Love Birds ? The Blue Avian Message

The series Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV is setting a fire in human minds and hearts. Out with the MSM fear and in with that old time Hippee love, but with a kick.

Screenshot 2015-08-08 10.16.53The interview series with Corey Goode and David Wilcock is historic if true. I do urge everyone interested in this topic to watch all episodes in this series. Try this link for more info. In fact Gaia TV offers the first 5 episodes, I believe, for free !!!

First thing I thought was Gary McKinnon was right. He was the UK man who found NASA’s ‘Non-Terrestrial’ astronautĀ  files online.

The life of Mr Goode from a young age has been entwined with secret and super secret government projects. Corey is a highly trained/skilled ‘Empath’. His job was to suss out deception during negotiations with ETs and other interactions.

Asked for specifically by higher dimensional Intelligent species The Blue Avians, Corey was taken to a secret meeting on our moon’s LOC base. There he was put before representatives of our World and others and was used to translate messages from the Blue Avian beings once they arrived.

Who are these beings? They may have affinity with the ‘RA’ in Law of One series. The Law of One books were channeled by L/L Research (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty) between 1981 and 1984.

However it is clear they give us no weapons to defeat the Cabal with.

They will not be saving us. So let’s get that off the table.

The message to us from The Blue Avians is simple. However apparently they have given it to us three previous times and we always make religions or cults out of it. They made it quite clear to Corey that that should be made clear to humans. Also he is not a guru or saviour of any kind. Nor should he allow anyone to view him as such.

So what is this message ? You already know it. It’s basically the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would be treated. Every faith has it. Click Here and read them.

Imagine if everyone did follow the rules. Especially the one’s who have all the power over us. Well we better examine the source of that said ‘power over us’, follow the cord back, and pull the plug out of its socket! The days of being a victim on this this planet are numbered. But we must see the world in a new way to do it.

To see the world differently, we must see our selves differently. We are part of a galactic family. We are involved with 22 different genetic experiments running right now here on Earth. We are a small fish, on a planet that many species have vested interests in. Not just the planets many resources, but because of us as a species and our DNA.

Now there is a chance for us to be part to an even grander experiment. Our Earth herself is going to be moving to a new density. This has been told us through many sources over the past years. We are here at this time so we can go too. Or not. We have choice, the Earth has chosen her path.

The long and short of it is that we have to clean up our own mess.

Start by loving yourself for even being in this mess as a human today. Just start generating love. The amount of fear we have is too much already. It is what the one’s who control us feed us as reality.

So if you want to do something to help us all…BE LOVE. Greg Braden showed us that a love vibration is high frequency so will stimulate more DNA that the wider fear vibration will. Imagine what an evolution we could trigger!

Emotion spiralLove is your natural state. Being is your natural state. Not doing. Our fake world has led us completely away from who we most fundamentally are. A Being that IS. A fully loving functional being who uses their whole brain instead of a fearful one using 10% of it’s brain.

Meditate on that and you will understand the message of the Blue Avians. Tell them in your heart and through your great mind that you hear and understand their message. That you know what has to be felt now. Imagine it going out as a beautiful cobalt blue. By feeling this love for self and others, a new forgiveness melts it all away. Value can be found again. Human Life can be re imagined in the most positive ways.

There are legal solutions for our technological/financial predicament. People like Karen Hudes are working on it. Now we must support those who can bring down the Cabal. See Karen on GaiaTV here.

Watch Corey tell David all about on GaiaTV’s newest series Cosmic Disclosure. You will be amazed. The truth of the secret space program shall set us all free from our ancient Babylonian money magic slave masters.

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  1. Can’t watch without paying – unless you know where? I’d like to join everyone’s website. There’s at least 10 I’d like to join – but I can;t afford it. I’m glad some people are making a living these days giving info – but it only helps a few well off folks who are members. The rest of us? No money, no funny…


    1. Try this link. These are being uploaded to youtube for free all the time too.


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