Crap Circle Conundrum

Recently a crop formation reminiscent of a glass maker logo was found in a field in the UK.Screenshot 2016-09-18 12.32.16.png

A lot of buzz has been made about it and it reminded me of the buzz around the Mayan Glyph formation back in 2002.

Screenshot 2016-09-18 12.55.35.png

I am one of the original crop circle researchers in Canada.

I was a member of the Canadian Crop Circle Network in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Trained in field sampling by Nancy Talbot of BLT Research and provided sample from Saskatchewan to Dr. WC Levengood for analysis.

I spoke on the topic and related subjects locally as well as in the USA in 2003 in Tempe AZ invited by Dr. Chet Snow to his Signs of Destiny 2 Event. Then in San Antonio TX invited by Dr Dr. Jonathan Paul DeViervill in 2005. I also met other independent researchers in 2006 in Ohio at the Independent Crop Circle Researchers conference.

2011-01-13 21.33.20.png

Back then we had real formations. There was indeed a phenomenon. Dr. Levengood finally stopped taking plant and soil samples as he felt it was proved. Feast your eyes on the Catherine Wheel formation which is a real one from 2001.

Screenshot 2016-09-18 16.20.01.png

As it goes the powers that wish to conceal, created a whole barrage of ways to muddy the waters of any pure research. Starting with the famous ‘Dave and Doug’ scandal, threaded back to MI5 dis-info, the murky hand of well funded hoaxing teams (of various forms) seem to create the formations just as event coordinators are hosting buses of tourists set on having some sort of ‘ascension experience’ inside one of these circles.

The main site that lists the circles is The Crop Circle Connector. I used to visit the site and buy the annual DVD. They promote the hoaxes right along side the real and at this point who knows if there are any real ones left.

Early UK researchers such as Colin Andrews, Dave Cayton and Robert Hulse have long made the case for a vast majority of the circles being created by humans. I myself was shocked and horrified upon first hearing Andrews say a whopping 80% in his estimation were humanly constructed. Hulse and Cayton diligently documented hundreds of ‘board marks’ on the plant stems.

Screenshot 2016-09-18 12.55.35.png

The start of this horrible truth was revealed to me first hand in 2003 when Nancy spoke at the Signs of Destiny 2 saying she had it on ‘good authority’ that the Mayan Glyph formation was man made. The room recoiled in horror. The natives were restless. Disbelief and anger moved about the room. I watched the crowds reaction. It scared me a bit.

Later in 2014 I would connect with Robert Hulse as friends through Skype. I found out that his research into hoaxing and it’s physical evidence was the ‘good authority’ Nancy spoke of. Today it’s so blatant it’s sickening. See more recent proof from Robert at 2016’s Nursteed Farm formation.

Thanks to Linda Moulton Howe (who was also speaking at Signs of Destiny 2) for her new investigation into the latest hoax to muddy the crop circle scene.

Antsy. Oh… it’s got many ants running around it.

Please read Linda’s article to understand the depths of the deception and the money involved.

Yes there are people who do not want us to realize the truth about the beautiful place we live and the evolution that is occurring all around us. The true formations are doing or have done what they will. Only a gift to humans. Like the Obelisk in 2001.

I feel the real circles are a lesson.A harbinger.

How have we responded? We now fake elaborate forms and pretend they are the phenomenon. We fool others and ourselves. All for what ?  A trick and a quick buck ?

Never mind. It’s an evolution. Hoaxing for money is a part of it I suppose 🙂

Know the truth. There is LOVE. There is FEAR.

You choose.




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