Number 7 as Unity Consciousness

I recently saw a video on YouTube by a man named Marty Leeds and it reminded me of research by Willhem de Swart.

Is the game of pool a metaphor for the act of creation resulting in our material world ?

Is it a reflection of our body and it’s energy systems ? I was curious….

Marty figured out an English-language cypher related to PI, being the value 3.142….and going on forever. PI is a  mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle‘s circumference to its diameter. Marty has many videos using his system. Also a handy phone AP here:

Decode words to your delight. Very educational as once you start playing with numbers, let me tell you, they start playing back. This is what happened to me so let’s go….

My favorite Marty Leeds videos include the feature at and his breakdown of

The Declaration of Independence and his cypher related to Billiards.

So as you see in the video upper right, Marty’s Cypher uses 7 as a turning point.

7 being letter G. Interestingly this Masonic symbol below has a G.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.49.12 AM

H is then valued 6 as we travel back down to 1 again.

Splitting the letters between M and N which both value 1.

Knowing this key of 7, one can unlock the Cypher.

A  B   C  D   E   F  G   H   I     J   K  L  M

N  O  P  Q  R   S   T   U   V   W  X  Y  Z


1  2   3   4   5   6     6   5   4   3   2  1

Marty explains the cypher can be told on our hands by using the spaces between the phalanges. Please watch his feature video as it contains all the nuggets of good stuff.

Consider number 7….

7 days in a week

7 notes in a scale

7 colours of visible light

7 chakras in the body

Lucky Number 7

7 deadly sins

7 sisters of the Pleiades star cluster 

I like Marty’s idea of the cue ball being the impetus, coming from the dark potential/void of creation. It’s photon light energy smashing into the balls of the visible light spectrum, sending them flying into the chaotic, yet ruled, new game of pool.

Water is involved no doubt with creation.

Upon watching the billiard video, I realized the colors stripes and solid also could be investigated.

I did some of my own research and found another value related to PI in billiards.

I noticed there were 7 colors of billiard balls, one solid and one stripe of each colour.

14 balls, 15 counting the black 8 ball and adding in the white cue ball there are 16 elements in total. 1 + 6 = 7

The balls follow the ‘White Light’ breakdown of ROYGBIV, the rainbow spectrum of visible light. As our Chakra system, which also contains spheres/vortexes of 7 colors.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 10.23.28 AM

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 11.22.39 AM

Above see the energy as it rises up the leg from the Earth to flow in and out, up the chakra vortex system, only to be released as a fountain at the crown.

Healthy flow of information through the system  is related to optimal health.

I suggest the solid/stripe aspect reflects the serpentine flowing aspect of life energy.

The in/out or push/pull or even electrical positive/negative aspects of each colour.

Our worlds ‘duality nature’ if you will, is represented by the back 8 ball and white cue. Male/Female, Black/White.

I matched up Chakra colour associations with the balls solid and stripe respective numbers.

ROOT        RED          Solid 3      Stripe   11 =  311

BELLY       ORANGE    Solid 5      Stripe 13 =  513

SOLAR P.  YELLOW     Solid 1     Stripe    9 =     19

HEART      GREEN       Solid 6     Stripe   14  = 614

THROAT    BLUE          Solid 2      Stripe  10   = 210

3rd EYE     INDIGO       Solid 7       Stripe 15   = 715

CROWN    VIOLET       Solid 4       Stripe 12   = 412

Just adding these numerals together gave me 2794, a number that reduced to 22.

22 ÷ 7 colours reveals our value of PI  3.142.    2+7+9+4 = 22 ÷ 7 = 3.14285714285714

Did you see that Marty ???     

I fooled around and got a few interesting values.

Adding the numbers








= 2794 ÷ 7 (# of colours)= 399.14285714285714

399 is close to 400 TAV /TAW meaning fixed mark

Willhem de Swart mentions TAV in relation to his UNITY consciousness idea.

Tau cross is said to represent to human being, YOU. ‘T’ in the cypher is like G = to 7.

Cool info here on the Mark of Tau

Here is an image of the Tau Cross with a serpent .

I feel representing the human with the Kundalini life force rising up the spine.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 10.57.56 AM

“In gematria Tav represents the number 400, the largest single number that can be represented without using the sophit forms. Tav is the last letter of the Hebrew word emet, which means ‘truth‘.

The one thing I noticed was this number series

57142857142857’ and ‘14285714285714

I got by dividing by all 14 balls, and then diving by just the 7 balls of colour.

2794 ÷ 14 (# balls ) = 199.57142857142857

2794 ÷ 7 (# of coloured balls)   399.14285714285714

It seemed familiar.

Then I remembered the Marko Rodin diagram below.

Marko’s work shows us a blueprint of the material world through Vortex math.

WOW… Is the game of ‘pool’ a metaphor for the act of creation, resulting in our material world ?

The number strings I recognized are the same ones shown repeating on the white track below.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 7.24.59 PM

Not 6, 3 or, 9 as they are the Spirit. The animating principle.

Related I suggest to the Bio-geometric 3 or BG3 I wrote about in my blog

Natures Life Giving Proportions found here:

Other numbers I found dividing by 16 and 15 are below.

2794 ÷16 (# all balls) = 174.625

2794 ÷ 15 (# balls less cue or 8) = 186.26666666666667 (wow 12 6’s)

Okay moving on…..Marty’s 7 key reminded me of the work of

Willhem de Swart.

Watch Michael Tellinger’s interview with Willhem here for full information.

Willhem defines numbers using his Unity concept.

He explains Unity needs an ‘initial difference’.

So as dark and light are not opposites, but negations. Dark being the absence of light.

The one is without the other, so they cannot affect each other.

As reality and illusion do not affect each other.

Dark being the absence of light. One actually has no affect on the other they are initially different so as they are in Perfect Unity. They are not opposite they are negations.

WOW this was a revelation. So Male and Female are equal in Unity; negations of each other. This validates men and women fully. This reveals a basic conceptual respect is missing in our society today. More to be revealed….

Michael kept prompting Willem to define past the number 7. Willem said using his theory he could only get to 7. Reflecting on Marty Leeds English Language cypher I can see why.

These are taken from my notes of the description Willhem gave for the numbers 1 to 7.

1 Unity Negate initial difference and separation by one (minus 1)

2  Same not a difference – negation of 1- (darkness)

3 Not samechanging (light)

4 Not changingfixed -creation number- 400 TAV –fixed mark

5 Not fixedreality -floating –all things are equal God Universal Mind

– PHI-1.618 divine  indivisible proportion

– 5 Platonic solids have equal angels and sides

– the indivisible ratio PHI 1.618 & indivisible number 5

6 illusionnot real -hexagon

-Hexagon and Pentagonal shapes found in hallucinogen chemical construction.

– physical magnetic fields

7  Completion of one Harmonic field Archetype

-Simplicity – 1234567 all good children go to heaven

John Michelle  defines it as ‘spirit revelation eternal feminine and what lies behind the veil.

-Sevenfold crop circle geometry at the Oliver Castle video link here:

Relating these numbers back to the 7 Chakras

I will add:

1- Root -initial difference (male or female body)

2-Belly -same -not a difference (emotion feels same)

3-Solar Plexus-not same- changing (mental) body

4-Heart -not changing-fixed mark-creation number -Spiritual bridge -death of ego

-400 TAV mark your heart

5-Throat -not fixed -Reality -Floating-Mind of God -Sound creates form

-Cymatics – first phase of manifestation

-First was the ‘word John 1:1 and Genesis ‘God ‘said’ (sound) let there be light.’

6-3rd Eye-imagination-insight-illusion- not reality

7-Crown -one whole harmonic Field Archetype – YOU

So I will leave you with that.

Research Marty and Willhem and be amazed.

Happy reflecting upon ‘number energies’.

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