Rob who was slyly smiling back. I noticed his hands were turned palms out and he was sending calming energy my way. Then the rain stopped. Santa stood to reopen the vent.

As soon as I smelled the fresh ozone in the air I snapped back into the centre of my body.

I was feeling refreshed like nothing had happened at Laycock. I didn’t say anything. I just kept smiling and enjoying Santa’s many incredible stories. I remember feeling particularly grateful and quite special to be sat here with these three extraordinary folks.

About 20 minutes after Santa inadvertently refreshed me by reopening the caravan vent, he suddenly blurts out: “Oh I wanted to let you know I saw some spirits around you and everything is alright now. Your blood is clotting fine now.”

‘Thank you.” I reply, “I do feel much better.”

Remember ‘La Santa’ in Spanish is translated as ‘The Holy See’. Well I suggest to you that Santa can certainly See. Sometimes he sees more than the eye can with the lens of his camera. You see Santa is not only is a talented photographer but sometimes there is something special revealed in his photographs.

In May 2017 those three traveled back to the scene of my original event at Laycock in 2016. Right to the spot where I sat spilling my blood on the floor.

As Robert sat mimicking me, thumb out stretched for dramatic effect, Santa’s wife smiled.

Notice the second woman ?

If you look close and even zoom in you will notice there is a second wife standing behind her. Also look at her feet, hands ,necklace and purse. Not to mention the feet of the children in the background.

There is also a neon pink outline on the wife near the anomolies and a purple arc on the young boys shoulder behind. I suggest these colours have something to do with the phenomena.

I did notice that the second wife is only seen in light not the shadow and that her eye line is slightly different. While the wife standing in front is looking at Santa the photographer, I feel like the wife standing behind her is looking at the observer of the photograph.

What do you think about all this?

Leave your comments below.

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  1. Steven Raines says:

    Normally I would say double exposure, but it’s not, you have captured a unique image here. I’m not as enlightened as you are but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that there is a second person that is not visible to the naked eye.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes and even the children in the background seem to be affected. The purple and pink lines are part of the effect he has gotten these on other photographs. Even my friend sitting down has some purple or pink line around him


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