Have you heard the news?

Apparently liberals and leftists in America are disenchanted with the Democratic Party. They are feeling the party has gone too radical, too extreme, too far with their rhetoric.

Ever since President Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US election, the global Elite have been in panic. Since the global Elite have an overarching agenda of global government, Hillary Clinton was to be the linchpin in the plan. The unexpected upset is ‘what happened’ right Hillary? With the election of President Trump the health of America is certainly being restored.

In order to create Global government America had to be killed and she had to be killed slowly but surely. President Obama had done a very good job by the time the 2016 elections came along. Hillary was going to be put in to take the reins and continue driving toward fascist Global government.

In the beginning they felt Donald Trump was no threat at all. In the end they know their crimes are about to be revealed. When Donna Brazil gave Hillary Clinton the questions to an interview with Matt Lauer she was quite confident she could steer the interview. That is until Mr. Lauer went off script asking Hillary a question about her private server and email scandal. After the interview Anonymous sources tell us that Hillary went on a rampage calling Donna Brazil a ‘buffalo’ and screaming “If he wins we all hang!”

This blog is entitled #walkaway. The founder of this campaign is a Hillary voting gay hairdresser from New York city named Brandon Straka.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 2.22.13 PM

He made a personal testimonial video that went viral due to its honesty authenticity and ability to resonate with other Democrats.

It represented the feelings of people who felt alone, marginalized, saddened and somewhat confused as to where the Democrat Party had gone. Due to the panic born of the election of Donald Trump, globalist backers such as George Sorros pumped money even harder into groups such as antifa and black lives matter. Mainstream media, also controlled by this agenda, and of course the CIA mockingbirds, are still busy whipping the public into a frenzy by any means necessary.

The walk away campaign has grown to such an extent that this October 27th there will be a March in Washington DC. The mainstream media has called this group nothing but Russian bots on the internet. I have a feeling that come October 27th Washington and the world are going to see that’s just not true.

No matter if you understand the deeper conspiracy of global governance or whether you are simply a moderate Democrat, people are drawn to the movement away from the prevailing leftist cultural ideology.

Political Correctness and Identity Politics have run their course. The Fringe agendas have become mainstream and the moderates have nowhere to stand. History that had not been taught is released now in films like Death of a Nation by Dinesh D’Souza. Highlighting the true history of the Democratic Party as creators of the KKK, Jim Crow laws and intolerance.

The walk away movement has also revealed the tolerance of the right. Many people on the left have been brainwashed into thinking Republicans are only for rich people and white people when this is far far from the truth.

What seems to have happened is both parties have gone through a major transformation. The Democrats becoming more extreme verging on Neo-Marxist and communist philosophy as well as calling themselves Democratic Socialist and the Republicans opening their arms wide to the LGBTQ community, minorities and all religions. The right is for individual rights and freedoms while the left hates men, whites, Christianity and free speech.

Candace Owens has also made a remarkable difference in the minds of black Americans. When Kanye West famously tweeted the six words that broke the internet:

‘I like the way Candace Owens thinks’

The support for president Trump is now at 39% of African Americans. The Democrats know that at these percentages they have lost control of this demographic and want to replace it with illegal immigrants.

Walking away is personal for each and every American. Where will this campaign lead? None of us can know that at this point. But by releasing the creative spirit from the societal brainwashing it has been laboring under maybe we’ll find out.

If you feel called to be in the March Oct 26-28th book your ticket now 🙂

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  1. Jamale Case says:

    Loved your article. If only MSM would give you a chance to get out the truth.


    1. Thank you I would gladly write it for them hahaha


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