Subversive Religion

The ongoing bloodshed resulting from political/religious conception is relentless. No human is better than another and certainly no human is God’s favorite. I suspect he’s pretty much disgusted with us all by now.

The idea of ‘freedom of religion’ is sold to us as a Liberty we enjoy. Keeping in mind Liberty is ‘given’ to one. As in a sailor being given Liberty to go ashore. Freedom is not Liberty.

Freedom is your inherent birthright.

Can you feel and understand the difference? There is a subtle yet powerful difference and if you don’t get that you maybe following subversive programming via suggestion.

My example being the celebrated concept of ‘freedom of religion’. However there is no option saying one has the right to ‘freedom from’ religion. You are being subtly required to subscribe to one.

Watch and research Santos Bonnaci to learn more.

In reading the book The Undying Stars by David Mathisen, I am understanding that the manipulation of religion, starting most obviously with the creation of the Roman Catholic church, is at the root of many of our problems. It seems inevitable we are divided and conquered through religious wars most disturbingly and intensely today.

The bloodlines who became associated with the early church still occupy top spots. The ideas they sell to the public concerning the literal and historical religious tales are allegorical. They are a costumed shell of the real knowledge, a symbolic shape of it. A castrated or vasectomized form, safe for public intercourse šŸ™‚

The true esoteric/gnostic teachings are held in secret. These ‘human empowering teachings’ are certainly not shared openly, however one can find them in other cultures like India, Tibet, Central and South America. All places the Roman Empire could not reach to stamp them out, still carry the ancient wisdom.

The study of Astrotheology will help anyone curious about the natural correlations our sacred stories are based upon.

The knowledge of the power our inner world of consciousness wields has been kept from us. In most cases it even is illegal to explore these realms. In our culture the exploration of ‘being’ is always sacrificed for the higher value of ‘doing’.

The subtle suggestion is that the ‘inner is worthless illusion’ and the ‘outer is valuable reality’. In fact I suggest to you the opposite is true.

Any information reflecting this essential truth was destroyed as heresy in a calculated drive to control the new spiritual faith. Politically it made sense, however the ramifications for humanity have been dire. By stripping us of our internal reality, we are cut adrift in the physical realm of the material world. With no connection to the creative internal implicate order, our ability to affect change in the explicate world at large is stunted; made impotent.

Once the Darwinian theory was promoted the concept of random evolution of the fittest sold us a cold world view of competition over any co-operation.

If humans think of themselves as born sinners they take the bait. Once you ascribe to the concept you are flawed at birth I say you start off believing a lie.

This subtle concept sets up the perception of self as being untrustworthy. How criminal can it get? Brainwashing children into thinking they are born sinners who need to repent and follow all these rules, all their lives, or face eternal damnation in HELL fire. OUCH. That seems more than a bit abusive to ones mental health.

This crazy making organization needs to be outlawed. I suggest the esoteric teaching maybe somewhat more humane.

In my estimation we are each a form of pure perfect consciousness. I like to call us each an IS-BE. An eternal being who cannot be created or destroyed as per the law of physics. We are enjoying a physical experience.

Our flesh bodies then become like our spacesuits. Our temples. The place our divine spirits reside during our time here on third dimension Earth. The tool we use to experience this life. Our ‘cars.

Torus:aura same

In understanding the cycles of Precession of the Equinox,

Screenshot 2014-08-17 17.52.29

one can reclaim the sacred stories as calendrical allegory. The story of the sky. The public literal/historical religion teaches Christ/divinity resides outside of the self. The private/esoteric Christ teaches the cycles of the Sun and the electrical life force animating all life through it are the Creator. The macrocosim reflected in each microcosim as a human being.

In this regard I feel all churches should be evicted of the illusion sellers of religion, reclaimed and used for celebrations of reality. The journey of the Sun, exploration of human potential and joyful expression of the human spirit. This may provoke the rekindling of self love and self respect lacking in our communities. It may also get more bums in seats each Sunday šŸ™‚ This action may prove more healing and productive rather than offering general worship to a divinity placed squarely outside the self.

Reclaiming relationship with our internal Shamanic voyage is key. To access the holographic reality of our world is claiming the power to create consciously while incarnate. That is the power the controllers don’t want you to realize. So they distract your mind with religion, politics, media, entertainment and useless diversions.

In the famous words of John Prine:

‘Turn off your TV. Throw away your paper. Move to the country, build you a home. Have a lot of children. Feed them all peaches. Teach them ’bout Jesus, on your own.”


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