The Secret of Sacred Number 3

If your eye be single then your whole body be filled with light.

Light informs. Let there be LIGHT.

‘Written in Stone’ is a compelling book written by alternative human history researcher Richard Cassaro. As the books amazing cover describes it:

2015-03-12 12.37.59


The nice thing I noticed in the first few pages was a place I recently visited  and photographed. A wonderful structure on the Island of Philae, at the Temple of Isis. Using the structure to block the sun, I took photos of the exact TRIPTYCH form Richard’s book describes.


At that time I was not aware of his book. I only felt drawn to this structure, it’s suggestion, it’s information in stone, being communicated to me here next to the Nile. I wanted to lay there all day and take picture after picture and had to literally drag myself out of this small powerful place.

Below on the right, you can see the outside view of this same small structure I was in. Also the famous Last Supper painting. The 3 is revealed in the spaces in between. Two smaller outer ones and a larger central one.


Not only do we see this in buildings but many sacred 3 symbols from the Fleur de Lis,

Screenshot 2015-03-13 10.52.18

the Celtic Knots,

Screenshot 2015-03-13 10.55.01

New Grange Spirals and many artwork/symbols back and forward in time around the globe.

Screenshot 2015-03-13 10.56.09

Written in Stone attests to the theory that a lost tradition of wisdom was known globally in antiquity. My visits and physical studies in Peru, Bolivia and Egypt also suggest this. Brien Forester at Hidden Inca Tours, Yousef & Patricia Aywan, Stephen Mehler, and Chris Dunn all have educated me with their books and enlightening tours. Please check them out.

The Secret of Sacred 3

If you recall any sacred doctrine you will probably remember the 3.

  • Father-Son-Holy Ghost.
  • Maiden-Mother-Crone.
  • The Two Twin Pillars with the sun arch and central eye in Masonic Tracing Boards.
  • The ‘Middle Path’ in Buddhism
  • The Kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram.
  • Screenshot 2014-11-20 19.38.50
  • Even the man with two rods on the hill-side in UK, the Longman of Wilmington.

The HU-MAN in the centre, balanced and in command of the opposites.

Screenshot 2015-03-12 15.21.42

Here too in middle Eastern design the three pillars are guiding the view up from the centre pillar to the 3rd Eye rose shape. The Triptych is revealed in the rectangle and squares in the middle. Beautiful.

Screenshot 2015-03-12 11.36.38

Notice also as a side note the honeycomb shaped geometry in the window. Reminiscent of patterns in megalithic structure as The Hypogeum on Malta,

Screenshot 2015-08-24 10.44.03

as well as modern experiments with magnetic field bowls seem here : Screenshot 2015-08-19 12.02.06

How Cassario’s Tryptych relates to Cathedrals is in the facades.

Always we see a theme of three doorways. Two smaller, one central larger, this grouping of 3 Richard calls a TRIPTYCH. He shows many examples of this pattern built into our very cultural subconscious since it is basically like a sigil, or symbolic energy, popping up in relationship to places that stand the test of time and human folly 🙂 Thanks to the brave and clever souls who built this concept into stone for us.


In general churches,  we usually see the two towers, always one smaller,  representing the Sun and Moon. Light and Dark. The rose window centre akin to the result of taking the Middle Path of Heart and thus 3rd Eye Wisdom is functional and available in humans.

2015-03-12 12.37.59

I suggest the secret sacred 3 is related back to our original shamanic human teaching. Once we realize we are an eternal ‘fire soul’ plunged into the ‘material water’ of MA-TT-ER (MA-mother, MATT truth), the physical garment is ‘temple of a Hu-man’. Temple of Man. AUM/OHM  YOU are 70% water.

While we are here to experience manifestation in a slowed way, we are in third dimension of duality. Hence love/fear, male/female, day/night, up/down, back/forth.

Our essential eternal nature is now trapped in flesh. A type of fall or death. Now you the ‘hero’, must ‘toil’ or work’, or ‘practice and be of service’, to realize who you are in freewill choice space. Playing with others.

So we have extremes. Good/Evil. Yet we can truly control only ourselves. The teaching of 3 says take the centre path between the opposites.

This relates to our human form in accessing the wisdom in the third eye area. By consciously educating ourselves about our human temples (chakra system) the energy we use/create and put out there, and taking personal responsibility for walking a balance between love and fear.

Working with Mind/Intellect alone isn’t sufficient. We must chooose to engage the Heart, the path to the wisdom of the 3rd eye.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.45.38 AM
Notice the balance opposites here, and the Path between them to the 3rd Eye in the cross.

In this way the metaphor of any Messianic figure becomes the story of your own incarnation death and resurrection back to source.

This wisdom was kept by ‘spiritual power brokers’ to repress humanity. We are ignorant of the ‘true light’, via our cultures legal and violent ‘externalization’ of it.  Perceiving divine connection outside oneself, as our spiritual institutions do, limitings the path to empowerment, creativity, self-esteem and our very concept of ‘human divinity’. How sad were called born sinners, wrong from the get go. In need of control from an external source, as ignorant untrustworthy children.

The time is NOW for all those with knowing to Re-Tell (not retail) and Re-member our collective divinity within.The Sacred Heart resides in you and is the bridge to the wisdom of the central eye.

If your eye be single then your whole body be filled with light. Light informs.

Screenshot 2014-11-22 12.35.56

Thanks to Mr. Cassaro. Very juicy reading for those interested in such topics. The book is well worth it for any serious researcher into our hidden human collective history as well as Shamanic knowing.

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