Why I Quit Feminism

Feminism has morphed into something akin to authoritarianism rather than equality .

I was born in 1963.

I have a birth announcement from the White House congratulating my parents on the birth of their baby from the President and Mrs. Kennedy. It was post dated November 18th of that year.

I was born into a wonderfully large extended family in the northern part of North Dakota. My family name is well known in those parts.

My upbringing consisted of being baptized Lutheran but attending a Baptist Sunday School. Of course the morals that were given to me by my birth family were based on moderate Christian values. The Ten Commandments, Golden Rule, Noah’s Ark, Adam and Eve and all that stuff.

When I was in kindergarten (in the experimental Montessori School) I fell in love.

I remember my mother picking me up from school and on the drive home just thinking about this boy. Like I went into a trance. Once we were walking from the car to the house my mother asked me what was wrong because I was so quiet . I dreamily said “I’m thinking about this boy at school.” and I smiled. She said, “Well then, you must be in love”.

Indeed I think I was. I certainly enjoyed the feeling.

We moved to Canada when I was in Grade 2. They soon put me into Grade 4 When I was in Grade 4 I was infatuated with a boy who sat a few desks behind me. I would bring a small mirror to school and look at him over my shoulder whenever I could.

When I changed to the Catholic school, I fell in love with a tassel hair brown-eyed boy in grade 7. He moved away.

When I went to high school I was able to be reacquainted with Grade 4 boy and was his girlfriend officially for a very short amount of time. It was quite intense for me as we had a lot of letter-writing campaigns.

What I’m trying to say is to me relationships were simple in my understanding back then.

I remember my mother taking me to a home with two ladies living in it. I thought they were roommates. I didn’t think anything of these two ladies living together. Turns out they were lesbians didn’t bother me in the slightest.

Few years later one of my mother’s male friends began the long process of changing himself into a woman. He had to go through a year or so of living and dressing like a woman and were asked to call him Rachel.

He later decided it wasn’t going to work out for him. Then he decided again that NO he WAS going to completely transform himself into a woman and he did.

I remember thinking gee… that’s too bad. As he was such a nice looking man. I was actually secretly attracted to him before all this happened. Needless to say it was a bit of a disappointment. But I respected him for being her authentic self.

Growing up in the 70s and into the 80s of course we saw a difference in the way women were treated in movies and in the workplace.

It was still okay for women to stay home and just raise a family in those days. Notice I use the word just. This is serious business, this being a homemaker. It is imperative to social health in my opinion. Don’t we all want a home to be made for us? I would say this is primary social fabric.

When there are Mother’s in houses, Mother’s homeschooling, some others not, and people connecting with each other.

Sometimes in these communities people would connect with each other in the local church on Sunday. Interesting to me how church is called communion… we’re having communion. I like that idea. I think more neighborhoods should have communion where people get to know each other with pancake breakfasts and ‘swap-me’s’ on their block every Sunday.

In this day and age we are divided and conquered into separate duplicate boxes. We are required to have a competitive lifestyle to see who can have the best stuff in their box.

Look at all this stuff you can buy. Why aren’t you happy yet? If you’re not happy we have a pill for that? Oh yes we have a pill for that.

So what does all this have to do with feminism you ask? Well I think that we judge women very harshly today. More so than we did prior to feminism.

I remember when feminism came in strongly and women could go and get jobs and get divorced and put everything on them. A populpar song was I Am Woman Hear Me Roar by Helen Reddy.

My parents divorced and boom we were poor and living on wieners and beans and sitting on lawn furniture in a tiny apartment. It was rough. I remember thinking… Gee… if I need to go out and get a job once I’m married, that means I have to take care of everything at home, do the laundry, do the cooking, do the shopping, make sure everybody has their stuff. Then I have to go have a job and make sure everybody is okay at the job. Sounds like two jobs to me.

Suddenly my mind started to understand that we are being divided and conquered. And our households now provide two income tax revenues for the government.

If you can get to the social fabric, to erode it, then the people can never get their way. They’ll be struggling and struggling and struggling and they’ll be unhappy unhappy and unhappy. all the while being told they should be so super happy with all this progress.

Maybe people will start to drink a lot of alcohol or do drugs. They will have a relationships that mean nothing. They will think materialism and sexuality is the only reality and the only thing that brings happiness. They will think that their rights are immense and their responsibilities none. They will be entitled they will be short-tempered they will be arrogant they will be incapable of rational discourse. They will be too lazy to read and write . We will not bother to teach them cursive . They will cling to ideology and reject tradition for the sake of novelty.

They will not respect what nurtured them. They will not know what home is because they have been homeless and abandoned by their culture.

This disconnection from source is a toxin running rampant through feminism. The concept of anything goes and nobody’s a boy nobody’s a girl or anybody can have sex with anything ideology.

This moves on to health-wise body-wise, tattoo wise. Body positivity is about being healthy not letting yourself become obese and out of shape to prove a political point. I predict these choices will be coming back to bite third-wave intersectional feminism with diabetes, heart disease, bad knees and liver disorders from too many tattoos.

Don’t get me wrong I am a big supporter of the right to free expression. As a performer in film/stage and a director, a YouTube video maker and blogger (thank you for reading), I love free speech.

I also love personal responsibility.

But my gut feeling about feminism these days is they don’t appreciate anything. It seems they’re triggered and upset with almost everything.

The angry art they create, the angry poetry slamming, the angry ‘I’m naked and I’m going to stand here screaming’ type of thing. And basically if you don’t like it you are sexist and misogynistic. You are part of the problem created by the patriarchy.

I think I know what they’re really angry about and that is being disconnected from source.

The place where we’re neither male nor female but we are children of the Divine creator. Maybe feminism needs to do some LSD. Maybe they need to go on an ‘aya’ retreat. Something to get them to remember that they are women and mothers and the Bedrock of society. All I see now is division into different races different sexual politics, different genders, diffrent races, different boxes. People defining other people by their politics or their own projections. Like what the heck does CIS mean anyway ?

I understand why women wanted their rights in the first place. They wanted to vote, they wanted to work, they wanted to have more of a say in society. They wanted respect.

The mistake they made was thinking that men had their rights to give to them. Women need to respect themselves first. Women always had their rights, they just didn’t use them properly. Women just started acting like men and enforcing this on other women.

Now is the time for us to go back to more traditional understanding of the family unit. I’m not an Evangelical Christian but I do understand the concept of modesty, limited sexual partners and commitment. The vast majority of children these days are parented by the television or the state, and are drug addicted with disorders from ADHD to anxiety. Not to mention the multiple vaccines and other ‘good drugs’ that our so-called Healthcare System insists they are injected with… especially in America .

I don’t see third-wave feminism as doing anything practical in the political realm to help me as a woman. They care nothing for the rights of my son. In fact as a white male they hate him. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be howling about female genital mutilation they would be howling about human genital mutilation.

Marching with pink hats on your head because of something the media told you the president joked about is not activism. It’s being part of pathetic propaganda.

If all those women got together and decided to respect and support each other the world would change. Third-wave and inter-sectional feminism makes this completely impossible. Women with different opinions are not invited to alt left women’s marches. We are labeled as having internalized misogyny and written off as white supremacists.

So that’s where I stand.

My message to young ladies coming up is to think for yourself, love humanity, take care of your health and don’t buy the identity politics being shoved down your throat. Remember you are spiritual being having a human experience. You are this first…you are this as primary. Gender is the duality we are all born into in third dimension. Yin and yang. We’re all in this thing together.

Remember being in love… remember how good it feels. Now extend this to humanity in the more General sense.

That is why I can definitely say I am not ‘feminist’ but Humanist.


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  1. camelien says:

    “Treat everyone you meet like GOD in drag.”
    -Ram Dass πŸ˜‰
    Am so feeling the weight & validity of the awesomely balanced case you present us like gift. Myriad (((hugs))) Mz B, my delightfully astute sister ‘tinfoil hat lady.’ Love is always!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for making my day. It’s my pleasure for you to understand my words. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know how you feel. Bless your heart. Xo

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thank you very much for making my day and for telling me how you feel. Not everyone agrees with me that’s for sure. It’s my pleasure to share my thoughts with those who understand. Bless your heart for your authenticity and for taking the time to let me know how you respind to my words


    3. camelien says:

      Xo back at you, Mz B. Keep buzzing yourself, please. πŸ˜‰ (((Hugs)))


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