Shamanic Human Rights

We are living in mental, emotional and spiritual renaissance; an historical enlightenment. It is an irreversible vortex of human personal awakening.

Now we can no longer deny our thoughts create our world. This is not a new idea but a remembering of an ancient way. We are all becoming inner ‘Creator aware’. Today we know it as Shamanic tradition. Ancient ‘traditional human’ intentional creation and meditation practice.

A great source that inspired this blog is Awakening to the Spirit World by Sandra Ingerman and Hank Weelsman

The term Shaman is from Evenki people of Tungstic tribe in Siberia. However this way is indigenous to all Earth culture.

Traditional meaning of a shaman can be described as:

“The one who sees in the dark” or “One who knows”.

This is not a whoo whoo ‘super natural’ thing. Rather it is a recognition of the conscious energetic connection between our 2 worlds: The SEEN and UNSEEN.

We see only a small portion of the total electromagnetic spectrum and hear a very limited range of audio as well. However while we are incarnate here on Earth, the intelligent consciousness from other realms, are always available to us. Remember the ‘ring’ that moves the character Froto, from Lord of the Rings, into a realm the others cannot see him in?

Another way to describe this realm is DREAMTIME. Like the Australian aboriginal people do. It is said this world is a shadow of that realm. We are the dreamers here in our waking reality.

I know I personally experienced a feeling like this once. I felt my life was a virtual reality game and some one was playing me! Could it be true? Are we a simple holographic projection from DREAMTIME? Is this the ‘game’ eternal souls play?

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Einstein

In past blogs I wrote about the 3 subtle bodies Emotional Mental and Spiritual. Our Spiritual or highest vibrating body matures at 40 years of age. Most cultures support the value of the Shaman over this age as maturity gives power, if one walks this path in integrity.

Obviously there is a strong importance on self-healing if one is called to this path full time. By conscious self-reflection one will honestly SEE the ego and emotional influences on ones life. This must be faced prior to becoming a shaman who is of value to others.

Direct Revelation Experience.

What does that mean? Well it is the basis of Shamanic tradition and it turns out to be a type of ‘ancient traditional human intentional meditation’. Sounds like something a new gym would offer, eh ? The good news is it’s free and you already know how to do it right for you. Modern life wants action, values it over the natural Being state. In being we know our truth. Our culture sets us up so we don’t have time to Be for all our Doing.

It is now that we can look at this idea in a safe forum. Looking at the internal has always been repressed. The times we live in now are more open to questioning, so now is our time to push the boundaries of ‘experience’. The past world of ‘expectation’ hasn’t done much for us.

In doing this human perception changes and personal responsibility is ignited once again in our hearts. The faulty ‘born sinner’ identification and the mental diversion of making ‘self better’ gives way to acceptance of what IS. Loving self and nature becomes obvious. The reality of personal connection to vast and eternal knowing is apparent. Our new mantra becomes ‘I LOVE AND APPROVE OF MYSELF. I AM SAFE.’

Immediate direct personal contact with Spirit is intuitive and not subject to outside judgments, censorship or any outer timeline or definition. There is no outer top down orthodoxy selling dogma.

Once we know, we know. No outside source can provide access to the wisdom within. Direct revelation allows each one of us the personal ability and responsibility to access our collective dream realm of consciousness.

In ‘modern culture’ alternate states of consciousness are taboo. However these realms are our right. Shamanic culture offers an option to pursue personal transcendent connection. Organized religion, with fear tactics and control issue allegorical historical timelines, quite viciously and unjustly, suppress Shamanic/Pagan or natural traditional human direct revelation.

I learned about the history of gnostic and esoteric repression from many sources over the years. However the best source seems to be the book The Undying Stars by David Mathisen. These passages below are stolen from his book.

“Theodosius ordered in AD 380 that all Christians must profess their faith in the bishop of Rome, thus outlawing alternative dogmas besides the one promulgated by the hierarchical structure controlled by the descendants of those long-ago transplants from Judea.” 

“He outlawed paganism outright in AD 392, decreeing the death penalty for anyone practicing augury or some of the other practices of the traditional Roman pagan rites.” 

“He closed the ancient Oracle at Delphi in AD 390, and ended the Eleusinian Mysteries in AD 392, as well as (according to some scholars) the Olympic games after that same year. “

This is but one small example.

The heart rending truth is, those who promote the literal and historical ‘Christ Story’ wish to viciously repress the indigenous nature science. This science holds our ancient human history, healing teachings and tools to access our consciousness realms. These belong to us all and need to be available to everyone in our world.

Three simple tools we over look in daily life, are the main powers of the shamanic way.




True Shamanic teaching offers the seeker an authentic initiation. Not copying teacher but building on wisdom, creating one’s own way. Being open to finding new information. Trusting, Loving, and Blessing the next generation keeps tradition non-dogmatic, alive, current and meaningful.

However there are many similar symbol forms, ideologies and characters that one sees, meets and deals with when on a Shamanic journey.

“This (shamanic) worldview included the belief in an unseen world which actually contains the “source code” for this ordinary, material world which is in fact only a projection of the “real world that is behind this one.” It also included techniques for making contact with and actually traveling to that unseen realm, in order to gain information or make changes to the “source code” there, which could have tremendous impact on events back here in “the ordinary world.”  -The Undying Stars-

A type of grid net or web seen by entranced shamans on journey to the other side according to , !Kung San Bushmen of Kalahari Last traditional rock art makers as per Science Magazine Jan. 2002. Is this the fabric of reality a conscious and intelligent multilayer vibrational field of which we are set into? See my past blog here for more.

One can use the ancient art for practical personal visionary purpose with out being an actual traditional shaman. The experience of being outside of your mind, body, personality complex can be healing. Drumming, chant and posture can be used to achieve trance states. Hallucinogenic use may be employed to meet the deity within. For example legal Salvia is a simple tool.  It, as all shamanic and modern medicine, needs to be respected and used in a sacred way. Meeting transpersonal ‘others’ is about relationship not worship.

As humans we all share traits that allow direct knowing. Though not all train to the degree a traditional shaman does, Shamanic approach is natural and basic to all.

Intuition and trance states, comforting others, performing rituals for others and making one’s dreams manifest are accessible to all.

By following a Shamanic approach we are creating authentic meaning. Taking personal power back from the ‘matrix think’ of our culture. We are ignoring the lies of the TV and digging for a more meaningful personal truth ourselves. By acknowledging the other realms we are powerful. We can manage effective change as it manifests from the dream world toward us.

Let us move forward into new realms, molding our environment with the best of human imagination.


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  1. Patti Lindgren Gera says:

    Beata…this was very good, very helpful, very affirming. I got here via your post in the village sharing your election thoughts. I appreciated those too, and this one, well this one, is my favourite thus far. Thank you.


    1. Thanks for the comment xoxoxo


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