Sounding Your Spirit – A Spring Cleaning

I am accredited Sound Healer through the

Jonathan Goldman Healing Sounds School.

I am doing daily toning/sounding exercises. I am learning the time I invest is very small compared to the benefits to my whole system.

Your own voice is tuned precisely for your own best healing. In any situation we always use the 5th or throat chakra to communicate, to breathe even. Vocal resonance is the first phase of any of our human manifestations and creations.

Here is what we control, here is where we tend to react from and here is what we are truly responsible for.

It is where our power lies. If we don’t breathe we die.

In the Bible John 1:1 tells us “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”. Is this a clue ? Sound creates a physical geometrical form as science has shown through the work of Margaret Watts Hughes in the later 1800’s, to the use of the tonoscope invented by Dr. Hans Jenny in the 60’s, all the way back to the late 1700’s and the acoustic foundational work of Ernst Chladni, a German physicist and musician.

Our intentional power is also reflected in the deeper work of Japans Dr. Emoto and his great works including ‘Messages from Water’.

Since the body is 70 % water, making sound with your voice creates the perfect geometrical medicine for your body.

A simple technique one can use is a daily vowel toning chakra warm up. Start with ROOT vowel and a middle C note, Climb the musical scale until the crown chakra is reached J

Use one big belly breath. Inhale, make sound on the exhale as you contract belly back to you.

Repeat 3-7 times per chakra.

You can explore for your own vowel sounds or use the ones I do.

Root-UUHH (mid C)


Solar Plexus-OHH



3rd Eye –AYE



Listen to your voice, feel the vibration and resonance created in your body. You will soon develop awareness of the subtle affect the sound is having in your being

This simple octave exercise will balance and align the power chakra centres and your four bodies.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body changes will occur. Be conscious of how you feel before during and after a session.

Sound into Spring this year. To hounour your own healing voice, you may wish to create a ritual. Use a journal to record your experiences within your ‘inner temple’. An inner temple created by your vocal landscape of sound. What forgotten treasures are waiting to be discovered as you spring clean your temple?

If you are in Saskatoon SK, call me. I am offering personal sound coaching sessions and

Holy Harmony Tuning fork healings.

Please email me if you would be interested in a session.

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