Twin Serpents Are You

I had a startling realization.

Using my little science fair plasma electricity ball, I noticed if I used two fingers it portrayed itself as twin lines of energy.

The one became two. It sort of unbound itself and one line went to one of my fingers and the other to the other finger. It was an AH HA moment.

Screenshot 2014-12-11 11.03.04

I knew the Sun gave us all life force.

Like beyond conventional thought, I always knew it was electric.See my Blog Life Electric.

I use Bob Becks blood electrification tools. I get that. However suddenly the image of the winged disc came to me. I saw every PI shaped doorway in Egyptian temple sites. The natural ratio under laying all physical form.


Yes well, the Sun travels across the sky. No wait the two snakes. The Sun always has the two serpents radiating from it. The twin serpents.

Not unlike the magnetic Birkeland Currents we see in space as twin braided filaments.

Screenshot 2014-12-11 11.06.11

Now I collapsed the wave form in my minds eye. The caduceus, our Medical Symbol logo. Yes, in yoga the Kundalini, the sexual energy, Survival, Root Chakra.

See my Chakras 101

Screenshot 2014-12-11 11.05.51

Screenshot 2014-12-11 11.08.10

No wonder the Sun’s energy nearly gave me an orgasm once.

In this moment I realized the twin serpent energy I learned about in yoga is connected to the Earth by my two feet. Just like my two fingers were able to uncoil the stream of electricity in my electric plasma toy.

It also reminded me of the Earth tool of the Egyptians. Like a rod with 2 point on the bottom.



The story is that it is a snake killer. However the snake being a twisting, crawler on the Earth and having a forked tongue is used to represent this twin energy.

Not unlike the Dendera light bulbs with the snake inside it. The warning on the wall is that this is our natural right however it can be dangerous. Like a snake yet again.


Humans are fed by the Sun the same way the Sun is fed by the Triangular part of the Orion Cluster. See past blog ‘The Human Consciousness Revolution’ on that.

Oh no.

That means that who ever is charge of beaming the information to our Sun can control us.

Going deep. Orion ? Not certain they are all good guys there. If you listen to David Wilcock.

I wonder if we can shield ?

Is our becoming aware of any manipulation a defence ? Seems like waking up may have a lot to do with being sovereign over our own electricity bodies 🙂 Our own consciousness.

No Concept, No Precept.

Once we conceptualize was manifest 🙂 Don’t be in fear. It contracts.

Be in Love it Expands.

Fear and all it’s descendants feed the darkness.

Love dispels darkness. AS light is information. Darkness seeks to conceal information.

Opening a door to a dark room dispels the darkness. Please do not live as the media wants you to. Afraid the darkness will spill from that room and swallow the light.


So shine. Shine. Shine.

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  1. Beautifully put My Lady, thank you ❤


    1. Glad you are enjoying my words xoxoxoxoox


    2. I’m enjoying your whole blog! Love your take on things that I’m also into, your experiences make for wise words 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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