The Golden Dead Monks

Golden Dead monks from China ?


Last night I decided to randomly crack an old book entitled ‘EARTH‘ containing Pleidian information through Barbara Marciniak.  Her life changed when information started to come through her in the late 80’s after visiting Egypt. This book was put out in the early 90’s.

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So after reading a few random paragraphs I came to a description of a technique of ancient mummification. It involved gold layering done on ancient dead monks. The prediction in EARTH being, we would find them in China in the future and today here on the net I did 🙂

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The idea being the state of consciousness attained by a monk could be held in a kind of stasis. Gold being an excellent electrical conductor, (consciousness in my mind being electrical in nature) the technique harkened back to ancient beings who had the technology/power to resurrect/extract this stored consciousness later.

Through time as this technology of resurrection was lost, the tradition of gold plating wise humans continued.

The science behind this must be based on harmonic resonance. I wrote a previous blog on the subject of Bio Geometry, and the work of Dr Karim. It describes the Bio-geometrical 3. Gold, Ultra Violet, Green (neg). As I understand it, these 3 frequencies are the foundation of the light vibration animating all life. This is a clue to an ancient understanding of how life works that we now are estranged from. However these 3 energies balance all living energy systems. They are manifestations into our physical world that have links into spiritual world.

They are 3 divine energies that come together as one.

1-Spiritual Carrier wave connecting spirit and matter

-Negative (polarity) GREEN

-dome and hemispheres

-7 fold designs

-quality of number (see )

-tombs of Coptic saints in Egypt (pilgrimages) incorruptible body of saints.

2-Spiritual light, atmosphere of angels

-Higher harmonic of ULTRAVIOLET

-Design of Solomons temple allowed this energy to manifest as Seraphim (angelic) visitation

-Deep relaxation, revitalization

-Deep yin chi

-Dark purple seen in deep meditation

-Background of spiritual world.

3-Higher harmonic of Gold (consciousness and immune system)

-GOLD radiation around saints as halo or aura

-Emanation from plane of divine wisdom

– Actions of prayer or blessing create a resonant link to this energy

-Powerful effect on life functions

BG3 are found at sacred sites as well as all human chakras, joints, acupuncture points, cells, genetic structure.

Even today in some countries there is a tradition of layering thin gold leaf as an offering onto statues.

Again this is proof of an older tradition from the ancient timeline our human history has.

Please enjoy the links embedded in this bog and thanks for reading my words today.

Bless you always 🙂

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  1. Another awesome blog post, my friend! Forgot to tell you that I am a painter. In my wOrk, I’ve used gold leaf to adorn figures that represent something that is holy to me personally. I use it sparingly but lovingly. When I read something you’ve written I often smile as I come across words that ring so true to me, as much of your writing does. I have become a huge TFHL fan, although I shall limit my adoration to a manageable level. Much thanks to you for sharing such wonderful thoughts and words. You are amazing.

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