One Heart to Rule Them All

Just finished watching Season 5, Episode 8 of Beyond Belief with George Noory on GaiaTv.

Valiant Thor, an off-world visitor who came to the Pentagon in 1957, holds a higher perspectives of humanity, as explained by filmmaker Craig Campobasso.”
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“Unlike many other extraterrestrials visiting our planet, Valiant Thor was very photogenic and not camera shy. It was what he had to offer that truly intrigued government officials who invited him to stay. “
“Ultimately, the conditions of his proposal, which would benefit all of humanity, proved too much for the U.S Government to accept. For us, however, it is not too late.”
Valiant Thor is apparently very human looking. However he says he is a ‘created being’ and not born like Earth Humans. A clone ? Being so created, he has no belly button or fingerprints. Immortality is his as well.
He says he is from the inside of Venus and that most planets and space bodies in our galaxy have interiors that are or were used. After hearing Corey Goode’s story on GaiaTV’s Cosmic Disclosure I found this fascinating. The concept of the Inner Earth being home to people and beings seems even more plausible now.
Also similar are the two messages these Off World Others bring. The Heart’s Mind must now come first, to lead and steer the Intellectual Mind.
The Sphere Beings, The Ancient Builder Race, The Guardians, The Blue Avians ? As Valiant Thor repeated, we must stop fighting wars and start loving each other.
Of course the  Earth Alliance, The Secret Space Program, Solar Warden and the nebulous syndicate power groups Corey has introduced us to, want to keep the old thinking and values prominent.
For example China could kill the US economy. They might suggest keeping the old Babylonian Money Magic systems in place and just re-balancing the money game to be ‘more fair’, and with them in charge. In fact the last episode of Cosmic Disclosure was quite sad in this regard. Hearing about the bickering group agendas when it is obvious the truth needs to be out.
The war mongers and racketeers know no other way of being. However their time is over. Humanity needs and has the right to understand who they are. They can and will move ahead in consciousness awareness of their ability to create reality. Free Awake Humanity will never choose war or oil as energy. That just works to make money for a few powerful ones who lie telling us the is no alternatives. Money is also so outmoded. Ubuntu.
The time now is for cooperation, love, compassion and a recognition that true value is inherent in the other humans who share this Earth’s surface.  Once we engage the Heart Mind we all win. The Heart being akin to ‘Christ Energy’, the Universal Mind of God is always greater than any artificial intelligence.
Intellect may be clever, but it is never understanding, tolerant, wise and loving. Intellect or the mind, to prove itself, creates games of exploitation not cooperation. Paternal power maneuvers. Winners and Losers. Have’s and Have Mores. It’s like an insecure devil.
Heart Mind is secure. Heart Mind respects itself and others, Heart Mind has room for all to be well. Heart Mind has no need for others to suffer so it can feel powerful.
We are here today making conscious choices moment by moment. The awakening Heart Mind is responding to the new light waves we are currently encountering in this area of space. Heart Minds are stirring, speaking truth to their owners at an ever accelerating pace. Heart Mind is being heard. It is time.
Will you understand that your Heart Mind is more powerful than Tell a Vision ? Will you understand that your Mind is hooked up to a ‘system’ exploiting it for it’s creative power ? Unplug from the systems media story, go inside. Feel Heart Mind. Create the best for all.
Feel your Heart Mind as it sits in your Green Heart Chakra. Right above your Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra housing your Mental Body, your Intellect. Ponder why the Spiritual Body or Heart is above the Intellect ?
Being conscious of your motivators is key. Where do you get your ideas? Your opinions and thoughts ? Do you take it verbatim from any so called MEDIA outlet ?
Or do you generate healthy authentic human thoughts desires and knowings inside your Heart Mind; intending to create the Earth of our Dreams ?
Generate LOVE. Once you tolerate yourself, tolerating others will naturally occur. Then a new world with the highest of creative thoughts will prevail for all Humanity.

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  1. thatcrazytoaster says:

    I think sharing the information with others is key but being active, getting involved in projects that ARE the change (example: Ubuntu, EarthShips, community gardens, etc) are good and help set those energies in motion. On another note; we have to stay focused, each one of us. There are so many distractions and on purpose. Important to keep raising our frequencies, for me that means learning more and meditating more and stay focused on the path. I love GaiaTV for all the information they share, it is light energy of course not everything said there resonates with me but it sure beats mainstream TV. Love Cosmic Disclosure.

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