Contact is You

I made a new video about a lecture by Doctor Steven Greer that inspired me.

The idea of there being others in the Universe is not new. Pretty much common place today.

Before now we shot at them. Before now the governments tried to make us fear them. Perhaps they still try to.

The information Dr. Greer shares involves a method of using the field of consciousness around us to contact other beings.

Since we swim in consciousness, we know it is all there is. This new/old information about the true Nature of Reality will allow a return to natural harmony on Earth. It is the way natural advanced technology works. It is non polluting efficient and abundant. All the things are current energy sources are not.

Please use your own coherent thoughts of laser light to invite a peaceful contact with the others. WE need to spread the message that Earth is NOW willing to accept contact in a mature respectful way.

Steven’s Lecture

My new Video

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  1. That would be nice.


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