The End of Materialism

Ages come and go. Today we are living in a time of apocalyptic transition.

Memphis 2013
Memphis 2013

The redefinition of Humanity is what is being Revealed.

Believe me, that’s an understatement.

The material world is not you. You just reside in your body in this experience.

You are a being of light; an eternal being of value. You cannot be created or destroyed. You are a pure spiritual energy. Eternal. Perfect. Loved. Your ‘home’ is always with you.

Be willing to be in love with life. Take your rightful place in the awakening of humanity as an anchor of love. Be that vibration so we can all experience in harmony, supporting the frequency.

I remind you of the definition of the word:


It means revealing.

apocalypse [uhpokuh-lips) noun

The out growing of our old perceptions. The evolution of new conceptions.

Emotion spiral
Emotional Spiral helps you gauge where you are.

So in this post 911 world we are made curious. We are offered much media information but very little true contextual value in a barrage of propaganda.

However, now we are putting the bits of information together. Seeing through the looking glass. Our evolved vision clears.

Now we are sensitized to it.

Now we know it.

We see it, feel it, taste it, and smell it, so finally we say there IS an elephant in the room.


For example this 3 doorway design or Triptych as described by R. Cassario in his worthy book Written in Stone. See my blog on Secret of Sacred 3.

The spiritual meaning captured in stone by those wise humans before us teaches us the middle way. Also recorded in allegory as the two thieves crucified on either side with Jesus centre . Stray too far left or right and you lose the middle way, your personal straight path.

By teaching us in stone, a simple long lived form, this lesson reveals it’s self to seekers through the ages. This message and information enlightens the living, the awake and the aware.

Temple of Isis 2013   See Triptych form ???

However some things happen for one reason and continue for another.

Humans wanting POWER over others is one thing. Keeping the masses ignorant to the truth of the situation is another. Deceiving the Public about science and the nature of the greater reality is over.

Ancient forbidden timelines are revealed now. Dorothy we ain’t ain’t alone. Technological revolution is our human right. The story of human history is longer and more complicated than we ever imagined.

Too many military industrial insiders and free energy technologists like Ralph Ring.

Too much information. Thanks  Project Camelot  GaIaTV  and others.

Our education and school models are over 100 years old.

Our antique internal combustion engines pollute.

Our Religious models are exposed as simply beautiful Astro-Theology.

Our laws are so far from Common they are Commercial only, unfair, outmoded and inefficient at keeping people healthy and safe.

Modern Medicine labours under the illusion that a human being is only it’s body. Our Medicine sees only the physical and misses the true nature of the subtle/conscious Human Being. The electrical nature of humanity, consciousness and the new physics of the Electric Universe is now being revealed.

We know it’s all about what inside. The glamour of the outside world is not nourishing enough anymore as we evolve. We now move past commercial material concerns and stand ready to be reconnected to being here now. To connecting deeply to self and then to others in family/community. To stopping the circular busy-life; taking time to see/be the change.

The material world is here yes.

But the responsible understanding that OUR desires and thoughts create it is new.

So what have we learned ?

  1. All is Good.
  2. Love is Reality.
  3. Fear is Optional.
  4. You are Safe, play.
  5. Now is Always, as time is an illusion.
  6. Peace is Now, whether we choose to accept it or not.
  7. You are Loved.

Information is carried in light. We are swirling through areas of our galaxy filled with great light. Our Sun may even soon pulse a light so bright it could alter our reality.

Information is light. Your DNA reads it. You and everything you experience is light. Access to new light information means our creativity will blossom as this light streams into our solar system.

The material world is not you. You reside in your body at this moment.  You are a being of light and in that being is a value. You cannot be created or destroyed. You are pure spiritual energy. Your home is always with you. You are Eternal. Perfect. Loved.

2013-11-11 11.46.47
Jump through the door to the New World of our Creation in Love. Me preparing to take the leap at Tiahuanaco Bolivia 2013

Be willing to be in love with life. Take your rightful place in the awakening of humanity as an anchor of love. Be that vibration so we can all experience in harmony, supporting the frequency.


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