Monolithic Madness: H Blocks, Puma Punka, Bolivia

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H block 69

There are many theories about the strange fascinating stone blocks that are found scattered at the ancient Bolivian site of Puma Punka. One of the most popular theories is that the intricately cut “H” blocks were designed to interconnect with each other, but I would like to show you a little idea of mine that disagrees with that theory.

My idea is based solely on the evidence available, ie, the remaining blocks at the site. The logic of my idea is quite simple to follow and I have used animated gifs to highlight what I am trying to explain.

I will attempt to show that in the original building that stood at Puma Punka, the H blocks were not interconnected with each other, and that they were actually positioned apart from each other, not even placed side by side.

I understand that the amazing complexity of the design of the H blocks…

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