Trance Formation of America Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This I previously published on an extended blog Books on Child Abuse 1 [2]  as number [31] .

I am reblogging all these gradually as the books themselves deserve the attention and so they are easier to find, rather than buried in one long post. These are not reviews so much as descriptions. The books I am blogging today are powerful ones which cover dissociation.

Trance Formation of America Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips 

Cathy O’Briens father substituted his penis for her mothers nipple soon after she was born. This trauma caused part of her brain to dissociate and develop into a personality intent on pleasing her father sexually.   He subjected her to prostitution to friends, mobsters, Masons, Satanists amongst others, forced her to commit bestiality and worked her relentlessly. She was from a multigenerational incest abused family and developed multiple personality disorder (now Dissociative Identity Disorder) – a personality for pornography…

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  1. What a tragic story. Having a daughter who is now almost 45, I cannot imagine such horrible abuse to a young girl. It breaks my heart to think of the terrible things done to Cathy. It also breaks my heart that she did not have loving parents and that I am powerless to comfort her. I only have tears, running down my cheeks. Worthless tears. 😢


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